Ulf Niklas

With this realization is growing also a healthy critical perspective on past and future investment recommendations. It shows that a conflict of interest can exist within the Commission model between the investment objective of the customers and earning power of the consultant many customers.” Not rarely come in this context also to the fore, that deals with special time haste or lack of understanding about any cost issues have been made. Quality was just their price, so often the statement. With such content isolated arguments of the customer in its own interests should not settle. The honorary advice show that quality and cost-efficiency very probably successfully can play together. Our daily experience in the customer business proves that so selflessly appearance required by almost all market participants cost transparency this is by no means sufficient: the customer accepts that his already legally enshrined Information rights generally still not true”Ulf Niklas performs.

Lacking the customers in the vast majority of all counselling cases on sufficient self-confidence, actually critical to scrutinize their financial investments and Insurance Advisor. Stephanie Niklas explains: the solution for these unhappy the situation is simple: Finally we need the legal profession for the honorary consultant in the industrial code. “First and only through this actual competition between commissions and honorary consultant is possible at all.” The customer could then decide which consulting model offer the advantages of significant for him. “One works according to our experience but definitely not: A consultant may offer both counseling models in a natural or legal person – then is not a competition.” Ulf Niklas added. Revenues per customer are often far higher in the Commission model. At a choice of the consultant equipment necessarily again in possible conflicts of interest between best customer target and our own opportunity to make money. You follow with particular criticism for this reason so-called mixed models ‘.