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The governor emits headings equivalents to the limit of the capacity of pollution of a certain area. The companies who poluem have that to buy these headings, in stock market, for one definitive amount polurem. If to improve the process and to reduce the pollution will be able to vender in stock market headings equivalents to the reduction of obtained pollution. The growth of the population is if making each time more quickly, with the increase of the natality and life expectancy. The increasing appropriation of the natural resources you did not renew, the environment is impactando strong and the humanity is losing the battle to substitute these resources for others renewed and to fight the pollutions that grow. The situation of course tends to get worse because the population of the land, leaving of 2 billion, took 30 years to reach 3 billion, 15 years for 4 billion, 11 years for 5 billion and 9 years for 6 billion, in year 2000. In 2040 the land will have 9 billion inhabitants.

If the behavior of the man in relation to the environment will not be modified, the natural resources that today they assure cheaper production will be consumed and the pollution will be increased. The investments to grow economically and to produce foods will have of being each time bigger and will take the world to a crisis. One becomes indispensable to become the sustainable development, that is, to guarantee that it takes care of to the necessities human beings in the gift without compromising the capacity of the future generations to take care of its. It has a century that it is said in the economy of well-being that objective the efficient location of resources for a society. As the resources are scarce are necessary to optimize its application so that the rocking is positive, that is that always it has surplus enters the addition of well-being of some people and the reduction of the one of others.