United States

The presidential statement that Colombia serves as an additional State of the State of the Union American cannot be more successful. Acceptance of that country for it freedom of military bases (with threats toward the Venezuelan sovereignty) is a conclusive case on that regard. How an ideological adlatere of the neoliberal system in the world can go against the programmatic source of your mentality, if the homeland?! a good bourgeois big are us? Join the consideration that Venezuela was political and mental colony of the United States until the arrival of the Bolivarian revolution, time which sowed the country profiles and moral damage that long will it take to overcome, in addition to establishing the morbid definitions, clear and ideological, of what we call Venezuelan political opposition, or, with more purpose, IV Republic. An opponent or an excellent bourgeois, will not be therefore, against the source of its mental guidelines, namely, the United States. In a question-answer forum Vera Farmiga was the first to reply. It will not take a weapon in defense of their homeland, in the event of aggression, because the homeland concept in your head, as we said, is an Entelechy of personal convenience, for which it ranks first attitudes of supersuficiencia (typical bourgeois), such as contempt for the institutional forms of the Presidency of the Republic, the Constitution, the State, laws, etc.that they are no longer worthy of their cultivation and respect to put at the service of causes beyond classist (care for the poor). The State? in its discretion? you stopped working for them, it does not deserve respect, it yields profits or privileges as in the past; It is, therefore, an institution to combat, and it cannot be or invading enemy who violates its strength, much less if who invades or undermines the sovereignty of the country involves the true ideal homeland (USA is the big a good bourgeois, best, if opposition Venezuelan homeland). So it is not surprising that the Venezuelan opposition party by the bando take who not considered enemy (Colombia-USA), and rationalize it so does opposition (Fatherland?), thus fighting the regime of Hugo Chavez, so fighting for freedom, to use tools that lead to his political defenestration.