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Concretely, the specialist, it will count on all the related present knowledge with the planning, implantation, improvement and development of systems of quality management and productivity. Emphasis becomes in which this professional collaborates effectively with work parties and it can be integrated to his professional scope with attitudes of responsibility, property and service. It will have in addition, with his performance, commitment and responsibility to be very determining in: To provide basic knowledge of modern managemental topics? To enable to the participant in the topics concerning modern quality and productivity? To develop to abilities and skills in the decision making concerning Quality and productivity, audit of the quality? Abilities to face and to solve situations where this involved quality and productivity? To create and to develop a culture, philosophy of the agreed quality to the organization and surroundings where toil? To develop and to cultivate the promotion of the aesthetic values and morals? Efficient use of the communication, persuasion, creativity and innovation? Professional performance within the framework of the excellence Really, the specialist of management of the quality and withdrawn productivity of this program it will acquire, knowledge, abilities to exert functions in the field of the management of the quality and productivity, planning, managing and evaluating pertinent situations to this area, with favorable attitudes towards the solution of problems, the ethical and aesthetic innovation, communication, values, the intuitive understanding of the changes raised in the organizations and the excellent performance the Program admits a minimum of 20 participants and at the most 25 in each Cohorte This subject to the actual regime according to the established thing in the regulation of studies of postgraduates of the University of Carabobo, however, has initiated its activities through virtual classroom that it facilitates to the interested ones in attending this specialty by this route During the year each is administered in three fourth month periods of twelve weeks one, the first of January April, the second of April to July and the third party of September to December. It is had have abierto to two cohortes those that want to attend them in the days of the week of Monday through Friday at night or those that simply want to attend it Saturdays..