With Certificate Against Unemployment And Shortage

Launch of the LHP movement and education society bad Waldsee, June 2009. Shortage is the economy in southern of Germany at the same time increasing unemployment with this paradoxical situation currently confronted. The LHP service and training company headquartered in the upper Swabian bad Waldsee new education provider this situation opposes. After an elaborate preparation and certification phase she will education operation in early July. Professional qualification to open up workers and job seekers job prospects and at the same time to strengthen the performance of companies. Because in the crisis many companies must reduce jobs of unskilled workers, although they continue to seek highly qualified professionals. The alternative to layoffs: Qualification of employees. So layoffs can avoid and prepare companies for the time after the crisis.

The LHP service and education society starts education running in the first week of July. Thus it is the own Claim, the needs of the economy for professionals in the technical to cover commercial and language, as well as the computer sector. Corporate customers can contact the upper Swabian educators, if they see qualification requirements for their employees. It then searches the suitable lecturers and provides the necessary infrastructure for the qualification measure. The LHP as recruiters is also active. A company needs qualified personnel, it searches for matching candidates and makes them if necessary by qualifications fit for the vacancy. So unemployment and shortage of skilled labour can be reduced ideally at the same time and it also public facilities such as the Agency for work might be interested. However, before an education provider may cooperate with such public facilities, he must certify in accordance with the recognition and approval regulation education (AZWV).

When this TuV”for private educational institutions checks whether the qualification concepts are consistent, whether they are focused on the needs of the economy and whether the company is run customer-oriented. Involved testing very far into detail: the pedagogical concept about the form of the invoice to the position of the light switch at the training center in AZWV certification a wide variety of factors play a role. “, reported Bernhard Lindl, CEO of the new provider LHP. He is even more proud that his LHP has mastered the certification after a long preparation and test phase on June 26 with flying colors. Because now the courses can start in the new, freshly certified Education Center in bad Waldsee. A qualification as a worker for splitting, sawing and wood technology, a radio presenter course and a qualification for industrial and Office administrators make the start. The special feature of these courses: Because aimed out the offer to the needs of corporate clients of the LHP, a majority of the participants is should you currently are looking for a place directly in jobs After you have successfully completed the course, conveyed. Also that’s why CEO Lindl forward to the start: we have long worked out on this date. Now we can finally show that we can offer high quality qualification measures for the benefit of employers, workers and job-seekers.