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So they take a long time to decide as simple things like what to wear to go to class, putting to test the patience of their parents. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Mark Bertolini by clicking through. On the other hand, young people of these ages seem to adopt often hypocritical positions, since they seek ideals and adopt them with great passion, but only in a conceptual way because then they do not act consistently with that ideal. This is the case for example, of a girl who is vegetarian so they don’t kill animals but then she loves the skin garments. The imaginary self-consciousness censorship and adviser who interest the young in everything you do, causing more of a problem since it hampers the constant decision that must be made between them and persons to which they relate. That seem so selfish. In addition, they tend to believe that what thinks its audience about themselves is what they think their friends, family members, teachers and even strangers that are found on the street. Another phenomenon experienced by boys and girls of this age is the imaginary self-consciousness represented by an observer that exists only in the mind of the adolescent and which talks about him constantly and so worried about his appearance, behavior and thoughts.

The last feature of adolescent thinking that was mentioned at the beginning of this article is to focus on himself. To clarify this concept, Elkind introduces the term personal myth that us atoned for the conviction that have teenagers that are special, unique and are not subject to the rules that govern the rest of the world. With all this activity in their heads, it is not surprising that teenagers always seem to be in her world and that we sometimes respond aggressively, as if we molestasemos them. Surely that was the case: interrupted the conversation you were having with themselves.