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The Wage Increase For The Next Year Could Reach 2

According to the Mercer 2010 Total compensation survey, half of Spaniards wage rise next year will be 2%, a fact that has been achieved after analyzing more than 260 companies. The rise in 2011 will thus be slightly higher than the one recorded for this year, which has been 1.7%. In any case, this increase is lower than that of 2006 and 2007, where the rises were 4.6% and 5.1% respectively.Rafael Barrilero, partner at Mercer, points to inflation as responsible wage behavior, highlighting that Spain is, together with United Kingdom, the only two countries that have a salary increase less than inflation.On the other hand, the wage increase in Spain has been in this year the lowest in Europe, along with Portugal. However, in the two previous years (2008 and 2009) was precisely the reverse. Spain will be located per year coming from the eurozone average.Development of business, commercial, financial sectors and marketing are those who have benefited from a higher wage increase this year, while that in other salaries have not only not improved but have declined.Next year’s wage increases will be, if met forecasts, more homogeneous, because they distributed among general managers (2%), area (2%) managers, heads and controls (2%), graduates and technical (2%), sales (2.1%) and other workers (1.9%). Also expected that pharmaceutical and consumer goods will have wage increases above the average (2.5 and 2.6 per cent respectively).On the other hand, beneficiaries of variable bonuses have been reduced in 2010, which could be explained, according to Barrilero, in the numerous exits of senior positions in companies. They have also declined the incentives in the short term (97% in 2009 and 93% in 2010) and long term.You can consult the guide of franchises to have greater repertoire of franchises in Spain. News, articles, interviews with franchises, new franchises, franchise Guide, all the news in the world of the franchise you can consult it in directory of franchises. Original author and source of the article

European Copyright Agency

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Iron Ore Stimulates

The iron ore is the main raw material for industrial production, but the price of iron ore has been not stable. In recent years, the domestic demand for iron ore has continued to increase, which stimulates the development of mining machinery.The amount of steel usage in several domestic major cities has reached the level of developed countries, but what is really attractive is the increasing demand for iron ore in the inland provinces and cities. At present, the per capita steel consumption in the central and western regions is even less than half of that in the coastal areas.To narrow the gap between the rich and the poor between the east and west, the Chinese government has increased investment in infrastructure construction in the west, which will also boost the demand for steel. China will continue to pull the global iron ore demand in the next period of time and it is helpful to open up the western market of iron ore.It is predicted by the industry insiders that the steel production will reach the peak in the east in 2015, but that in the central and western regions will continue to grow. In the next few years, the iron ore supply will be continued to be tight globally. Based on the pull of national policy, the business in the eastern coast will get closer to its peak, several largest iron ore producer are seeking to enter the underdeveloped regions in western China to look for the driving force for its future business growth.

The development of the iron ore industry in the western market needs the assistance of machinery industry. The mining machinery such as jaw crusher, sand making machine and milling machine (raymond mill) are indispensable in the processing of mining exploitation, which are also the required equipment for the processing of required finished products from iron ore among many industries. Therefore, the development of iron ore market not only promote the development of the machinery industry, but also lead the development of the grinding equipment. Currently, the huge market demand for the iron ore gradually promotes the development of mining machinery industry, which not only refers to open up the market, more importantly, but also have to promote the development technical requirements.

Amount Disability

The majority of the group disability plans cover only 60 percent of his salary. But what happens if you receive bonuses or commissions constantly as part of your income? Also, for plans sponsored by your employer, you will have to pay taxes on the benefit receiving; further reducing the amount of money that leads to the House. (Note: If you pay a premium for benefit of disability at work, substitute the income will be tax free) In order to fully protect your earnings capacity: a supplemental policy to wrap around your group disability plan through work, or simply an insurance plan of warm individual disability if it is necessary to protect their quality of life and income is priority for you. But where to start? There are many options and benefits, which is the correct plan for you? As a consumer, you may feel a little surprised to find that up to individual plans may not cover all income if you are in a high tax bracket. If that is the case, we would have doctors cutting off fingers and lawyers claiming that they have given to nervous tension anxiety disorders.

The truth behind the disability insurance is this for when you need it is a way of assist you to his family and to you through hard times brought about by illness or injury. It is not a way to sustain their high standards of living for the rest of his life. Many plans up to offer rehabilitation services to help you be improved and who return to the workforce. Be careful when this shopping for a policy of disability that you don’t pick a plan simply because it is cheaper. Throughout, you may end up hurting financially because you wanted to save yourself one few dollars in advance. Things that you should consider when you are looking for this type of protective policy are: the definition of disability (means that point they consider you disabled), for how long the company has been in business and also if the policy can be renewed (means until you continue paying premiums, the company can never cancel your policy, although you have already made him claims against the policy, in addition not cancelled means that the company could never raise your rates also one important aspect) another point which pay attention to when you compare disability plans, is sure to cover illnesses, as well as accidents, as much we do is less common that we let us be incapacitated by an injury is more common inability to come from a disease.

Thus Earn More Money Online

On the internet we find people who occasionally publish certain articles or post and have a good income of money in Internet, since these people have managed to position itself very well due to a constant work. When we design a blog or website we want to it is making money on the Internet, this is really possible. One problem is that many people want to earn money on the Internet from the evening to the morning. To win money on Internet we have one thing well clear, which is that this presents a hard work which I could not abandon the first obstacle that arises. Excellent handling and a constant job of what we do, we will achieve an excellent major success on the web, so profits will be increasingly more good. Also it is known that a blog is not only built with publications, is necessary to handle certain tools and an appropriate traffic. The blog grow and you can earn money on the Internet is important for doing updates constantly, must be original content and give confidence to the readers.

It is also extremely importance return comments that leave us, well not all, the more we can with that we managed to make visitors feel important and to return to our site. It is better to work constantly and without thinking about immediate benefits that when we least expect we will be receiving good dividends. Besides having a work schedule to devote to our business in this way generate commitment and security toward visitors.


The Guestbooks are very common in museums and exhibitions, and it is always nice to be able to meet and share thoughts with others. For this reason this type of product they are always very well and give a good impression to the newcomers as soon as entering in the restaurant or hotel. Here is an idea for your business that will distinguish you from others and at an affordable price. A guest book customized with the theme of your hotel or catering business or image, design, or message that you want. For your clients translate their impressions and let them see the views and greetings of other customers.

The companies that manufacture them usually have several ideas for your presentation so that they can adapt to different needs depending on the nature of the business. Are we manufacture by hand and it is always a great idea to give to people who have a hotel or restaurant or gift at any other time as Christmas gifts or birthday gifts. Photos can be printed on the obverse and on the reverse. Ideal for guesthouses, hotels and other places with many visits. It is also particularly useful as becoming a fabulous souvenir, wedding guest book. Many restaurants offer them as wedding gifts to the new couples celebrating an important occasion in your dining room. A guest book is therefore an idea that insurance gives your business a personal and distinguished touch at a really affordable price.

SRP Performance

For this, the objects will have to be, at least, of equal quality or performance to the ones of the winner. If these objects will be of quality or superior performance to the ones of the winner, the Administration will have to justify and to prove its offered advantages and prices they will have to be inferior to the maximum admitido4. In what it weighs this possibility, ‘ ‘ decree 3,931/01 preferred to define, as rule, new, diverse idea of the SRP’ ‘. In accordance with art. 6, ‘ ‘ at the cost of the first one placed they could be registered as many how many necessary suppliers so that, in function of the presented proposals, either reached the total amount esteem for item or lote’ ‘ , thus, the Administration will be always buying for the lesser price, subjecting the interested parties to the proposal most advantageous.

The register of the prices is admitted until the amount waited for the Administrao7. The organizacional planning is basic for the good functioning of the SRP in the institutions and its implantation must be of knowledge of all the involved sectors in the act of contract process. This envolvement in the search of the quality is that it will go to guarantee the success of empreendimento9. The SRP, to the operacionalizado being, implies the alteration of routines? good chance for reduction of the bureaucratization of organizacionais procedures? attempting against, however, for the search of the maintenance of the control, remembering always the purpose of the institution and its performance in the attendance of the goals of the organization and its commitment with tica8. The planning activity, necessary to the continuity of the SRP, will be perfected with the information of the participant agencies, using agencies and of the storage agencies.