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Youth Recreation Center

Lazarevskoye – a small resort village that is located on the beach in 50 km from Sochi. Every year the number of guests in this wonderful village increases. Everything is explained well developed infrastructure settlement and reasonably priced for tourists. The width of the beach forty meters, pebbly beach. In a good and clear weather, you are greeted by a wonderful view of the top of the Main Caucasian ridge. Relaxation at sea can be a variety of different water activities are also located on the waterfront bars, cafes and eateries with good food. In the village of Lazarevskoye is unique in the world shipyard, which built yachts – members round the world races. To diversify the rest can go on excursions and see the wonderful waterfalls, plantations of cork oak, and Mamedov Samsheetovoy Valley.

Visited the Dolphinarium, after the speech, you can swim and photographed with the dolphins. And who loves the thrill when you direct road to the water park "Nautilus" or "Starfish." Long to find housing in the Lazarev, do not have to. Here you will find B & Bs and hostels, where you services will provide meals, cafes, clubs, nurseries and playgrounds, dance and playground and landscaped beach. Is also a library, sauna, steam room, billiards and even a hairdresser. The price includes three meals a day. Rest assured, the quality of housing and services, you will not disappoint.

Arriving in the village of Lazarevskoye can rent a room, an apartment in the private sector or to reserve a room. Landlords housing, hotel rooms are divided on the "economy class", "luxury" and "Junior." Room "Suite" is considered the highest category, as it has air conditioning, toilet and shower. Hotels in Lazarevskomraskidany around the coast, and some even perched on the beach. It should be noted that such residence is not cheap, but it's worth it. After all, only so constantly heard sound of the surf and the only way you can see from the window, floating school of dolphins. Also available the services of tourist village Lazarevskoye, the private sector, which offers a large number of mini – hotels, private houses and boarding houses for every taste and every opportunity. Depending on the level (Convenience) and area (proximity to the sea), private homes and independent pricing policy. Recreation in the private sector largely is not inferior to hotels and sanatoriums. Sincere owners, arrange for guests good food, facilities and tours. The private sector is ideal for relaxing family with children. And so the private sector Lazarev – it's coziness and comfort the whole family. Rest in Lazarev – fresh air, beautiful Black Sea coast, extraordinary beauty of the Caucasus range, high quality service will fill your hearts with warmth, and memory – memories of the rest of a small village Lazarevskoye.

Social Democratic Youth

/ The security forces based this hypothesis on witness statements. Double attack in Norway: at least 92 dead. There is a detainee, linked to the extreme right and Christian fundamentalism. Norwegian police seeking a possible accomplice in the alleged perpetrator of the two attacks Friday in the Centre of Oslo and a youth camp on an island near the capital, which killed 92 people. They say there is no evidence, but that it cannot be excluded.

According to information of the NRL public television and NTB News Agency, police based this hypothesis on statements of eyewitnesses. First suspect the alleged perpetrator of the attack on the youth camp has been identified as a Norwegian of 32 years, close to clutter environments and apparently fundamentalist Christian, who entered the compound with police uniform. Until now it was assumed the basis that the suspect, arrested after the massacre on the island, where at least have died 84 persons, had acted alone. Not it excluded, however, that I had accomplices, especially with regard to the previous attack, in the complex Government of Oslo, in which seven people died. Double attack both attacks were perpetrated with just two hours of difference and he shuffled, as most solid hypothesis, that the suspect had activated the car bomb that exploded in the capital to then follow towards the island, 40 km. The double bombing was described as national tragedy by the Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, who planned to visit precisely this Saturday the camp of the Social Democratic Youth (his party) of the island of Utoya, where about 560 people were concentrated. They stop a man with a knife on the other hand, Norwegian police have arrested a man armed with a knife on the outside of the hotel Sundvollen, in which the Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, was visiting victims of the shooting of the island of Utoya, as reported by Norwegian broadcaster NRK this Saturday morning. After having been arrested, the individual has assured the press carrying the knife because he was not safe. In this hotel remain many of those wounded in the shooting of the island of Utoya, which has claimed the lives of 84 people. Source of the news: the police is looking for a possible accomplice in the double bombing of Norway

Youthful Literature

Many studious authors and try to arrive at a consensus, however this are a question that is far from being decided. For Wedge, Infanto-Youthful Literature is strict playful, not being necessary its pedagogical character, therefore many books of literature for children do not present this characteristic. For Ceclia Meireles, the sprouting of a new conception of infancy brings obtains a new concern, the necessity of moralizar the children. Thus being, Infanto-Youthful Literature appears with this intention, has then, a literature that if it destines to the children with the educational purpose. In this way, Infanto-Youthful Literature leaves of being a pastime and starts to occupy an important place in the education, being assumed a pedagogical character.

According to Killer, the literary compositions possess one meaning educative, that is, have a pedagogical definition, since the sprouting of literature is intrinsically on to the pedagogia. The educative meanings are not necessarily in didactic books, with broken up texts, them can be in a music, a part, a teatral romance, in an infantile book. Ahead of this ample quarrel concerning literature infantile is Rabbit (2000) that it defends that Infanto-Youthful Literature belongs in such a way to the literary art how much the pedagogical art, therefore if analyzed the old infantile texts, it perceives that: As object that provokes emotions, of the pleasure or it amuses e, above all, modifies the conscience of its reader, infanto-youthful literature is art. Under another aspect, as instrument manipulated for one educative intention, it if inscribes in the pedagogical area. (Rabbit, 2000. P. 46) In this context an enormous variety of types of literatures exists. It has some books that do not possess the pedagogical intention, however, when they are inserted in the classroom acquire two functions, to amuse and to teach. However, some books that possess only the pedagogical intention, with information, teachings and data, to if inserting in the pertaining to school environment finish not fulfilling the paper that was attributed to it, that it is to teach.

Secrets Of Youth

Why spend a fortune on cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery, if you hide your age can be a lot easier and cheaper? Secrets of Youth: Right to sleep and wake up pillow. For those who like to sleep on their stomachs, have to give up this harmful habit for the exterior. The fact is that if you sleep with his face buried in a pillow, you can not help cut the blood supply in this area. If to do this regularly, to make risk wrinkles and folds ahead of time. In addition, the friction of the skin tissue injures, so select the softer pillow – from satin or silk. Cream. There is a little beauty secret that can rejuvenate you for one night. At bedtime apply on face cleansing cream night, and put a thin layer on top of any cream mask that hardens a thin film, and then removed in the morning.

Note to owners of dry skin. Before drawing any means – whether Cream of wrinkles or cellulite gel – draw on the skin with wet hands, then apply moisturizer. Through this technique cream faster and better absorbed into the deeper layers of skin. Moisture. If you are not fond of cream, can replace them others nekosmeticheskie funds. For example, a simple towel. Greatly dampen it, place it on the night of the battery and get a homemade humidifier, which will help your skin to recover better during sleep. Shower. Use a sponge, loofah special every morning.