On this occasion, I wanted to share with you a very good exercise, with regard to personal improvement. The best time to do it, is when you are worried about something that it is happening. Below I explain the exercise: * keep in mind what you is concerned and from there, remember the things that […]

Maximum One

Generally the woman whom she will be trying: GUILT FEELINGS; PRESSURE; REPRESSION; SHAME; PAIN; TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCES; CONCERNS IN THE FINANCES; DEPRESSION; TREASON; ANXIETY; LOW THEY ESTEEM; STRESS; LACK OF AFFECTION AND ROMANCE; OTHERS. It will be incapable to play comsatisfao sexually. Occurrence of any one of the mentioned factors above impedirem much of the times […]

Interviews Work

A work interview is simply a meeting between you and a potential employer to discuss your knowledge and to see if there is " ajuste". The employer wants to verify what knows of you and to speak about your knowledge. If you have been called to an interview, you can assume that the employer this […]

Dreams Come True

Yes, in this way to realize his dream really can not. Well, we'll go another way. Some time in the yard a – 21! Went to the Internet and no boundaries … you or distances. A huge metropolis with nearly two billion people, where there is money and the right people … and practically everything […]

Economic Security

He is ironic that in the corporative world privileges estatus to the economic security, but always the exceptions obtain outstanding levels, thus, the executives who prepared themselves ahead of time for their financial independence and enterprise in many cases they have higher income working in house with minimum costs. People that looks for additional income […]


Despite interventions and manipulations of the Scriptures we know that the old testament contains many things that would never appear in the new: sacrifices of animals, wars, murders etc. says that it now has new validity, by what the Church often said that God simply has changed my mind, but already in the Old Testament […]

Muscular Health Issues

Inflammatory processes Muscular: They produce blockades, reumatoide arthritis or spondylitis anquilosarte that comes from the alterations that the weave by the overload undergoes which they are put under muscles and due to the inflammation that is originated. The most affected they are: Scalene previous ahead and half behind joint to the first rib by down. […]

Development Grams

2008 2007Abril PalestrasAgo 2008Ago 2008 Execution of practical of horticulturOut the 2007 AtJan to 2008Mar 2008 AtAgo 2008 ComercializaoNov 2007 2008Maio AtJan 2008At Ago 2008 Day of CampoJulho2008 Elaboration of the Report of PesquisAgo 2008 Exposition in the MEPSet 2008 1.7Recursos – Human: 2 Professors, 09 pupils, 3 parents and 1 employee of the City […]