Maximum One

Generally the woman whom she will be trying: GUILT FEELINGS; PRESSURE; REPRESSION; SHAME; PAIN; TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCES; CONCERNS IN THE FINANCES; DEPRESSION; TREASON; ANXIETY; LOW THEY ESTEEM; STRESS; LACK OF AFFECTION AND ROMANCE; OTHERS. It will be incapable to play comsatisfao sexually. Occurrence of any one of the mentioned factors above impedirem much of the times that the woman reaches one orgasmo (the Maximum point of> ‘ ‘ gozo’ ‘), and without orgasmo the sex if becomes frustraopara the woman. Moreover, for example, the woman is almost impossible if to free to erelaxar in the sex (what she would cause the desire, excitement, lubrication) thinking nosproblemas, you confront in them, in the disillusionments and etc. HE IS VALID TO UNDERSTAND THAT the seexcita man quickly and for it sex is not emotional what it is not the case to damulher. While you obtain to inside have an erection even though of situaesadversas, the woman does not obtain to have a sexual reply if its psychological one to noestiver in peace. The important one is you to know that its wife did not lose ointeresse simply for sex because she does not like more.

For the opposite, in lugarde you to be irado charging the sex, you will have to seat with it to buscarentender what she is closely happening with it, to be gentile and amiable to parasaber that it is a phase that it is passing and that she can be attenuated. Proper Geralmenteo husband and its behaviors is the factor> that it is causing this, sendoassim is necessary it dialogues and concession of the part of the husband to take care of umacerta necessity, lack or demand. I listed a series of factors above that they could estarcausando this. Now the responsibility is in its hands to walk with eladentro of these possible causes, being searched the solution so that it if sintasegura, in peace, and with comfort and freedom inside of the sex. A time that to vocidentificar the root – the problem will be solved, therefore you will be inteligentepara to supply the emotional necessity of it. The times are enough to a word desegurana, as: ' ' MY LOVE EVERYTHING WILL BE WELL, IS TRANQUILA, VAMOSPASSAR FOR THIS TOGETHER AND WILL LEAVE ADIANTE' '.

The MAIN FACTOR that has destroyed many marriages eassassinado the sexual life of many Christian couples or is not the lack deromantismo and affection of the part of the men. 95% of the complaints that I listen of partedas women are related the one that its friends are not affectionate, forfeiture all the emotional balance in the woman for the hour of the sex are and a pleasure object. The affection will supply pain and medode last experiences cooperating so that it if delivers total, pormeio of the confidence, to its partner. The TIME OF SEXUAL REACTION OF the WOMAN Is different doque of the man. The man if excites with easiness and this soon for the action, aereo is the reply of the excitement of the man, however the woman is different enecessita time to get excited itself, in the woman In the woman, the excitement is demarcadapela one production> responsible secretion for the vaginal lubrication. But aresposta sexual feminine does not appear only in the genital ones. It