Cross-border Insulation

It means an end to secret airspace theft: my home is my castle, my house is my Castle. According to iron, the own area is thus defended against interventions of neighbours. Because with cornices and window sills can disintegrate in the domestic air space. But a line was drafted in this respect now in thermal […]

Holland Maria

Together make a trip to Mallorca. In 1932 they get married. With a pension to study the European theatrical movement traveling to Germany, the Soviet Union, Norway, Denmark, Belgium and Holland. In 1933 he founded the magazine with Rafael Alberti October. They attend the first Congress of Soviet writers in 1934. After the revolution of […]

Cycling And Technology

As in many sports in the sport of cycling has since found its way to mechanization. No professional or semi-professional cycling team does without technical aids. All teams have different gauges, which measure the fitness or performance of the athlete and so allow inferences on the current form of the cyclist. In addition to data […]