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Review number 1: Alexander, Sevastopol What do you think when people talk about China? Here are some common associations: a cheap low-quality products, the most populous country, etc. Previously thought of as well. A year ago, everything changed. I do not know why, but with the phones I had no luck: it broke, then broke, then zaglyuchil. In short a disaster.

Enough for a couple of months. With pace and you can go broke buying myself so often a mobile phone. And then I offered to buy China iphone. All said "that give you that-sweep … what a difference a phone or a Chinese original, you still mess up." Price by the way is very attractive, functional good. In short bought.

A year passed, and I'm still happy. A copy of the iphone itself fully justified, it works, even somewhere did my bad luck with phones! Now I think, if anything with this Chinese phone happens, buy myself the same, the more copies of the new models of Nokia, iPhone, who equipped with a more feature-rich. I think it's worth thinking about purchasing copies of mobile phones and do not say that you have not been verified. Review number 2: Tom, I would like to highlight Kiev and clearly understand are still positive and negative aspects of what the Chinese phones. Previous review course is in favor of these models. But let's start with the most common and typical problems of data devices. Disadvantages: 1) workmanship (especially 2-3 years ago). 2) Poor battery life (claimed at 1300 mA kept at 700 mA. By the way I advise immediately change the battery on the original, if available). 3) Lack of a guarantee (for acquisition in the markets, etc.). 4) The camera in all a maximum of 2 mpx, which sometimes is not enough. 5) Problems with the Internet connection settings, MMS, etc. 6) Speakers and microphone is desirable to replace immediately with the battery. Advantages: 1) Price! The main and most important thing that attracts attention. 2) The presence of two active sim cards. 3) Color TV (good reception, good catches, even in basements). 4) Equipment module Wi-Fi. 5) The various functions ("Alibi," "change vote , Shake , Sliding and much more). 6) In some models, there is GPS navigation (though maps are still of low quality). Of course all the phones can not fit under one ruler. Seen really high quality copies of mobile phones at very attractive prices. But they were copies of which are difficult to call and your phone, just consumer goods. In conclusion I want to give some advice: get a Chinese phone only where you give a guarantee and be sure to check your phone before you buy!

Ambient Reflection

Ambient reflection. The ambient questions are taking account of most diverse sciences, amongst them geographic science. In Geography this boarding of the referring questions to the way is making with that it has a ressurgimento of the quarrels on the synthesis of the relation between man and nature. It is common to see the division between natural and the social one in the academic works and the quarrels of the academy. Science human being and the physics had taken ways different, but Geography was not fit exclusively in only one, and continues in the ambiguity.

The ambient questions demand a new form to think since in these studies if it cannot separate to man and nature, to become disentailed them, after all, they become related and are this relation that the ambient questions approach. When treating man and nature in its relation, knowing that the man is part of this natural way, we will leave to see the nature as mere source of resources the disposal of the man. When approaching the ambient questions in Geography we must have in mind scale that we will be adopting, exists problems that are local and need to be treated in the place, and exists problems that are local, but that they reach the global one, the consequences expand and harm other areas of the globe. Another question to be thought is the secular scale of the problem, the space keeps in itself the marks of diverse times, of the societies that if had made in this place and of as they used the available resources, is the relations of being able and the economic and social interests of each place that goes to determine the use that will be made of the resources, the exploration or preservation of the natural way. The occupation of territories is common subject in Geography, a society not only occupies one definitive place, but creates it.