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Imposed on a person basis – ‘ “with holes for eyes and nose, which was then moistened cologenic. Just a few minutes and you are beautiful as ever. In full fig Action cosmetic masks is not limited to skin care, they can be used to simulate the individual. Unfortunately, there comes a time when without it is not enough and that you could always be in full fig, the German manufacturers come up with wonderful masks that are called – ‘parade. ” Neck, face, including eyes, filled mask diluted to a liquid state ‘sour. ” Within 15 minutes, until the mass solidifies and shrinks, tightens the skin, is a lifting effect. At the same time “front” mask blocks access of oxygen, the temperature rises, and opening the pores of the skin intensively absorb all useful components. Chiseled profile and a young Oval And want to make a plaster cast from his face? Amazing masks made from plaster of a certain composition used in the program exits allow you to simulate a long time to say goodbye to wrinkles and return to your old face, youthful contours. From the cocoon of a butterfly The company Marie Golan, there is a great mask ‘cocoon’. It is a lightweight foam. This mask is superimposed over any other. Thanks to its thermal effect of a cocoon increases all the useful effects of the mask, which is applied directly to the skin. And less than half an hour, removing the cocoon, you turned into a dazzling butterfly. Yes, despite the fact that every woman on the shelf is always a lot of jars and tubes of cream for skin care without cosmetic masks difficult to win the youth and beauty.

Chemical Peeling

Chemical peels – a procedure for applying to skin a chemical agent to cause the surface-controlled skin damage. After exclusion of damaged cells and the total skin surface acquires a more youthful and fresh appearance. Currently, chemical peels is a commonly used procedure to correct many cosmetic defects up to 25 years: acne, acne vulgaris, problem skin, treatment, and prevention of molluscum contagiosum. 25-30 years: the treatment of skin problems and the traumas of previous acne, prevention of skin aging, actinic dermatitis, hyperpigmentation. 30 years and over: prevention and correction cosmetic skin defects (wrinkles, creases, fading skin), hyperpigmentation of various etiologies, keratosis, prevention and treatment papillovirusnoy infection, preparing for a deep and operations.

Superficial chemical peels at the moment is the most secure, easily portable and which gives a stable result in the application for the prevention and correction of age-related skin changes. Practical experience in performing procedures proves that regular mild irritant to the skin gives stable effect the prevention of skin aging and the reduction of surface defects. To perform surface chemical peel is most commonly used AHA-natural organic acid with the hydroxyl group at carbon a-position, they are found in many fruits of this in everyday life are called fruit acids. The most studied and commonly used are glycolic and lactic acids. Glycolic Acid has the smallest molecule of all the aha, which provides it with high penetrating ability, for this reason, the most widely used. Clinical and histological studies have shown that the ana is very effective in the correction of irregularities of the skin surface, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, reducing the elasticity and turgor. Positive effect of glycolic acid due to its ability as a result of chronic exposure causes a decrease in melanocytes and leads to more uniform distribution of granules of melanin in the epidermal layer (melanin is responsible for pigmentation skin). Glycolic acid increases the content of glycosaminoglycans in the dermal and epidermal skin layer, which in turn bind the water, reducing the dryness of the skin – which in turn leads to a reduction or complete disappearance of wrinkles. Glycolic acid modulates ceramide synthesis comprising the epidermal barrier. This leads to an increase in its water-saving features, resulting in decreased transepidermal water loss. Thus, superficial chemical peels using glycolic acid affects virtually all stages of the mechanisms underlying the biological aging and photoaging.


During the course of the life of a person the capacity to create a company or business is an objective of first intention, nevertheless often this objective is frustrated by diverse factors between which we found the economic one, which is the fundamental part of a rising company; thanks to this diverse organizations they have been in charge of the creation of diverse plans like the financing of businesses, with the unique and exclusive aim to help the people to reach this yearned for goal. The plans of financing of businesses are based on offering to the new enterprising industralists the capacity to obtain a capital with which a company can be begun indeed; this credit can be cancelled during lengths period of time, facilitating still more that the new company grows and has the opportunity to correct this debt. The financing of businesses can be defined more concretely as a form simple to obtain capital to contribute to the creation of a company, although also it can be used to realise some modifications or are structural or the purchase again equipment that can help to improve the production and yield of a company, business or organization. In the obtaining of a financing of business it is important to consider diverse factors that can contribute to improve the yield and functionality of a company, since in certain occasions the organizations that often obtain one of these lightly do it without taking into account that more ahead the financing can become like a long term debt, for that reason but the recommendable thing is to calculate if really we needed this, for this way being able to avoid an economic state critic. At present, like all the banking credits, the financing of business can be realised of diverse ways, with the unique objective to favor that the organization or company that it obtains this benefits with its payment; some clear examples of previously said are financings like: short term Financings: these are provided credits to companies that must be cancelled generally in a period of time 1 year, nevertheless, is own to mention that following the financing this period of time can vary significantly. long term Financing: this type of financing of business is based on the capital loan that must be remunerated to the organization moneylender in a period average of 2 to 9 years, where the certain financing owns characteristic, within most outstanding we found the readjustment of the amount of the payment or the possibility of increasing the time for the cancellation of credit; of course, as long as the organization moneylender accepts either previously mentioned. Thanks to the great amount of enterprising people who are beginning with their companies at present, the financings for businesses can be obtained from diverse ways, between most outstanding and recommended we found some like the enterprise banks and organizations moneylenders or groups investors, who when rendering this service can mean a way fast and easy to obtain a financing for our business, without mentioning that in the majority of the cases with relatively low interest rates.