Today 5 many young Andalusian will know if they are part of the privileged group of Fellows of Extenda. It is your first step to open up to the internationalization, because thanks to these grants they knew first hand new markets, living and enjoying their culture so that the following year again and they can […]

Poverty Reduction

The issue of poverty is extremely complex to analyze in its entirety because there are many variables involved, but several elements that can give us some guidance on how to improve this condition can annotate. For years I have visited different areas of my country and I’ve seen the behavior of people living under the […]

Brazilian Government

This affects the competitiveness of the tradable sectors that are also affected by the increases in rates affecting your financial situation. High interest rates threaten to affect the growth of these economies. Given this context, the scope for monetary policy action, is reduced while inflationary pressures seem to be not wane. The latest data show […]

Socialist Prime Minister

Then, in the final phase of her marriage, both were reported in the press for having extramarital affairs. For more information see this site: Ebay. Carla Bruni has a history which would Redden to any conservative. She is an Italian leftist who campaigned in all elections against her current husband. It has been the mistress […]

Solve Problems

Henry J. Kaiser, famous American industrialist who adopted modern techniques for the manufacture of ships during the second world war, said the problems are only opportunities that come in work clothes. In some way or another we all face problems in our daily work; problems can be large or small, simple or complex, easy or […]


Life is a gift, and offers us the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to return him something to be each day better. Anthony Robbins what is life? For many, life is something that we inevitably have to move, without having control over her, like ships adrift. They say that the destination is already marked and therefore […]


Delete subjects which are not adapted to the reality of the present and give way to new knowledge that modern administrative science demands, as well as identify with the demands of the knowledge society; interpret, act according to the new technological innovations, especially considering the scope, implications of new electronics technology, adopt new methods of […]