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Ambassador Chile

Brenio Onetto Bachler, maximum, researcher and popularizer of the Chilean parapsychology. Four opportunities I had chat with Miguel about his appreciations and esoteric inputs, their works, everything you learned in India as a diplomat of the Embassy of Chile, their experiences, as well as their contacts, talks with Herman Hesse and Carl Gustav Jung and other renowned writers and researchers of his time. Serrano sometimes attended meetings of the Chilean society, but most of all, to the House of Dr. Onetto who was very friend to talk, exchange ideas, discuss Beethoven, specialty of Dr. Onetto as well as listen to music, and since then, sharing tea with a famous group of person, musicians, researchers and interested in these topics.

Serrano was Ambassador of Chile in Yugoslavia and Austria and as, reminds us, was installed in the Italian Switzerland, in Montagnola, in the old House Camuzzi, where one day also inhabit his friend Herman Hesse. There he devoted himself to writing some of the books in which reveals all his knowledge about esoteric Hitlerism, in addition to having published purely literary works such as Los Misterios or the visits of the Queen of Sheba, which was prefaced by Carl Gustav Jung. It is very true as stated in source, who was also a friend of personalities such as Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, the Dalai Lama or Ezra Pound. . In particular told me many stories he shared in their interrelations with Nehru and Indira Ghandi, personal and very significant since then. As well as his black ring he always used.

It concerns the source an important fact is that since 1980 he lived in Chile, despite declaring that the Kali Yuga is approaching its irrevocable end. At the age of 88 Lucia surrendered him a poetic tribute to the Cerro Santa in the Chilean capital. Wikipedia also gives us about Serrano, which is taken into account, that he belonged to the literary generation of 1938, being known for his extensive work of spiritual quest and nazi mysticism.


It is this would reengenharia that it of processes and businesses make in the companies to reformulate its processes in order to reach the challenges that the world contemporary demands to them. Word-key: Reengenharia. Businesses. Organizations. It would reengenharia It to INTRODUCTION is one of the theories most controversial and popular of the age of the contemporary.

In the first one I capitulate we study the differences between readministrao and would reengenharia. It would reengenharia it appeared as tool to assist the companies to always remain forts front to the competition pleasing the preference of its customers, primordial citizen company to prosper it. In the definition of to some it would reengenharia it authors would be one to rethink basic for a radical reorganization of the enterprise processes aiming at to reach improvements in aspects contemporaries of the performance, such as the costs, the quality, the standard of attendance and the speed. It search would reengenharia to provide to the companies proper techniques that allow to reinventar it itself. Its basic intervention is on the organizacionais structures and adaptation. In contrast of the programs of change and development, it does not search to change the way to be of the diligent controlling and.

In contrast, it capitalizes the same attributes that had characterized the great enterprise innovators: the individualism, the autoconfiana, the propensity to accept the risk and the inclination for the change. The important one would be to free these talentos of mooring cables imposed for the current administrative systems. The main objective of the present work is to relate it would reengenharia to the processes and businesses of a financial institution, identifying to its differentials front its competitors and its qualities front its customers. For in such a way a field study will be made, where the results will be pointed.

El Grand Hotel

Very few people speak nor understand, Spanish and we recommend a book of phrases simple Spanish-Russian is a good idea. Where to go and what to see? Your friend will surely have many good ideas, but here are some suggestions. Kharkov in the East is a large and interesting city with a large University (most of the larger cities have a University) which was at the heart of the program of the development of missile from the FSU. The Centre is very attractive and Kharkov has square more Europe’s biggest. For foreigners Pushkinska and Sumska streets are well worth a visit, there’s even a bar Irish! Also in spring and summer the huge central park is delightful and has many cafes, bars and restaurants and a very lively and crowded ambiento. In the West of Ukraine is Llive, a small beautiful city of great architectural merit, there is a hotel very good and at a good price, El Grand Hotel.

Llive was also the birthplace of one of the most famous poets of Russia, Pushkin. Visitors to Ukraine during the summer months may be surprised to find the temperatures comparable to those in southern Europe! To the South is the pride of Ukraine (and Russia also), the Crimea and we recommend a visit. Simferopol is the capital regional and centrally located to visit the Crimea (Krim in Russian). There is a central and very elegant hotel and well worth a visit, the Hotel Ukraine there is much to see and do in Crimea an area that has witnessed many battles of their landed property during its history and today is still very popular, especially during the hot months of summer with people from Russia. Do to do and see in? Crimean? Too much to describe in this brief article. but try to visit the old city Greek in Sevastopol, or search the ancient castles of the time of the French and Italians, scattered around the region. The testament to the multicultural history of the Crimea. Ukraine is a country of extreme climatic conditions. It can be as cold as minus 40 degrees centigrade in winter and in summer 40 degrees +. Then enjoy your travel and your romantic meeting!