We normally use these two words as if they had a life of its own. There is a widespread personification in the world for the good: God. On the other hand, the evil is personified by Satan. Do but perhaps these two words mean in truth that there is a reality embodied in two opposed […]


An internal communication medium magazine, newsletter, intranet, blog or letter must meet the demands of communication. And communication by definition knows not only one direction! So for example the medium must have adequate feedback channels. Feedback must be edited even if it should be taken seriously once uncomfortable and above all. Only then the cost […]

German Engineers Association

In the training should be more pointed out possible careers and according to required skills. But although evaluated the management and leadership skills of the engineers of the staff decision makers as inadequate, little is invested in these areas. A study of the German Engineers Association (VDI) according to investment in human resources development and […]


The Catholic Church’s world youth day will take place in 2011 in Madrid. The world youth day, as he has been held since 1984 by the Catholic Church, takes place in the year 2011 in the Spanish capital of Madrid. It is celebrated every three years in a cosmopolitan city in the years between them […]

New Youth Culture

The hookah use among young people the sweet scent of flavoured tobacco, many hookah bars and Cafes in many large cities charging relaxed atmosphere in Oriental-influenced environment and a cosy meeting with friends to a relaxing evening a. The shisha is not long in the Western world consumption more on a small target group limited, […]

Youth Football

(Online articles) – entrepreneur sponsors 24 footballs for girls and boys teams (Preetz, SH/07.03.2008) on Tuesday the 11 will be on the sports facility Jahnplatz (Grand) the Preetzer TSV at 4.30 pm instead a handoff to two youth football team. Preetz entrepreneur Stephan Oldenburg donates a total of 24 footballs for the d-girl team from […]

German Hospice

Musician of the band luxury noise guest in Balthasar Olpe. On 5 December from 11 – 17 children and youth Hospice invites Balthasar to an open day. Balthasar staff are available to display the bright rooms and to explain the special deals. For the first time, not only the children’s Hospice, but also the youth […]

The New Studies

The letramento for the sociocultural bias The sociocultural perspective in the letramento studies if originated from the dialogue between different theoretical fields, such as the Lingustica, the Anthropology, Sociology, the Etnografia of Fala, Social Psychology, among others, that diverse chains or movements of research had been configured in that they had searched to react to […]

Foundations Types

The valuer must define the rights that he preputs himself to value cleaning click to know like. The valuer does not create value, the valuer interprets the market to arrive an estimation from the value. Then the valuer compiles data in relation to a report, the consideration is due to free give to the site […]