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Educational Community

CONDITION current of the community educational making appropriate use of my free time. In the presence of a philosopher us cuestionabamos about the current condition of education. Because for anybody is a mystery that the needs of today’s society have multiplied up to the sky. On the other hand the companies make use of their legal and administrative powers. To make work a person from Sunday to Sunday, compensatory day during the week. And the day that they choose at your convenience.

Handled like a remote control the time of people who must meet their needs. Because those who know that the need is the engine that drives men to move in search of its own conservation. They make use of this demonstration to write in job offers the following: preferably not studying it. Knowledge is no longer a in the educational community. This should be set to the policies of the financial machinery. Then education is now virtual.

And not because well have wanted those of education were responsible. The problem is that the education was in the hands of the companies. For this reason they tortured her, knock her, they throw it against the floor with such force, that wanting to break bones fail more than leave it crippled. Then shout you: confesses damn, what is your eternal secret. While this so eternal, so neat and decent as he expresses it essence of his being. It is silent. A silence materialized in the physical, because by those parties unfamiliar with these vandals, it elevates your voices to the sky to then rush into the consciousness of your friends. How is education day tomorrow? Not what is. But you may see the educational community, forming a close bond through a computer that tells you everything you need to know. Then men of tomorrow will need a few hours or days in front of the computer in order to print your precious diploma.

Professional Management

Family Office or family wealth management symbolizes a stand-alone chapter in its own right between uppercase fortunes management models. The great fortunes of hereditary or family nature require one wide range of solutions both in the strict financial circle and investment, as in the tax or in the follow-up to the demands of liquidity of each Member of the family. This is one of the peculiarities of the advice of the family estates. Each Member of the core will be involved in it or on projects that are carried out in their midst. It is common that froze intergenerational conflicts arising out of different and even conflicting points of view about the direction of the common themes. And is also very common that after the death of the Patriarch or creator of the family Empire, among his successors dissensions arriving will cause even endanger the unity of the heritage.

Resorting to an advisory external supposed to put in the hands of productivity experts with an objective view and set the operation of the family economy, which will leave a margin of broader consensus between persons related by complex ties. This advice may include from simple paperwork and submission of documents to various administrations, to the relationship with service providers and their corresponding ups and downs. It will also involve real estate and stock management or opening and cancellation of bank accounts. I.e., an integral service comprehensive of all economic matters relating to the family estate. A service like this requires the contest of professional experts in various fields, such as international economics, values, laws, technical or real estate tax. Therefore, rely a great patrimony with its inherent complexity, requires specialized in this type of managements, capable of ensuring that capital and managed assets will be preserved in its generality or cabinets increased thanks to her. The relatively recent emergence of the Family Office wealth management circuit has generated some controversy between traditional banking sectors, which cast doubt on the ability of this class of offices to advise in an efficient manner and that, however, begin to be interested in a market niche that does not want to lose. Why companies such as FDI, aware of the difficulty of their commitment, put guests that multidisciplinary team that it requires.


Corrosion, waterproofing coating the inner surface of the lining and metal pipes with a diameter of feedthrough after removal of corrosion products is recommended to use with silicone-type materials GEKOS, organosilicate materials such as OC-74-01, polyurethane films. As a hydrophobic coating the outer surface of reinforced concrete chimney is recommended to use paint organosilicate OS-12-03 or a similar on indicator of permeability and durability of the coating. Roof chimney is recommended to provide a metal sheet with a thickness of 3 mm with a fence around the perimeter of the roof and metal corrosion protection. For provide natural ventilation tube device include the roof deflector. Opening for air in the gas-escape tube tract is recommended to provide input at the level of flue pipes area not more than 1% of the mouth of the chimney height of 100 m and not less than 0.2 0.3 m stacks at heights. On reinforced concrete and brick chimneys, decommissioned for subsequent removal after long-term Boiler on-sulfur fuels to be removed iron cap to prevent the fall of iron element to the pipe to a nearby territory, with "growth" due to sulfation lining of masonry mortar.

Observations of the state of pipes that are in preservation, inspections, surveys, measurements of precipitation and roll tubes run at the same time as the pipes are in operation. Svetoograzhdenie, a day marking Corrosion protection of metal stairs, traffic lights grounds, lightning protection in the period of conservation of pipes shall be maintained in good condition. Reopening of the tube should be preceded by a survey of its condition and repair the pipe to address the identified harm. After the decision to organize the conservation of the tube separate archive documents directly related to the preservation and further after Conservation commissioning. The archive of the chimney which is in conservation, should be kept: – passport chimney – Acts, reports on the state of the pipe to survey conservation – information about repairs, carried out before conservation – conservation activity reports pipes – acts of inspections and surveys during the period of preservation – regulations and directives relating to conservation – correspondence on matters of conservation. Based on materials from the site.


Perhaps he is but expensive since or glass wool of the same type is used for its inner rubber of HD. They can also use rolls of polythene and plates of chapadur. The filtrations most difficult to contain are those of the serious ones (Low and Big drum). They can work this mounting the battery on a platform with rubber base.

And the amplifier of low the same, to separate it of the floor. This not only will help to the aislacin but also the quality of listening within the room of test. Doors and Windows: But the optimal thing is to have one double door with an inside full air cavity of absorbent (always the same principle of Box in a Box). If they cannot make door double they reinforce the one that they have with plates of some material and add to him vain of glass. There are good systems of presses but I believe that homemade room of test would exceed the one . The windows are going to have to be sealed with the same principle: glass wool and plaster plates (or what they choose in order to isolate).

As much to isolate doors as windows they use draught excluders to die! They are moderately cheap and they mark the difference. To isolate is difficult and expensive but for anything impossible. To try well and in house does not have price! Acustizacin: The acustizacin is going to be directly related to Part 2 (Equipment: its disposition, optimization and handling.). Now we are going away to center in the preparation of room of test. The first question that arises is: That material use to land on water my room of test? All the materials that are on sale absorb.

Kathmandu City Council

In fact, most of the waste that there is in the mountain dating from before 1996. The above-mentioned Government Regulation, which forces athletes to return with all the material that made the ascent and imposes penalties otherwise entered into force in that year. Unless specific permission of the Kathmandu City Council or other competent authorities, the climbers who violate the rules must pay a fine of $4,000, said Laxman Bhattarai, spokesman of the nepali Ministry of tourism and Civil Aviation. These penalties have achieved that today who step on Everest are butt with less waste by road, said a member of Eco Everest, Dawa Steven Sherpa. According to the Mountaineer, of mountain that coordinate international expeditions also have finished by raising more, aware that if not they act in a responsible manner, customers realize this and lose business. Which does not prevent that even some expeditions continue leaving part of their waste with impunity, because the control system is not so asset’scarryingamount as I would like, Bhattarai lamented. Although it is not clear how much trash is left today on Mount Everest, what does seem to be is that there are a good number of enthusiasts willing to try increasing this amount is less.

Until there is no more garbage we will continue cleaning, said Steven Sherpa. Eco Everest not only carries out actions of collection; It also launched a credit program for waste, destined for porters who daily ascend the mountain loaded with material to mount camps and returning with empty hands. ebsites. I thought that perhaps they could reduce something garbage, argued Steven Sherpa, who added per kilo are paid about 100 Nepali rupees (around 1.5 dollars). Steven Sherpa, who has crowned the Everest on two occasions, He maintained that the mountain is vulnerable and mountaineers should ensure that your visit does not have an impact on it. Source of the news: cleaning up the mother of mountains.

Governor Agricultural

Main carried through workmanships: The installation of the Department of education and Culture, as the Law n. 32 of March of 1971, ending of the construction of the Municipal Hospital, implantation of the Bandeirante gymnasium, since the state mounted its gymnasium net in about 25% of the maranhenses cities, percentile that the year would have to grow year, as much is that it reached in 1971, 91 of the 130 cities of the State. The point most critical inhabited in primary education, mainly in the agricultural zone; to try to modify this situation &#039 was conceived; ' Project Joo of Barro' ' for the team of advising of the Governor. The objective of the Project ' ' Joo of Barro' ' thus he was announced through a process of education integrated in elementary level, to insert the agricultural man in the process of carried through partner-economic development, he was constructed a medical rank in the headquarters, and magnifying of the schools in the agricultural zone. Context of the state and national politics (1969/1972) President Presidncia de Costa and Silva (1967-1969) Come to falecer in 17 of December of 1969, did not finish its mandate. In function of its death the Representatives and Senators choose General Emilio Garrastazu Mdice for the presidency (1969/1974). Carried through workmanships: construction of the Transamaznica highway and Governing the Cuiab-Santarm Highway Jose Sarney (1966-1970).

Excellent points in its government: The creation of the Supervision of the Development of the Maranho (SUDEMA). which would fit to trace and to supervise the plan of development of the State. It created in the pertaining to school program the school Adobe Joo, for the more soon combat to the illiteracy, and the institution of the Educative Television, for the biggest diffusion of average education; still, in the field of the education the creation of the superior schools of Agriculture, Administration and Engineering, in So Lus and of Education in Caxias.

Jamie Fox Garrett

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