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Cultural Sphere

In this model, the external 0 variable are not considered alone the interns. Soon after, the model appeared of & ldquo; Organizations as Cultural Sphere, Simblica and Poltica& rdquo; , being the organization, an open system. This is an opposing vision to the previous one, where the organization is not only based on objectives predetermined for superiors, this model, the objectives of the organization is defined by the interactions existing human beings, in the confrontation of action, values and interests politicians (STRAUSS, 1956; BERGER and LUCKMANN, 1967; PNONDY, 1983; GOFFMAN, 1953; 1961) apud (MOTTA; VASCONCELLOS, 2004). It, MOTTA is given credit that the organization is the result of a based social construction in the interactions of the existing groups in it, (; VASCONCELLOS, 2004) then, from this, identify the organization as: It constitutes a microssociedade that reproduces the social stratification for classrooms of the global society in which she is inserted. The diverse organizacionais groups have particular cultures and proper interests.

One exists series of conflicts between the interests politicians of each group and the organization is considered a space cultural politician and of continuous confrontation. (pg.285) Later the vision appeared of the organization as a social actor who constructs and modifies the environment where he acts, this model is contrary to the one of the Classic School that separated the internal environment of the external one. From studies of (BURNS; STALKER, 1961) apud (MOTTA; VASCONCELLOS, 2004) had appeared two types of organization, each one adapting to its environment, are they: the organization mechanics and the organic organization. The first one would be a centered organization more in the formality, with the restricted and vertical communication, the existence of a formal organization chart and the centralization of the power. Already in the organic organization the communication is a little vertical and a little horizontal, the power is decentralized and it does not have much difference of hierarchic level.

Margarine Factory

One of the features of this market is that demand for oil and fat products has a distinct seasonal pattern – in the fall and splash winter and summer meltdown. Margarine – perishable product that requires special transportation and storage conditions, so the summer for producers – hard time. However, the development of civilized forms of trade – and the super- Hypermarkets – allows for proper storage conditions in places prodazh.IGROKI In Ukraine there are about 30 manufacturers of margarine. Only two of them can be attributed to the largest producers, the share of in total production of margarine more than 10%. In 2009, it is of "Creative" (27%) and JSC "Zaporizhzhya Oil and Fat" (24%). Up to 10% share of total production of margarine produced in 2009: UAB "Lviv zhirkombinat" (10%), JSC "Kharkov fat plant" (10%), JSC "Kyiv Margarine Factory" (7%), OJSC "Vinnytsia Oil and Fat Plant" (6%), OOO "Tulchinsky Butter" (5% ), JSC "Odessa Oil and Fat Plant" (3%), OOO "Avis" (3%), OJSC "Reshetylivskiy Creamery" (1%), CJSC "Illichivsk oil and fat plant" (1%), OOO "Empire of fat '(1%), OOO" BMB Margarine "(1%), OOO "Factory of modern food technology" (1%). Zaporizhzhya Oil and Fat annually produces about 80 tons of margarine.

At the same time the company said that in the short term plan to increase production to 100 thousand tons. The range of margarine products company presented margarine, soft margarines and margarines and fats for the food industry. Another leading company in the oil and fat industry is zhirkombinat Lviv (TM "Rich"). For over 50 years this company specializes in producing high quality margarine, mayonnaise and fat. Production capacity of plant for the production of margarine products are more than 200 tons per day, of which 115 tonnes of packaged products. The activities of the three leaders of oil and fat industry – oil and fat Zaporozhye, Lvov and Kharkov zhirkombinata lipid complex – the combined companies' Agrokosm. " This company and its partners have offices in all regions of Ukraine, as well as in Russia. Thanks to an efficient logistics, a wide range of products and synergistic retail sale of margarine and mayonnaise under the trademarks "Rich" "Oll", "Zaporzky", "CLC" economically viable even for small retail tochek.PROGNOZY AND PROSPECTS In preparing forecasts for the Ukrainian market margarine expert opinions diverge.

Some insist on that the market will be reduced margarine. To confirm his words, they result in the fact that margarine has formed a negative image caused by the poor quality of the product and shortages of butter to the Soviet time. Therefore, the number of consumers of butter, a natural product that is much more than consumers of margarine. But on the other hand, due to the active promotion of healthy eating and so benefits of margarine, a low cholesterol, low fat content (even on sale there halvariny – a fat margarine and 35% less) and relatively low cost, this product will be not less than active demand from consumers and tomorrow. Needs to reflect, for example, that Europe's population prefers margarine instead of butter. The material was prepared using data from Goskomstat, the IAA "Soyuz-Inform" business press in Ukraine

Corso Dog

Cane Corso became popular because it is perfect in the Merchant satellite rights in the contemporary world. It combines the dedication and extraordinary sensitivity, rapid ponimanimanie rules and regulations, the amazing adaptation to life in urban environments. Cane Corso – perfect for silent but understanding each other. Cane Corso can spend hours to be around, lie at the feet of the host, without interfering with his work. It is worth special attention and conflict Cane Corso in contact with other animals and people, it seems that her dignity does not allow her to sink to small skirmishes. Balanced character of Cane Corso, however, will continued only for as long as the dog does not feel a threat to the host and his relatives. Although it is unusual that a dog that was bred in poor rural areas of Italy, became a symbol of respectability in our time, but there is no doubt that the breed Cane Corso waiting more glorious and celebrated the future.