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The Human

The management or the leader next has the responsibility to create an environment where the people can feel themselves well. They also they need to know what the administration waits that they produce and how. The management or next leader needs to be always demonstrating that the people have an important paper in the organization and that other people count on them. We are conscientious of that the work is vital it human being, to become it participativo, using potentialities and talentos, to give adjusted conditions to them of work, will result in the increase of the mental and physical health of the workers. The urgency in becoming our competitive companies is a conflict form, therefore it places us of constant front search for the quality, that left of being a competitive differential, even though to become condition of survival in our personal life.

The example of this, is our course of Psicopedagogia with Emphasis in RH, an ample course, but that she directs for one better management in the education beyond leading to better know our customers who are our pupils and its families. The all time we are in conflicts and these take in them to curiosidades, to the development, because its function is not to allow that the individual if accomodates. It is such efforts lead to the human comprometimento, to the quality of life and this to be in all the areas being indispensable to our development as a whole, after all, the individual integral and is not broken up. The conflict is an untiring search e, therefore it is essential to the people and the organizations as generating source of changes, therefore of the conflitivas tensions, the different interests of the involved parts is that chances of mutual growth are born, therefore the modern administration must face the conflict as a constant force inside of the organization and look for to manage it so that these act in constructive way through the techniques of the administration of conflicts.

The Question

In another way, to work so that the Brazilian schools if become a public space that it has equality of treatment and oportunidades' '. Today many works exist that they aim at to understand the question of the black in the society and also to rescue its culture, its customs, its belief and values FERNANDES, 2007; BOCK, 2007; HERNANDEZ, 2006; PANTOJA, 2004). However, still the reached result is small mainly when it is mentioned to the valuation of the black black while. The racial discrimination and the preconception still reveal gifts in such a way in the schools as in other sectors, even so it has many nuances and the discrimination if it shows in subtle way. A study carried through for UNESCO on the racial relations in the school it affirms that ' ' … the race concept implies to consider its plasticity necessarily, pondering the dynamics that the mestization provokes in the sociorraciais relations in terms of gradations, wants how much the stigmata, want how much the acceptances and nominations of outro' ' (UNESCO, P.

145, 2006). Although the importance of the subject, does not exist many research on this question in Roraima. Arantes, Macedo, Joaquin, Magalhes, Saints, Sheep and Saints (2009) portray the question of the preconception against the aboriginal peoples of the state. However, they are ignored by its presence and are treated as ' ' caboclos' '. Sheep (2009, p.161) affirms that ' ' although in some cases the presence of indians is basic for the attendance of its interests, as in the arregimentao of man power barata' '. If to compare the aboriginal peoples and the afro-descendants, some factors of discrimination and preconception well are seemed.

For example, the question of the cheap man power. The educators need to work intentionally to fight all type of preconception and discrimination. In this work, we will specifically focus the forms for which educators insert in the pertaining to school resume (explicit or not) history and the culture afro-Brazilians.

Karat Shotokan Made

The descriptive method of the bibliography with the objective was used to display the opinions of diverse authors as Simes (2002) and Funakoshi (2005), among others that approaches the questions that involve the practical one of the Karat Shotokan and the Taekwondo, as well as the participation of the woman in these martial arts, having as objective main the improvement of the quality of life on the part of the practitioners. Considering the comments made for Simes and Knijnik (2004), the women, in a historical perspective, had always trod for a road constructed for intermediary of values, sending to us it a reflection around sort, race, and ideologies that have its origins related with the proper history of the humanity. Such concept takes in them to affirm that the presence of the woman in the sport is, in the current times, one of the thematic ones more argued. . 2 THE WOMAN AND THE PRACTICAL ESPORTIVA. The QUESTION OF the SORT So that let us can establish one better understanding concerning the practical one of the Taekwondo and the Karat Shotokan for individuals of the feminine sex, as well as the possible benefits that the same one can bring to the practitioners in what it refers to the health and quality of life, we made brief analysis of the question of the sort from the perspective of some authors who had developed studies directed toward this subject. In an ample vision of the paper of woman in the society, Beauvoir (1987) concludes that all history of the women was made by the men. Being thus, for the author, ‘ ‘ the problem of the woman always was a problem of homens’ ‘ (P. 175).. .