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At the current moment we verify that the appearance of many technologies can to facilitate the processes of education in the distance and that the conviviality and the exchange with other pupils of different spaces will go to collaborate with a great cultural profit that the proper diversity provides. From these changes new educational methods appear, new conceptions of didactic material, new relations human beings and also new relations with the knowledge. In all the educational areas we need to implant and to evaluate courageous initiatives of innovative education, but on the other hand, we cannot never wait of long-distance education the solution for all the problems accumulated throughout as many failed to meet governmental plans and that the projects come back toward this modality of education will go to save the Brazilian education. 2 THE EXISTING RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE PROFESSORS AND THE PUPILS IN EDUCATION IN THE DISTANCE Century XXI appears marked for diverse characteristics as the globalizado world and the sprouting of a new society that if stipulated to be called society of knowledge. This scene brings diverse transformations in all the sectors of the life human being. The technological progress is visible and the importance given to the information is undisputed. This progress of the technology acts, mainly, as facilitador in the communication process, therefore currently it is possible to process, to store, to recoup and to communicate the information in any format, without interference of factors as in the distance, the time or the volume. In education in the distance the professors and pupils are not normally together, physically, but they can be connected, linked for technologies as the Internet, but also they can be used the similar post office, radio, television, video, CD-ROM, telephone, fax and other technologies. In the present time we can count on the actual education, semiactual and long-distance education (or virtual).

Evaluation CAP

The objective of this work was to supply the requirements of item III and IV of the Geoambiental Finding elaborated for 27 Lots B and 27 C of the Soil Maring Patrimony. Of this form, florstico and faunstico survey represents an important tool to evaluate the existing arbreos fragmentos, as well as the local fauna, and thus, to supply to subsidies decision taking how much the eventual paisagsticas modifications for implantation of one determined enterprise. 2 METHODOLOGY the survey of the referring data to the biological way enclosed the total area of 27 lots B and 27 C of the Soil Maring Patrimony, in the city of Maring, state of the Paran. The collection of the information referring to this project was carried through in the month of October of 2008 and searched to identify to the species gifts for the florstica evaluation and faunstica place. The procedures adopted for the identification of joined specimens had been: Evaluation of the available morphologic characteristics in the vegetal samples, during the walked one in the land, for visual interpretation; For the study of species of the ciliar bush, parcels distributed randomly in the areas had been delimited of evaluated forest fragmentos; The data of the individuals that had presented equal or superior CAP (circumference in the height of the chest) the 15 centimeters had been mensurados and registered in field fiches. The height of the individuals was written down, using a podo of 9 meters as it scales. Some species with inferior CAP the 15 centimeter, as fuchsiaefolia Peschiera, dracunculifolia Baccharis and Solanum verbascifolium in the same way had been elencadas, due to predominance in the evaluated area; Leves, flowers and fruits had been collected, for comparison with specialized bibliography and attainment of the scientific name of the species. With regard to the local fauna, the estimate of the wealth and diversity of species if gave by rough estimate for naked visualization, during walked permanence and in the place of study, and comparison of the respective morphologic characteristics with bibliography specialized for attainment of the scientific name of the showed individuals.