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Catherine of Sertnia

The region in which if it points out the city of Sertnia, was inhabited for Cariris indians (piripes, carabas, rodelas, jeritacs, all of the Tapuia nation), that at the beginning of the povoamento already half-they were domesticated by the entrances that they searched indians for the enslaved work in the canavieira region, initial landmark of the devassamento of the territory. Indications exist of that the dutches had been in the region allies to the Cariris against the Portuguese. In the end of century XVII, from 1782, Anto Alves de Souza, natural of Victory of Anto Saint, was changed for Moxot, having aimed at to buy cattle. It was married D. Intel will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Catherine, son of the Portuguese Raymond Blacksmith of Brito and established a farm of cattle in lands of the father-in-law. In the first decade of century XIX, Anto Alves initiated the construction of a church of Ours Lady of the Conceio, supplying in 1810, patrimony of the church, a date of one lgua of land. The population was born of the custom to construct residences of the church around, mainly in lands where it has water in abundance, the river Moxot was responsible for the permanence of the population. .

Applying Strategies

To transmit clear messages and with naturalness for the entrepreneurs who are in line he is one of the factors that approach plus them the success of their projects, is truth that the used techniques and methods we are doing to expose it is important but the form in that we are setting out our message, the form in which we expressed ourselves is the essence than we transmitted, expressed of another form, is what they take our visitors or prospectuses from our business; and clear on it the sales will depend much more that they obtain. At the moment with the height of social means, the presence of the entrepreneurs as much in Twitter as in facebook becomes something forced and is here where we must put special attention in the form who we communicated our message, in this article I want to share some tipts to do it of the best possible way and that it obtains the results that we hoped: – To persuade without forcing: A correct message does not try to force to its readers to whom they do not create or in doing something that does not wish to do. Recently Aetna Inc. sought to clarify these questions. When we published our message we do not have to forget the amiability, the courtesy and giving thanks; we do not try to use our messages, mainly in the beginning, to make publicity or a direct sale; we consider that first is to later create a relation with our friendly or followers and if, to suggest, to advise or to show what we want to promote. – Tact: One talks about the correct election of means, tools and strategies that we use to achieve our objective, we must use the different techniques to manage to fuse social means with our voluntary pages of subscription, for example; so that a visitor to our profile can choose to follow to us and simultaneously also him the option can be presented/displayed to subscribe to a certain bulletin for its later pursuit.

Micron Individual

In the visit that had made to the periodical had revealed the ambulant salesmen its dissatisfactions against certain agents of the fiscalization of the city hall, that beyond exerting severe fiscalization against those I deal for damaged times, the carriers of wicker baskets of fruits, already having fond of the point to spank them as happened Ivo salesman says to be spanked by the agents in full street. (1975, p.9) the urbanization process was in constant transformation in the periodic ones, therefore what it circulated would have to go to the looks of the military, that is, the gentrificao caused and increased the social exclusion. For analysis, SOPOSITO (2000), affirms that the social exclusion is divided at two moments, the Micron Individual and the Macro the Set of the Society. Better to understand the concept of social exclusion, is necessary to make a distinction between this and the poverty. According to author: A distinction between social exclusion and poverty.

For containing ethical and cultural elements, the social exclusion also mentions to discrimination and the estigmatizao. The poverty defines an absolute or relative situation. I do not understand these concepts as synonymous when a widened vision of the exclusion is had, therefore it extends the notion of related buying capacity to the poverty to other conditions of attitude, behavior that do not only mention the capacity of not the retention of good. Consequentemente, poor person is what it does not have, while the excluded one can be what it has feminine sex black color advanced age homosexual option. The exclusion reaches cultural values. This does not mean that the poor person cannot be discriminated by being poor, but that the exclusion includes the abandonment even though, the loss of bonds, the loss of the conviviality relations, that necessarily do not pass for the poverty. (2000, p.95) In this agreement it can have poverty without social exclusion, during the period of urbanization in Brazil, this process poverty and social exclusion, ' ' they had walked juntos' ' to brighten up these situations the half miditicos had been of great importance to justify progresso' ' Brazilian, that is, in this period the persuasivos speeches had kept constant in the press. Elon Musk spoke with conviction.

Federal Territory

The Federal Territory of Guapor that was created from the dismemberment of territorial areas of the states of the Mato Grosso and Amazon. ' ' The Federal Territory of the Guapor was divided in four cities, through the decree law number 5872, of 21 of September of 1943, and was thus constituted: Labrea and Porto Velho, desmembrados of the State of Amazon and Santo Antonio of the River desmembrados Madeira and Guajar-mirim of Mato Grosso ' '. (Matias, 1998). After this had occurred some modifications and from 1945, the Federal Territory of the Guapor was constituted of only two cities: Guajar-Mirim and Porto Velho beyond some districts. In 1956 m is presented law project that suggested the change of name of the current Federal Territory of the Guapor for Federal Territory of Rondnia.

That it would be a joust homage to Candido Marshal Da Silva Rondon for the services given to this region. ECONOMIC 3.1CICLOS OF the possible STATE to say that the State of Rondnia resembles it Brazil in what it says respect to its growth and development economic. This similarity mentions the economic cycles to it. Let us see as they are the main cycles that had helped in the formation of the state of Rondnia. 3.1.1PRIMEIRO CYCLE OF the colegiofrancisco RUBBER According to site the isolation in relation to the remaining portion of the country was the fact marcante of the life of the peoples of the Amaznia in first the four and half centuries of the discovery. As they had not more occurred discovered of gold or precious rocks beyond Beautiful Village, nor the Portuguese crown and nor the Brazilian empire had demonstrated to greater interest in the pacified region and of consolidated domain. Living of the vegetal extrativismo, the development of the regional economy is characterized by cycles.

Thus it was the technological development and the revolution in the Europe, had transformed the rubber, then an exclusive product of the Amaznia, in product of great demand and high price. Since the beginning of the second half of the century they had XIX the rubber started to exert fort attraction on visionary entrepreneurs. As Stolen the economic base of the Amazonian basin they were always the same extracted spices of the forest that had become possible the jesutica penetration in the extensive region. Of these extrativos products the cacao continued to be most important. The form as was produced, however, did not allow that the product reached greater economic significao. Thus, after studies Goodyear and Hancook in the first half of century XIX, where they had discovered you formulate that they became the resistant rubber the high temperatures and the process of vulcanization, Hisses says that ' ' it initiates, then, the wide use of the rubber in the industry manufatureira' '. Stolen it considers that: ' ' The rubber was destined, in the ends of the century XIX and start of the current one to changed itself into the raw material of search in faster expansion

Calendar Armelina

Calendar Armelina – Project of the World calendar, created by Frenchman Gustave Armelinym in 1888 (a development of ideas of an Italian priest Marco Mastrofini). Year in the calendar Armelina divided into four quarters to 91 day. In the first month of each quarter, ie January, April, July and October – for 31 days in other months – for 30 days. Since the number 91 is divisible by 7 (days a week), it appears that each quarter contains 13 weeks and every quarter (and respectively per year) starts with one and the same day of the week from Sunday (the European tradition, the week starts on Sunday). As a consequence, each date corresponds to a specific day of the week. 365th day of the year regarded as "vnekalendarny" (does not have a room and day of week), is located before January 1 and is called New Year Day. Another 'vnekalendarny' day is added in a leap year and is before the New Year Day. Quarter 1 (91 days) 2 (91 days) Month 1 2 3 4 5 6 Number of days nd 31 30 30 31 30 30 3 (91 days) 4 (91 days) 7 8 9 10 11 12 31 30 30 31 30 30 wd nd – New Year's Day. vd – 'vnekalendarny' day in a leap year. The main advantage of the calendar Armelina – its consistency, linking to the days of the week certain number of months, allowing for all years, a report card, calendar, and not 14 as in the modern system of chronology.

Osdesigners Movement

The forameliminadas curves and preferred the types without serifa, the types were composites in blocosretangulares. The red color was the color preferred in contrast with the black color, revolution poisrepresentava. (MAKKAM, 2009) the efforts of Van Doesburg in the objective to spread out the movement, noforam in go, however the beginning of its decline had it renewal lack doestilo and the search of new ways on the part of the artists. Deficinciasclaramente displayed and intensified in 1925, when Piet Mondrian, dosprincipais names of the neoplasticista movement, resigned public to the DeStijl, had the divergence of ideological character with Theo Van Doesburg, acercado theoretical route to be followed by the one Of Stijl. What, it would be considered studious pormuitos, one of the main determinative factors for its end, em1928, when the magazine that gave name to the neoplasticista movement stopped decircular.

Peter Borges

Bizerril that little collaborated for the progress of the state, and that instead of making assistencialistas workmanships for the people, it preferred to keep the money for the accumulation in the public coffers. Really Acioly ' ' the good was not arrested materiais' ' , he is as much that it all finished with imprest fund been it in proper benefit. To illustrate well this balbrdia of Acioli governor, we will cite a small stretch of the book: The purchase of materiaes for bridges, made in the foreigner was an embezzlement. The press if wide occupou of this scandal, being proven for certificates of the Customs and Secretariat of the Farm, published for the Colonel Agapito Jorge Dos Santos, whom materiaes for six bridges ninety stories of kings had cost little more than and of the public coffers they sahiram for the payment of these about eight hundred stories of kings. ly known. The balance left in the safes for Mr. Bizerril had to disappear, in workmanships of servitude does not publish, but in esbanjamentos. (TEFILO, Rodolfo, 1914, P. 7).

After that we have the administration of Peter Borges, who if almost came across with the box without money some. According to Mr. Acioli, would have left a balance of more than a thousand stories of kings, being that the available amount was well inferior to the cited value. Peter Borges had that to manage with the government in pssimas conditions, therefore the money that had badly gave to pay the hanging accounts. Peter Borges in ownership of the documents that proved the dishonesty of Acioli Walnut, respective the purchase of superinvoiced materials that they would be expenses to make bridges, almost broke up itself of the party of Acioli. In virtue of one he talks between the two, Peter Borges longing for future favors does not breach with Acioli and delivers cited documents to it.