San Francisco River

Although the detached period is 2004-until the current days. Through official sources, of words of specialists, analogy and confrontation of arguments of legislators, government and academic population and productions others, to understand the controversy. If in each microregion the hdricos resources well were managed, would have necessity of a project type of the Transposition of […]

Geography and History Education

To who it believes that they are two you discipline devaluated in the schools, however, we have certainty of the extreme importance of each one of them, when duly worked they can contribute for the formation and understanding of the human beings: its space, its constructed society historically and the involved dynamic in the secular […]


Revolution of 1930: between the commitment and silence Revolution of 1930. Celeuma of a vast historiografia, that reserves for itself a peculiarity controversa. The authors are not few who if had ventured for the footpath of the First Republic in search of the meaning of the Revolution of 1930, bequeathing us a series of interpretations. […]

Federal Territory

The Federal Territory of Guapor that was created from the dismemberment of territorial areas of the states of the Mato Grosso and Amazon. ' ' The Federal Territory of the Guapor was divided in four cities, through the decree law number 5872, of 21 of September of 1943, and was thus constituted: Labrea and Porto […]

Osdesigners Movement

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Peter Borges

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