Peter Borges

Bizerril that little collaborated for the progress of the state, and that instead of making assistencialistas workmanships for the people, it preferred to keep the money for the accumulation in the public coffers. Really Acioly ' ' the good was not arrested materiais' ' , he is as much that it all finished with imprest fund been it in proper benefit. To illustrate well this balbrdia of Acioli governor, we will cite a small stretch of the book: The purchase of materiaes for bridges, made in the foreigner was an embezzlement. The press if wide occupou of this scandal, being proven for certificates of the Customs and Secretariat of the Farm, published for the Colonel Agapito Jorge Dos Santos, whom materiaes for six bridges ninety stories of kings had cost little more than and of the public coffers they sahiram for the payment of these about eight hundred stories of kings. ly known. The balance left in the safes for Mr. Bizerril had to disappear, in workmanships of servitude does not publish, but in esbanjamentos. (TEFILO, Rodolfo, 1914, P. 7).

After that we have the administration of Peter Borges, who if almost came across with the box without money some. According to Mr. Acioli, would have left a balance of more than a thousand stories of kings, being that the available amount was well inferior to the cited value. Peter Borges had that to manage with the government in pssimas conditions, therefore the money that had badly gave to pay the hanging accounts. Peter Borges in ownership of the documents that proved the dishonesty of Acioli Walnut, respective the purchase of superinvoiced materials that they would be expenses to make bridges, almost broke up itself of the party of Acioli. In virtue of one he talks between the two, Peter Borges longing for future favors does not breach with Acioli and delivers cited documents to it.