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The Memo

The meetings are but one among them. So, before deciding to hold a meeting, it should determine whether it is the best way to achieve the objective. It asks the question why a meeting? And in this regard is notes that this decision depends on several factors and the need is met. The possibilities are numerous: – Need to distribute information that you have or, conversely, receive others. – This is to resolve an internal conflict or divergence of views. – Need to make a decision that must evaluate, and most agree.

– Want to promote team spirit. – You need to ensure that staff have understood a project. – He wants to explain and answer questions regarding the use of a new computer. – Want to change the criteria of certain persons in respect of any matter. – You need an immediate response on any issue.

– He wants to persuade a client to use the services of his company. Sometimes the meeting is the best way to address some of these needs, but others do not. In many cases have several possibilities, according to the particular circumstance, the mode you prefer and work situation. If there is to distribute information, for example, can opt for the meeting, the memo or report, depending on the nature of the data. If it is to resolve an internal conflict, it is best to call the affected-one on one-to pave the road. A majority decision can be obtained by calling a meeting to request a vote by show of hands, by mail or telephone, if the voters know in advance the issue, but also may need to discuss it. Instructions can be delivered via a manual, but the nature of the subject may necessitate an explanatory meeting. To influence the opinions of others may be appropriate to convene a meeting or, perhaps, be better to try in individual conversations. A proposal well written and illustrated so powerful can be so effective at retaining a customer as an oral presentation.

However, if it is to promote team spirit, the meeting is perhaps the most appropriate instrument. Definitely, management must be fully identified with the role of human resource is the accompanying pro its management that benefits all, should ensure a smooth integration, cohesion, keep your staff motivated to consider their views, taking into account in all decisions that benefit all. It should use the meetings and know how to drive, so that these are productive, they are well planned, organized, avoiding improvisation do not waste time, or happened to demotivation.

Wolfgang Rademacher

Tenor: You have to use all legal possibilities imaginative, already even the most persistent money requestor bite out their on the ramparts of the small man on the GbR, joyful attachment teeth. With the GbR safely through the economic crisis if your economic situation is still reasonably OK, make sure straight for the financial and economic hardship of life with this knowledge already in advance all around protect and protect accordingly, recommends the nationwide known debtor Fox in Selm. Because at the present time it can affect anyone. Especially those who think it not possible, that they also get into difficult financial difficulties. Who some have guessed a year ago that the biggest banks and huge global players such as GM, Opel, Marklin, Trevira, Schaeffler or Karstadt today practically all broke are? Given economic land mines that lurk at present everywhere, he recommend from personal experience only recommend: prevention with the GbR is always better than cure! The book is available as an eBook or bound Edition in bookstores in all known online book shops, as well as on the successful passage: radiselm/vgbr.htm (eBook) or radiselm/vgbrgb.htm (hardcover book) V.i.S.d.P. and your contact person: Wolfgang Rademacher Eichendorffstrasse 27 59379 Selm Tel.: (0 25 92) 98 18 87 E-Mail: boiler plate Wolfgang Rademacher writes Books that open the eyes of every reader. Books that motivate and inspire.

Books that provide special insider knowledge. Thus anyone through own actions themselves out of any predicament can free themselves and the current situation was still so hard. With this knowledge, the reader is masterfully mastered personal, professional, financial or business situation and to find more quality of life. For more information

Katja Hofmann

The second action was started earlier and is in the long term projects. Orga pressure supports associations of employees. Because the entrepreneur wants to promote the volunteer commitment of its employees.Each year the Carnival association with confetti is supported and the billiards Association is pleased to be uniform Polo shirts for the tournaments. An Inn votive idea of the marketing expert Katja Hofmann convinced the orga team especially: the Christmas cards were no longer shopped, but designed by a creative team of the company and certain employees, where donated this saved money for cards and gifts. Details can be found by clicking Mark Bertolini or emailing the administrator. The decision much on the Germany’s largest disability Association the RSG Koblenz e.V., with whose help to are, accustomed to children from 3 years in mother-child groups to the playful handling of the wheelchair to facilitate also the everyday life, E.g.

at roles meeting, kerbs… Reached a further milestone in the SME customer! Effective and targeted sponsorship led to success. All of this was achieved with a small budget, because marketing must not to be expensive, but practically and effectively, so Katja Hofmann. Especially medium-sized companies are integrated in their daily lives that often little time remains to worry about public relations and effective marketing and sponsorship. Thus, Katja Hofmann lies with their “Mobile Marketing Office” in the trend of the times. It launches campaigns and through much practical experience and know-how they surrounded also existing sponsorship so, that it is a full profit for the company.

Printing company Orga E.k.. in Riederich this success is with proudly titled “socially engaged 2009” are Orga pressure courage to implement another creative idea by Katja Hofmann, E.g. a private print product on the market to be brought, that an environmental project supported and in addition the business contacts used to attract other businesses for the action. For more information see SME creative Marketinguntersutzung Katja Hofmann 70794 Filderstadt:

Our Tip

Twitter was originally intended as a “social network”. To his friends and acquaintances tells what it is doing, similar to the Smalltalk. In this form it is also used by many. Very often but to develop hybrid forms: it shares with, what to do so (“waiting on my flight to Hamburg”), gives further interesting information from the Internet as a link (“interesting blog on knowledge management on http / /.”) or “says, what others have said or tweeted”. Make money with Twitter? What is here a opportunities for meaningful use in companies, can only imagine.

A company of Dell already earns money with Twitter. Through its its Dell sells exclusive special offers, which are available only via Twitter ( Our Tip: Breathe you in, and create an account at. Find interesting Twitterers and follow you. Find out what opportunities to offer and which business models are just. Through our Twitter presence (, we could significantly increase anyway, the number of visitors in our company blog.

Rely on your common sense, and let not the self-appointed online marketing experts and social confuse network specialists with the promises of your success. Here, it is sometimes difficult to separate chaff from wheat. Would be a big mistake however, is not Twitter to deal with, but an increasing part of their future audience via Twitter communicates. Next steps the next years will be characterized by innovative developments in the Internet. The talk is already of Web 3.0. Thus, it is not less means than the ability of computers to understand content in a Semantic Web and correctly associate with each other. Provision and transfer of knowledge is always this simple. Future capabilities of computers to interpret such knowledge, can only imagine. More Wikipedia on the page has a good entry point information. These approaches go well beyond the current practical applications in business. However, let an idea, where the journey goes. If you have any questions about the topics discussed in this article and want to introduce knowledge management practice and result-oriented in your company, the author of your comments or contact is pleased.

Rhetoric + Occurrence And The Right Words For Every Occasion

Bestseller eBook for speakers and will want it! All managers and executives! The D r a h t g b r! A guide for all those who have something to say. The solution for Manager…und who want to become one. Ladies and gentlemen, it is a good feeling for me, them now this letter to write. Usually it turns to various information – specifically to lectures, presentations and various different speeches, I write for my customers. But if what I will offer you the same, you are interested in, I could help you to earn good money. Aetna Inc. is likely to increase your knowledge. How much money? Listen to 100,000, 300,000 or 500,000 euros and more in the free market economy not tempting for you? Believe me: I would like to promise you anything impossible or make you false hopes. But in a sense, what I will offer you the same, is perhaps the best financial offer, that I have ever made. I’ll just tell you, how you can easily, quickly and without risk of This offer can make use.

And you can soon achieve the income of a business executive or a successful Manager. I’m telling you like more. But I would like to introduce myself. My name is Hans-Joachim Ullrich. Some of you know me by the lifestyle – business magazine where I was responsible for many years in leading positions and for the preface.

Regardless I’m over 20 years of experience in the service of the speaker and coach managers and executives. But also in the private sector I write the appropriate speeches for various occasions upon request. But now enough of me. Here comes the part that is important for you: despite the economic crisis, there are industries that emit millions of still finding good managers. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are actually companies that incorporate a considerable budget to meet the growing demand for good managers.

The Fast Way To The Job Interview – The 9 Points Theory!

The slightly different application guide. As an ALLROUNDER quickly and effectively applications out skin and how to optimize the invitation/effort ratio. 90 percent of all companies expect online applications today, the good old application folder passee is just too much paperwork! With these tips you can send loose 50 to 100 applications per day. Plan 1 get you the schniecksten clothes out of the closet and make a great photo of application – from professional photographers! You to want no expensive 20 – photo gallery with different poses and Qutfits.Bestehen, a single wonderful image – exclusively! -to obtain in digital form. There is the ultimate impression, then when publishing on the Internet as well as in the ALLROUNDER! This saves money and you really do not need more! Plan 2 ALLROUNDER apply only online and only by E-Mail! It’s fast and what we want – is fast. Forms on many job boards and company pages eating too much time, you can use…

Plan 3 Yes Sir, SI Senorita, yes people – a certain effort must be made in advance, to later the application machine run hot. Scan your resume, references and what else considered important tags and then create a PDF or JPG file. No date in the curriculum vitae, signature or autograph… and never look at! Plan 4 a standard E-Mail prepare, which says such as: “Here you have my application!” Whether as ALLROUNDER, Playboy, Secretary or Executive Board. Try austzudrucken – no gibberish is chosen! Plan 5 again making trouble, a decent cover letter creating – is the main point to have success with this all-rounder Shogun or Shotguntaktik.

Take the time to represent great, exceed but a page however, if possible, you’re not so great also again… Plan 6 prepare two, three or more modified versions of this letter before, which are interchangeable depending on the activity and industry. Just take any addresses in the cover letter, this part is completely deleted! No man needs in an online application and saves lots of time. Plan 7 well done! They have done most of the work. Now it is find places, for example at… Plan 8 now must be customized for each application actually just the contact in the title and in the email (!), the template for the area… are elected and off goes the post! Plan 9 shows they not back, after you have made all the arrangements. Get the applications simply and easily, one after the other, out… already you have done everything correctly, right allroundermasssig! If then no interview this coming out, you should worry seriously about your curriculum vitae. Though – no matter how many ‘breaks’ in it, people with corners and edges are usually performance and again stand ready. THE ALLROUNDER Gerd Bewersdorff

Holiday Time Is Travel Time

Mautspartipps relieve the holiday fund many vacationers start currently with your own car in the well-deserved holiday. Not only the fuel prices, also the tolls of the individual countries, can strain the holiday Fund it. The Internet portal puts together some useful tips on Europe’s motorways right money save can. Croatia is one of the most popular destinations of German holidaymakers. The fastest, it is, for example, to split on the Dalmatian coast of Radstadt, Salzburg and Villach in Austria, Spittal. For the ride on the highway, the State conceded at least 7.70 euros for a ten day vignette. In addition incur costs amounting to 16 euro for the Tauern Motorway, as well as the passage of the tunnel.

You pass the Karawanken tunnel, enters the holiday drivers in neighboring Slovenia. From there it continues via Karlovac to split destination. Slovenia also introduced the tolls for the use of its highways last year. The vignette sticker costs 35 Euro for half a year. The ride-on Croatian motorways strikes again with 20 euros. So, nearly 80 euros are due for the holiday trip. It will be cheaper if one leaves the highway at Enns valley and via Obertauern and Katschberg mountain pass. The scenic Loiblpass makes a genuine alternative to the paid Karawanken tunnel.

Although you must schedule a longer travel time of two and a half hours, but will be rewarded with magnificent views over the mountains and nature. By the way, it saves so even 16 euro. Because the wallet is pleased. For more information, also for trips to Spain and Italy here: magazine/showArticle/article/791 contact: Tilo summer Unister Media barefoot Gasschen 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

DATA MINING CUP Competition 2009

Karlsruhe students top fit met again numerous visitors and users from universities and industry in intelliger data analysis from 23-24 June 2009 at prudsys user days to inform yourself about new usage scenarios of intelligent data analysis (data mining) and to discuss with experts on data protection rules in the trade. A highlight of this year’s event was the traditional ceremony of the previous DATA MINING CUP competition. The realtime analytics specialist prudsys as organizer of the DATA MINING CUP this year again students from home and abroad called on to test their knowledge of data-mining based on a practice analysis task. At the this year’s Edition, the Libri GmbH, a leading book wholesalers of in Germany supported the prudsys AG and provided task, as well as the data for the competition. The task of this year’s competition was thus to predict the sale of 8 specific book titles in 2418 shops (locations) as accurately as possible. More than 100 teams from home and abroad 2009 registered to participate in the DATA-MINING-CUP. Every University was able to send a maximum of two teams in the race here.

52 team solutions, including from universities in Canada, United States, UK, Russia, China and Germany, have been submitted and evaluated. This year, the best data mining team comes from the University of Karlsruhe. The Karlsruhe students may enjoy EUR 2,500 prize money. The prize money for the second and third team were dortiert with EUR 1,500 and EUR 1,000 and were students of the Technical University of Dortmund (2nd place) and the Technical University of Dresden (3rd place). A complete success, the DATA MINING CUP was 2009 thanks to numerous sponsors such as Intershop, Schober and the Libri GmbH, which sponsored the prize money. Learn more about the DATA MINING CUP under:

Shopping On The Net Popular

The number of consumers who shop on the Internet, rose to over 97 percent, which corresponds to an increase of more than 28 percent in the past two years. The INNOFACT market research company now presented these figures in the context of the current source Web shopping 2009 trend study. This, more than 1000 Internet users aged between 18 and 64 years were interviewed in April of this year to their purchasing behavior in the network. It was found: not only the number of consumers who shop on the Internet, has increased significantly, almost half of them (44.3 percent) are significantly more money than in the year before. Despite the economic crisis, over 90 per cent of the respondents are sure that the Internet will be the fastest-growing distribution channel in the next five years.

Because the shopping on the net is easy: regardless of shop opening times consumer can calmly here browse the varied, inform yourself and order. DaySie shopping offers this not like many other Internet platforms an anonymous shopping experience, the many of the Respondents find detrimental when online shopping. Instead, the consumer under finds numerous small specialized professionals and retailers who are waiting in their Web shops not only with first-class products and services, but also the related advice. The traders that are found on the shopping platform, is it specialists and professional women as competently and comprehensively advise the buyer, who turns to it over the Internet, as it is the case locally, at the counter.

Finca Mallorca Holiday In The Individual Holiday House

exclusive holiday accommodation with contemporary or Mediterranean ambience you are looking for your dream house in Mallorca, would participate in the Mediterranean life and immerse yourself in Mallorcan lifestyle. The best way to buy his dream house in Mallorca, is not about the sweepstakes or buying a property, but nowadays more and more people of Fincas in Majorca rent. The most beautiful villas, holiday homes and apartments for rent they sure and around the clock on here can find any of his dream home and book online. Because buying a foreign property has not only advantages and the raffle is still always not legally clarified in Spain. Who is owner of a property he doesn’t often, what come to cost him. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Aetna Inc. on most websites. Lawyer, notary, permits, taxes u.v.m. This fact makes the holiday rentals are booming, the number of holidaymakers who are arranged on a Finca (Spanish country house) will skip the record again this year and in the summer be complete 95% of holiday homes in Mallorca fully booked, despite crisis and be cloudier labour market forecasts. The German, Swiss and English still have enough money for a relaxing holiday and would rather forgo a new car.

Because holiday in southern Europe guarantee sunny, mild Mediterranean waters who is still in a country house, who can enjoy the tranquillity and rural Idyll to the fullest. Fincaferien are a big hit in the tourism industry. The typical country houses have a swimming pool to 90%, and have been newly restored and brought to the latest standard. Modern kitchens, bathrooms with bidet, international satellite TV, everything that the discerning holiday guest dreamed, will the tourists depending on the money bag find. A Finca in Majorca combines Mediterranean home decor with modern accessories in the countryside and is recommended but also couples and seniors will appreciate the advantages of a Fincaaufenthalt especially for families with children or large groups.