Zen Science

The normal condition is the spirit not limited by concepts; It is the spirit that is not stagnant. In zazen it is flame the consciousness hishiryo: beyond thought and the no thought. The modern world, society, education, have programmed our behaviours, our vision of things and our way of life. The practice of zazen, which […]

The Challenge Of Iran

Rosa Espinoza the challenge of Iran today on the day the President of the United States Barak Obama is optimistic in the resolution of the problem of Iran in an idealistic way. You have faith that such country programme, follow in order to use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes despite the controversies that this […]

Trends Of The Higher Education

In the year 2008 the Regional Conference on higher education and Ielsac, International Institute for higher education in Latin America and the Caribbean, they gave birth an important document on trends in higher education in Latin America and the Caribbean for the 21st century.This presentation I would like to return to some aspects which I […]

Brazilian Government

This affects the competitiveness of the tradable sectors that are also affected by the increases in rates affecting your financial situation. High interest rates threaten to affect the growth of these economies. Given this context, the scope for monetary policy action, is reduced while inflationary pressures seem to be not wane. The latest data show […]

Mexico United States Bilateral Relationship

Mexico and United States share the world’s largest border, and the relation that these countries possess has long been a much stranger. Full of contrasts and contradictions. Since the Administration passed from the most powerful nation in the world, headed by President George W. Bush came from the Pentagon a call alert saying that Mexico […]

Initiation Professor

The previous author speaks despite to enter itself in the cold water can generate one I stimulate of great corporeal desiquilbrio, come to have the same consequncias in the excessively hot water, therefore the necessary organism of certain time to adapt the definitive temperatures, in case that I oppose it enters in estresse.JUNIOR and DUNDER, […]