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Terapia Gestalt

Is not that we imagine the other as we need it? is not that the pedestal on which we put it avoids the real contact? is not that we suffer endlessly when it drops, because what you lose are the dreams?Lost dreams is like let us blow over, and that produces lots sadness. Olga Pujadas whole mountain is oregano. Not all that glitters is gold. It is not love everything what we call as well. Millions of relationships are nothing but terribly neurotic symbiosis, wars of power, confusion of narcissistic delusions. Countless people feel tied to others simply by this fantasy: you dream tailor-made for me so I stupidly.

And as this madness cannot operate, they soon roaring hell. Falling in love is, we already know that, idealize the other, suprimirde our perception most of his qualities and defects. Idealize is attributed to the other traits that does not have, but that we would need that I had to feel saved. Idealize is, finally, invent other to meet our needs. We do unconsciously, of course. But this fiasco usually call it love or infatuation.

What happens then? Reality always disillusioned (thankfully!) to the naive. Your beloved to not turns out to be, not even close, as she had Felix. East/always has, logically, other forms of feeling, other ways of thinking, other plans and desires and, what is worse, a will and life of their own. It’s almost a stranger! Thus begin the problems, which will be adults or minors according to the maturity and emotional health of everyone. The disillusioned / as more neurotic immediately accuse the other for not meeting their self-centred expectations. Far from accepting his own error, punished relentlessly to his victim submitting it to all sorts of indignities: complaints without end, brave, critical, emotional blackmail, manipulations, controls or simply violence. It drives them to the invincible tantrum child leave me with mine and fantasy – another time – convert someday another / a in the mental crutch they need what Mirage! Because, well, just get neurotizarse increasingly more themselves, their partners and their children. However, despite the situation unbearable, the disillusioned / to not usually relinquish his broken toy! The other person will withstand voltage according to your own level of self esteem and masochism. Or will return the blows from their respective fantasies dashed in a pathetic struggle of gladiators intended, both, to exhaustion. Unaware combatants that love is not obligatory. That nobody owns anybody. That no one can change anyone. Nobody does more than allowing his neurosis. That nothing is farther from the love that demands and manipulative cares about others. And that maturity consists precisely in respect – we like the identity of the couple or not-, and separate us quietly from it if we are not happy. The nightmare ends, in Finally, when the strongest of the unfortunates manages to abandon the sordid trifulca of cudgels. ** I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to fill your expectations. And you’re not in this world to fill the mine. You are you and I am me. And if by chance we find ourselves, it is beautiful. If not, you can not be remedied.


What it is motivation after all? The Motivation is the movement that takes the person for some place, that is, motivation is the reason + the action, being is what it makes the individual to leave the bed every day, is what of the brightness in the eyes. For some the reason can be to conquer its dreams, to surpass obstacles, to find a great love, is the professional accomplishment Already the action is what the person makes to obtain to carry through what idealized. To be motivated it is essential that the automotivao happens before. Zig Ziglar has a phrase that it explains well the automotivao very: ‘ ‘ The people say frequent that the motivation does not last. , Nor the bath and is well therefore that it is recommended diariamente’ ‘ , therefore, in the same way that every day to take bath she is part of the daily routine, also she is necessary, to learn daily to focar in the proper reasons, therefore they will give forces for the action, thus promoting the motivation true. Therefore, it acts now, it is not waiting that the external conditions are adjusted to give to beginning its action: It defines objectives that enclose the areas: familiar, professional, financial, health, social, among others. Foque in the reasons that are really important, those that will offer greater meant to its life. It carries through activities that are on of what you in such a way dream. It makes to be valid to the penalty each instant of its life. E, mainly, prevents mal-humoradas people, negative and not motivated.

Eczema Treatment

Let not the eczema to advance in our body, fight from the beginning, so I recommend you some recipes of natural treatments that have helped me a lot, don’t let such pustules or scabs, span full your elbows, your knees and your hands and feet. Then I recommend the following natural treatments, which I personally served me and eliminated me the eczema that had in some parts of my body and they made me give a lot of worthwhile to not be able to use some kind of garments by the fear that they will say, follow these tips: 1 – vitamin oil is a recognized antioxidant that contributes to the health of the skin. Combined with peppermint and aloe gel, it is an effective remedy that contributes to the alleviation of eczema. 2. Carrots: Peel and boil three carrots and when they are soft, crushing the pulp until a smooth paste is obtained.

Apply this paste on the affected areas then leave for over a quarter of an hour. Remove with cool water. 3- Juniper, Sage and thyme: pour 1 tablespoon Juniper, a Sage and a thyme in a cup of water boiling. Cover, let stand for five minutes and strain. Drink a cup every day after the main meal. 4 Leaves of Strawberry and plum leaves: boil 10 minutes, 1 handful of Strawberry leaves and other leaves of plums in half a litre of water. Remove from heat and let cool.

With this preparation, bathing areas affected with eczema. Some recommendations, follow them to the letter: avoid eating food with spices and, in addition, minimize the intake of fermented cheese and saturated mainly coming from junk food and alcoholic beverages. Keep your skin away from irritants, not irritate your skin more when it is already. For this reason, you should avoid fabrics that sting, such as wool. In addition, you should wash your clothes, towels and bedding with mild detergents without perfumes and rinse very well. Keeps your skin moisturized, if you have eczema, it is vital importance that you humectes your skin thoroughly and regularly. Choose a moisturizing lotion thick and put it to you during the first three minutes after your shower or bath, while your skin is still damp. It’s no sweat, eczema gets worse when you sweat. If for some reason you sudas, I advise you take a shower as soon as possible. My name is Christina Rios, I have a page to help everyone with their eczema problem, and on that page you can find information on remedies for eczema, to have a lot more information visit. I also want them to recommend the book eliminate your Eczema which helped me to eliminate eczema in very little time, and not only to me but to many people around the world, so tu seras the exception. Original author and source of the article

The Answer

-Deliver accurate data in places where can refer to receive treatment. -If the student agrees to go to the health sector He could deal with that this derivation is performed. -The first step in this direction is to find out if the family understands the situation of consumption. -If the answer is positive and prior consultation to the boy, should meet with the / the young and the family, to assess the support of the members of the family. After the bypass, the / the mediator to responsible must be kept in constant contact with the family and the young to follow the evolution of the problem.

-If in the family, on the contrary, there is no member in terms of providing the necessary support, in these cases, it is crucial that the support that we can provide, carry out a monitoring and reunited permanently with him/her (if professionals require it) – in cases in which the family does not know the problem, it is necessary to assess whether or not it is convenient to communicate it, depending on the seriousness of the situation. For this reason, it is important to know the reason of ignorance. Is possible that the / boy/a does not want to go in a direct way on the subject. In this case, will have to be attentive to aspects such as the following: the presence of other problems of drug use in the family, domestic violence, degree of emotional support within the family, ways in which the family puts limits. The reason for concealment may be due to the presence of any of these items or result from an unfounded fear by the young revelation. -In cases in which the young is agree with communicating its consumption to your family and you assess that this will play a role of positive reinforcement, should get together with the family group and support the interview process.

Something Better

A few days ago I did an article concerning growth. And I found something interesting that has been designed to instantly grow: Bertulli shoes. But there are other options besides the prestigious brand Betulli? And it is precisely what narrated in this article. Since children have advised us several things to grow: from drink concoctions, to play any sport that favors growth how to play Basketball. But when we are adults, and not reach the stature that we need, either to get a date or to have a good job (models, actors, aeromozas, security guards and senior executives of some major companies, they are asked a minimum of stature), resorted to what suits us best: from ads by T. V.

up to items that we find in our way. Today there are various interesting treatments to gain stature. They are from hormonal to cosmetic surgeries. And clear, a good part fulfills what it promises. However, that we seek a better stature, we don’t want to risk our priceless health. As we all know, that by using some methods of growth, there are potential risks to our health. Not so long ago released an interesting product, with astonishing results: because this method promotes a harmonious growth. And importantly of all this is that is a natural method. For more information click here original author and source of the article

Your Ideal

However, if you find someone who has your same goals and the same commitment both can benefit from training one to another. They don’t necessarily have to be friends, they can be colleagues, co-workers, etc. What matters is that both have the same commitment.

Simply take care not socialize at the expense of your exercise sessions. If both seek to overcome, a companion is an excellent ally 7. Choose a sport there are so many sports that maybe if you try one you discover your true passion. Tennis, volleyball, basketball, football, cycling, climbing, snowboarding, there are just so many that they may not be appointed. Your enthusiasm can be accelerated if you find sport right for you. 8 Buy new clothes for some reason we feel renewed if we bought us a new pair of shoes or clothing. We can not wait to use it in our next training, and that feeling fills us with joy and enthusiasm.

It is a kind of if we are well, we feel better, and for many works 9. Take a few days I have to admit that I can hardly let me train, but after intense training periods (3 to 6 months for example) 10 days that I rest are the best way to recover and recharge me energy to start all over again. One of the first symptoms of the overtraining is the lack of enthusiasm for the exercise routine, simply bored you and you find that exercise is more an obligation than a fun and healthy activity. Take your time and not feel guilty doing so. If you are upgrading a week or ten days of rest as part of your exercise program you will find that your motivation after taking a short holiday is totally different to how you you left it when you still entrenabas you. 10 Perhaps, try new activities as a way to vary could Cun kinds of aerobics, or boxing, or intangible property dance as a part of your routine, a camp of exercises, taekwondo or kickboxing classes. Like many people and they are motivated to train in groups or with other people. Your Ideal body Exercises to burn fat original author and source of the article.