Terapia Gestalt

Is not that we imagine the other as we need it? is not that the pedestal on which we put it avoids the real contact? is not that we suffer endlessly when it drops, because what you lose are the dreams?Lost dreams is like let us blow over, and that produces lots sadness. Olga Pujadas […]


What it is motivation after all? The Motivation is the movement that takes the person for some place, that is, motivation is the reason + the action, being is what it makes the individual to leave the bed every day, is what of the brightness in the eyes. For some the reason can be to […]

Eczema Treatment

Let not the eczema to advance in our body, fight from the beginning, so I recommend you some recipes of natural treatments that have helped me a lot, don’t let such pustules or scabs, span full your elbows, your knees and your hands and feet. Then I recommend the following natural treatments, which I personally […]

The Answer

-Deliver accurate data in places where can refer to receive treatment. -If the student agrees to go to the health sector He could deal with that this derivation is performed. -The first step in this direction is to find out if the family understands the situation of consumption. -If the answer is positive and prior […]

Something Better

A few days ago I did an article concerning growth. And I found something interesting that has been designed to instantly grow: Bertulli shoes. But there are other options besides the prestigious brand Betulli? And it is precisely what narrated in this article. Since children have advised us several things to grow: from drink concoctions, […]

Your Ideal

However, if you find someone who has your same goals and the same commitment both can benefit from training one to another. They don’t necessarily have to be friends, they can be colleagues, co-workers, etc. What matters is that both have the same commitment. Simply take care not socialize at the expense of your exercise […]