Eczema Treatment

Let not the eczema to advance in our body, fight from the beginning, so I recommend you some recipes of natural treatments that have helped me a lot, don’t let such pustules or scabs, span full your elbows, your knees and your hands and feet. Then I recommend the following natural treatments, which I personally served me and eliminated me the eczema that had in some parts of my body and they made me give a lot of worthwhile to not be able to use some kind of garments by the fear that they will say, follow these tips: 1 – vitamin oil is a recognized antioxidant that contributes to the health of the skin. Combined with peppermint and aloe gel, it is an effective remedy that contributes to the alleviation of eczema. 2. Carrots: Peel and boil three carrots and when they are soft, crushing the pulp until a smooth paste is obtained.

Apply this paste on the affected areas then leave for over a quarter of an hour. Remove with cool water. 3- Juniper, Sage and thyme: pour 1 tablespoon Juniper, a Sage and a thyme in a cup of water boiling. Cover, let stand for five minutes and strain. Drink a cup every day after the main meal. 4 Leaves of Strawberry and plum leaves: boil 10 minutes, 1 handful of Strawberry leaves and other leaves of plums in half a litre of water. Remove from heat and let cool.

With this preparation, bathing areas affected with eczema. Some recommendations, follow them to the letter: avoid eating food with spices and, in addition, minimize the intake of fermented cheese and saturated mainly coming from junk food and alcoholic beverages. Keep your skin away from irritants, not irritate your skin more when it is already. For this reason, you should avoid fabrics that sting, such as wool. In addition, you should wash your clothes, towels and bedding with mild detergents without perfumes and rinse very well. Keeps your skin moisturized, if you have eczema, it is vital importance that you humectes your skin thoroughly and regularly. Choose a moisturizing lotion thick and put it to you during the first three minutes after your shower or bath, while your skin is still damp. It’s no sweat, eczema gets worse when you sweat. If for some reason you sudas, I advise you take a shower as soon as possible. My name is Christina Rios, I have a page to help everyone with their eczema problem, and on that page you can find information on remedies for eczema, to have a lot more information visit. I also want them to recommend the book eliminate your Eczema which helped me to eliminate eczema in very little time, and not only to me but to many people around the world, so tu seras the exception. Original author and source of the article