Reduction Managers

Considering the research carried through with the terceirizados professionals, one of the formulated questions is if the terceirizado one receives feedback from the managers of the company-contractor, was verified that 70% of the interviewed ones do not receive feedback. Filed under: Mark Bertolini. Figure 4: Feedback of the performance. As It hisses (2010), a preoccupying […]

Regional Manager

The Company, possesss, as main mission today the full attendance to its customers, satisfying them completely, exactly that she has that to move to take care of, as affirms the regional manager of the company.: ' ' We of the T&amp Company; V, we believe much that the company comes to grow sufficiently, due to […]

Social Benefits

‘ ‘ The companies train to make use of a team of better level and to obtain bigger productivity and results melhores.’ ‘ (LACOMBE; HEILBORN, 2003, P. 270). The authors had also warned that he does not train only the new employees and only in this occasion; the training must all be successive and for […]

The Turn

A good salesman arrived in would mercearia of its Z and soon he spoke: – its Z today I you with an excellent price in my coffee, need to put you to buy 100 packs. as the price was excellent its Z bought. Obs. ; price is always a good argument something that really helps […]

Agriculture Biodynamics

Ahead of such dominant premises the alternative thought appears that bases the Agroecologia, mainly, in the construction of its concept definition of its objectives. The main premises are the Holismo that claims the vision of the system from the parts, of the relation enters these, of the external relations. It is the vision in the […]


Respecting the regional manifestations for the possibility of contact and integration with the diversity languages and of present language in the life of children and adolescents in Brazil. This means that to as well as know the existence of the use of other different languages horizontes its complexity, relating to the existence and the structure […]


The people differ how much to its basic motivacional impulse, and the same individual can have different levels of motivation, that vary throughout the time, that is, it can to be more motivated at a moment and less in another occasion. The conclusion is that the motivation level varies between the people and in one […]

Development Grams

2008 2007Abril PalestrasAgo 2008Ago 2008 Execution of practical of horticulturOut the 2007 AtJan to 2008Mar 2008 AtAgo 2008 ComercializaoNov 2007 2008Maio AtJan 2008At Ago 2008 Day of CampoJulho2008 Elaboration of the Report of PesquisAgo 2008 Exposition in the MEPSet 2008 1.7Recursos – Human: 2 Professors, 09 pupils, 3 parents and 1 employee of the City […]

Public Politics

For the construction of this pointer we use given of the IBGE and Treasury department. Analysis: Through the analysis of this pointer we can observe that it had a significant reduction in the amount of people who had had access the PRONAF, when comparative with the number of inhabitants who live in the agricultural areas, […]

Family Agriculture

Number of loans of the Pronaf carried through in state X total Number of carried through loans of the Pronaf in the country In this pointer we compare the number of loans of the Pronaf carried through by state/region, and the total number of enterprise agricultural loans (understood as the addition of the resources destined […]