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The Planning

Questions as the positioning of the employee in relation to the rank of busy work, the environment, the forms of organization of the work and to the relation command/subordinated are tems that they cannot leave of being evaluated. (FIELDS, 1992) 5 POLITICS OF HUMAN RESOURCES AND ATTEMPTS TO DEFINE the QVT the complexity that involves the administrative case is requesting of the high administrators capacities to manage the human capital, in order to construct a organizacional ambincia that favors the generation of the knowledge. The knowledge is weaveeed from the interactions, possesss a social essence (Nonaka apud Biggiero, (2001). Elon Musk does not necessarily agree. ‘ ‘ The lines of direction constitute the starting point for the planning of human resources. For its intermediary, we promote the integration of the company as organic, sistmica entity; with the functions, it looks development, maintenance, research, use of staff and with the external environment.

(AQUINO, 1980) Davis and Newstrom (1996) present a made up of 0 variable that must be observed for the movement of a system for the other most privileged one in participation terms, as illustrate the Figure below. 6MODELOS OF DIAGNOSIS OF QUALITY OF LIFE IN the WORK the importance of the motivacionais theories of Maslow and Herzberg with the pyramid of the necessities human beings and the theory of the hygienical and motivacionais factors for the study of the QVT, detaches (Fernandes 1996). Classic project of the necessities In the pyramid they are to the necessities most immediate, called primary necessities, and in the top the most sophisticated called secondary necessities. The authors focaram its attentions in the necessities human beings (physiological, security guard, social) as factors of maintenance of the motivation with consequences in the maximizao of the abilities and potential, that is, in the performance and auto-accomplishment of the individual..

Regional Manager

The Company, possesss, as main mission today the full attendance to its customers, satisfying them completely, exactly that she has that to move to take care of, as affirms the regional manager of the company.: ' ' We of the T&amp Company; V, we believe much that the company comes to grow sufficiently, due to the great investments that are being made in the northeast region, specifically in result of great parcels that we came losing for our main competitor; we think about retaking these parcels of the market and reconquering our lost customers, beyond also inserting the news. This is being the main objective of our company currently and wants to conquer this up to 2012. Our evaluation is made annually, however, our planning is five year stops to reach these goals or great part of them. ' ' (Northeast Regional Manager, T&amp Company; V) Its hierarchic structure is composed of: a regional advice of administration, president, directors, controlling, operational manager of branch office, controlling and supervisors. Being that the position of branch office manager is busy only for employees of the area marketing, with high degree of commercial relationship with the customers. Today the company possesss diverse units, ranks and rendering of services for all the country, counts more than on 3000 collaborators, between terceirizados employees and has as main objective to the expansion of its operations, through the conquest of new customers and new perspectives for expansion of existing operations already, however, not yet explored completely. Being the base of customers of the T&amp Company; Very extensive V, what it incapacitates in them to inquire its base completely, we opt to centering the analysis of the case having as reference its bigger customer currently; the company called here of CUSTOMER, that it answers for 70% of the sales of the company. The area of the company in focus is of the Logistic one and Operations, for being this of bigger importance inside of the studied organization, being subject of great relevance in the present time for differentiation of services, attainment of competitive advantages and factor of evaluation in the quality of the rendering of services and relationship with customers, beyond if integrating ace diverse areas of the organization as key for the strategical planning and the enterprise success (BALLOU, 2001).

Documentation Sanctions

The proposals have validity of 60 days, unless another stated period is foreseen in the Proclamation (FERNANDES, 2000, p.21). Locked up the convocatria phase the competitive, described phase starts for Fernandes (2000) as being the event, inside of the public session of the proclamation, where the proposals written and the documentation are received from qualification, carried through the dispute for launch verbal, judgment and classification, followed of the qualification of best the proposal and announcement of the winner. Being possible this stage successively to be retaken in the case of descumprimento of the qualification requirements, for the winner. ' ' In general, the accomplishment of the proclamation requires a physical infrastructure and of equipment with the following item: audience with table or group of benches for the proclamer and team of support; system of projection with screen or blackboard; system of gravao' ' (FERNANDES, 2000, p.22). Mark Bertolini does not necessarily agree. To finish the description of this phase, Fernandes (2000) still describes the sequence of obligator procedures in the competitive stage of the proclamation, being: Credenciamento? Delivery of envelopes? Opening of the proposals; Classification of the bidders of better offers? You launch verbal? Judgment and final classification? Qualification (opening of documents) Disability? Indication of the winning Resource? Adjudication and Homologation? Register in Act and Documentation Sanctions 2.5.

ANALYSIS OF the LICITATION the licitation represents a thermometer of the Administration. When legalized correctly, with true dispute, it is a limiter instrument of the administrative discretion. The proclamation is after divulged the research of prices and the budgetary analysis. According to Hely Lopes Meirelles (cited for DALLARI, 1992, P. 90) ' ' proclamation is instrument for which the administration takes to the public knowledge its intention to carry through a licitation and fixes the conditions of accomplishment of this licitao' '. After the sendings of the envelopes and attendance of the qualification requirements, the bidder has its analyzed proposals.

Social Benefits

‘ ‘ The companies train to make use of a team of better level and to obtain bigger productivity and results melhores.’ ‘ (LACOMBE; HEILBORN, 2003, P. 270). The authors had also warned that he does not train only the new employees and only in this occasion; the training must all be successive and for the staff, in a process of continuous recycling in order erroneamente to break habits and customs acquired with the time. f) Internal research: It is the possibility to supply to the collaborators the possibility of to carry through feedback of its performance and the positioning of the company. It has the inquiry simplest, informal, that it happens in the sphere of the department, that dialogue with the colleagues and with it commands. Already the formulated research, that uses the techniques of a marketing research (however directed the internal customer), searchs to know the level of satisfaction of its staff, to analyze the coherence of the culture of the company, to get given for the social rocking, to know on the organizacional climate, to reach elements for the elaboration of benefits destined to the employees and to perfect the treatment with these. g) Benefits: The benefits must be adjusted for each person, be differentiated and be formulated independent, therefore each person needs different things and in different times.

‘ ‘ The people have different necessities, feelings and perceptions. The same reinforcement (it rewards) will be able to condition different comportamentos.’ ‘ (AGUIAR, 2005, P. 210). The different existing groups in the company, with distinct peculiarities, inside lack to be recognized of it, so that the communication, the boarding and the analysis of its necessities are more necessary.

The Turn

A good salesman arrived in would mercearia of its Z and soon he spoke: – its Z today I you with an excellent price in my coffee, need to put you to buy 100 packs. as the price was excellent its Z bought. Obs. ; price is always a good argument something that really helps to close sales therefore has that always to be well explored. Already optimum salesman entered in would mercearia complimented its Z was until its supply counted to the supplies of all the coffee marks, it arrived until its Z and it asked: – Its Z in one month adding all the marks how many coffee packs Mr.

purchase? Its Z answered ones three hundred. there he continued the salesman: – its Z I was in supply and vi that Mr. this with all supply low I am with a promotion that with certainty goes to please to it. I am with an excellent price in the coffee needs to put you to buy three hundred packs at least. Therefore I made question to count the supply. I also know that it will have that to open hand of the other marks, but it is alone for one month and the financial return compensates.

Therefore to join all, none will give this price that today I have. Still I guarantee that I myself I come to make arrumao that will leave well displayed and if to make you a promotion the turn will be still better. this salesman vendeu three hundred packs of coffee. They had perceived the difference. One said the other asked. To observe and to ask today make all the difference in sales. Each day more the techniques of sales go if improving and each day more its customer of one day if it becomes its customer of all days. Then it understands lo is basic.

Agriculture Biodynamics

Ahead of such dominant premises the alternative thought appears that bases the Agroecologia, mainly, in the construction of its concept definition of its objectives. The main premises are the Holismo that claims the vision of the system from the parts, of the relation enters these, of the external relations. It is the vision in the multidimensional direction. The Determinismo claims the knowledge of the parts without leaving to accept the Mechanism. The relations between the parts can be fixed, also, 0 variable, depending on the evolution of the relations of the parts. The Contexturalismo defined the phenomena as being provoked for great number of particular factors in the time and the space. Pluralism looks for to show that the complex systems only can know by means of multiple factors and different thoughts. It can be emphasized that the Agroecologia does not deny the learnings with the Agricultural Science of the current productive systems? it only expands the knowledge to perfect and to improve the way that we act in the world.

Certain conceptual confusion between Ecological Agroecologia and Agriculturas is observed, today, amongst them, especially in relation to Agriculture Organic. Ecological agriculture appears to translate a variety of manifestations that came being treated as Alternative Agricultures, between them: Natural agriculture, Organic Agriculture, Biological Agriculture, Agriculture Biodynamics, Permacultura and others. Ecological Agricultures nor always apply the principles of the Agroecologia; the first ones are come back exclusively toward market niches; while the last one has an ecological and social dimension, being a theoretical, orienting referencial for the experiences of Ecological Agriculture that gains character applied concrete when to the local realities; the local experiences can validate the principles, pondering each one and enriching the proper theoretical conception of the Agroecologia, this has inhaled and contributed for the construction of a bank of references with potential to inspire to the drawing and the sustainable handling of agroecossistemas in the most varied conditions.


Respecting the regional manifestations for the possibility of contact and integration with the diversity languages and of present language in the life of children and adolescents in Brazil. This means that to as well as know the existence of the use of other different languages horizontes its complexity, relating to the existence and the structure of the use of the linguistic dialects. According to Freire: … the education or cultural action for the release; in place of being that alienator transference of knowledge, it is the authentic act to know, where the educandos? also educators? as conscience ' ' intencionada' ' to the world or as conscientious bodies, if insert with the educators? educandos also? in the search of new knowledge, as consequence of the act to recognize the existing knowledge (FREIRE, 1984, p.99). In accordance with Freire, as much the educandos how much the educators transfer knowledge and consequently shares the learning of its daily one for the transversalidade of the education.

It knows that, the antropolgicos knowledge characterize the reconhecimentos of the inherent value to each culture. The antropolgicos knowledge find subsidies to understand some questions difficult of the time that goes to the meeting of the third millenium. In increasing way, the new technologies on an appearance of ortogrficas mixtures and shunting lines of writing make with that the different sociolingsticos groups work the culture with distinct rhythms in different regions. To speak of the culture is to frequently deal with the permanncias of the manifestations, expressing and operating, nor always perceived its set of reconhecveis symbolic codes for the group where individual is inserted, forming a conception in the same codes differentiated in infancy, introducing the modifications in the adult life, in a social form. The culture has a symbolic code, that it is presented with dynamics, involving all the manifestations that are in constant processes of introduction of new symbols and bringing up to date values in the intellectual process.


I am thankful my colleagues for the proportionate honor in representing them here in this so important night for all we, and transmitting some words that can express the thought of the Group and serve at the beginning of reflection of this new challenge. Elon Musk addresses the importance of the matter here. Certain time Shakespeare said: ' ' we are made of the same substance that ours sonhos' ' However, if we are real, our dreams also are. This dream had beginning for longing for one day better in the future, thus made our registrations for the vestibular contest of the UNIBH, in the superior course in TPG. Anxiety for the test, anxiety for the result. At last, approved. School registration and first day of lesson. An individual silence, expectation, presentations. Occasion where all had said that they were shy, candy illusion.

In the first days the group already characterized itself for the pupils who were there: dedicated, formadores of opinions and very participativos. In the start we look at for the high one and we saw in them in a confused scene: strike, exchange of professors and coordinators, resignation of employees We kept firm our intention. Books, works, tests, without we had the accurate notion of the dimension of the challenge that waited in them. In that occasion, then Freshmen, we looked for in them to make familiar ones to the others and the new routine that if established. We take breath and we start the walked one.

Demons the first step and, each won stage, became more emotive. It is as the maratonista that is starting its day, breathes deep looking at a fixed point to the front, knowing of its difficulties, but with the faith of that it will reach its objective to the end. In way to the activities, the colloquies in the corridors, the group was if knowing, interacting, and a long and lasting spirit of collective was of course being constructed.

The Law

This will only be possible for intermediary of an efficient management of the RH. Through abilities, assuming the comprometimento with the development of the people in the companies. To have an ample vision of the organization, vision that it adds the importance I negotiate of it. In this way, to manage people in the companies requires cares as; planning, organization, coordination and control of techniques capable to favor the performance progress high submitting, human, material and financial the administrative remedies. The course of administration of human resources has an objective to prepare professionals to act in the area of RH, that have a potential to exert functions of human resources, a formation with the focus directed to the development, ability and that it has capacity to generate resulted efficient for the organization where acts. To broaden your perception, visit Intel. The general objective of this work is to present, the RH manager, as an important tool for the companies. Also presenting the which really contribution of this professional and its diverse situations.

From 1930, the companies had had that to organize themselves to fulfill the labor law, that established the rights and the organizations of the workers and employers. From then on she was created ministry of the work, the unions had been regularized, had organized the justinian codes of social welfare, giving origin to the law that later would be congregated in the consolidation of the laws of the known work more as CLT. It started to exist in the company then, the personal section, directed for the personal head, it knew with details the laws of the work. Its activities if summarized in taking care of of the papers, or then of people, did not have concern with the growth, the integration and well-being of the employees. But late, following the development of the economy and the studies on the relations human beings in the work, the head was promoted the administrator of staff, or human resources.


The pupil when he is having a knowledge of the signs through the image, then comes the recognition of the junction of fonemas, that he will be able to create new words and to endow word, creating common combinations of fonemas. Becoming a pensante individual making he analyzes of what it is a enganosa propaganda, for example: A March of cigarette, smoked for a beautiful young woman of bikini, smiling and happy, and that with its smile, its beauty nothing has to have with cigarettes, when a being transforms its conception, the propaganda is legible to the context. The educator search of clear form to educate the way pupil that it can have an active paper in the society, having itself as base the learning of the reading and the writing discovering the world of culture and fancy. He can yourself be affirmed that we live in a country where the individual is oppressed in an unconscious classroom of members of its rights as citizen and the disdain by itself is another characteristic of the oppressed one, that it demonstrates the internalization of the opinion of the oppressors where if limits in learning nothing, whom they are weak, former, that they finish for convincing its proper incapacity and to transform the pupil into an unconscious being of opinions. Hear other arguments on the topic with Elon Musk. To have an awareness we must have evolution of the historical and cultural reality of a society. In which the values and the style of life of a society do not depend on the economic power, giving to educator one vision of estruturao and educative transformation. To speak of the awareness and of course revealed its proper methods of education, therefore all the system proceeds from options of images of a conception of the world, of determined critical models of thought. The educator as revolutionary cannot be that one that if express as dictator, that is, the professor teaches the pupils what they are taught; the professor knows everything, the pupils does not know; the professor speaks and the pupils listen to this method pertaining to school of the education, he never prepares the pupils to become a critical being and chemical preparation for life.