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Julio Cesar Rodriguez

Before considered a low commercial value fish, today its consumption, price and future prospects have increased significantly. Tilapia, a fish known as red parguito, is shaping up as a substitute for white meat and has the advantage that eats four times less than a cow or a pig, according to a report of the Zulia Panorama.El journal article stresses that Venezuela was leading producer in this sector in Latin America during the Decade of the 90s of the last century, and currently anticipates business projects in conjunction with foreign specialists to revive the sector.By its white flesh, little thorns, rich in proteins, and low odor to fish, tilapia is considered the future chicken, highlights the source. Eugenio Garcia, representative of Aquacria, pioneer in the cultivation of Tilapia in this country, reported that the activity is restarting with the latest in technology adapted to the national conditions, is considered its production can ensure good benefits, give possibility to use of labor, helping the regions where this fish occurs in providing favourable economic inputs. Aquacracia focuses on FRY production and technical advice. Currently, there are several farms distributed in the States of Tachira, Merida, Falcon, Anzoategui and Carabobo is added, that exist only in Falcon four hectares of artificial pools, but the local potential is 26 hectares.Tilapia demand is growing in Venezuela, this country has a great potential for this category, which has the advantage of being fattened up in brackish water, said the expert.According to FAO, the tilapia is the second most important group of fish in the world aquaculture after the Chinese tents, with an annual production exceeding two million tonnes. User reviews (e) report of the breeding Director, Prof. Julio Cesar Rodriguez reported that tilapia was introduced for the first time in Venezuela in the year 1959, from Trinidad, and then it was planted in bodies of artificial and natural waters from different regions of the country. .


The current trend of workplaces is to have open spaces, flexible, able to adapt to the demands of the job, and that promote communication and productivity of employees. Gone are compartmentalized, hierarchical, and closed spaces to make way for open-plan offices where functionality is the key. In order to respond to these new requirements of the current Office, Ofiprix, manufacturer and distributor of office furniture, has launched the market Modus, a modular system of storage and compartmentalization, 100% customizable and made on the basis of a system of environmental management. Modus is a furniture operating devised for storage and the partitioning program. Thanks to Modus you can create different spaces in the Office depending on the needs.

Thus, the new furniture created by Ofiprix program allows compositions straight, curved or even in the form of L. In this way, is the furniture which adapts to the space and the requirements of the job that will be develop in him. It is of a fully flexible furniture in keeping with the new requirements of open, adaptable and functional spaces. For example, the Office space without the need to use screens or walls may be divided with Modus. Similarly, tables can be attached to shelves to achieve that the user has everything at your hand. Modus also features of a service module for disabled persons to a standard table height 73 cm. As it happens with all products of Ofiprix, Modus is carried out, designed and produced under the highest quality standards, using materials, methods and environmentally friendly production processes environment-friendly.

Ofiprix has the system of environmental management ISO 14001: 2004 certified by AENOR. Thus, the entire production process is controlled through indicators that regulate all processes. About Ofiprix Ofiprix it has more than 20 years of experience in the design, manufacture and sale of office furniture. Since its beginnings in 1990, its maximum has been offer your customers a quality product at the best possible price. Quality, design and affordable prices, they are the advantages that Ofiprix offers to its catalog of more than 700 pages. With headquarters in Barcelona, Ofiprix has more than 20 stores located in different autonomous communities.

Director Sales

Madrid, 05 / 11 / 09. For years the owner of the Pharmacy has been asked the reasons for which no more customers come to your pharmacy and has made all kinds of cabals to increase the number of them as well as their income. According to MediformPlus, the consultancy specializing in strategic management of pharmacies, the doubts and the headaches of Apothecaries thereon can be finished without resorting to aspirin. How?. Applying up/cross selling techniques. Or what is the same, using the tools as they define Reinartz and Kumar are able to achieve additional sales of the same product as a consequence of the increase of the frequency of shopping, and intensity in long-lasting relationships. Something that causes a level of higher per transaction purchase or more transactions per period, i.e., positive effects on the quantity.

And as added Graciela Sanchez, Director of the Aula de Formacion de MediformPlus, is easier to sell a product or service to who already know a stranger, what therefore pursues the up/cross selling is to maximize the value of a relationship already existing vendedor-cliente. What MediformPlus proposed is to take advantage of a tool that known effective. Thanks to techniques of purchase propensity and the focus on increasing the linking of existing customers and not in attracting new clients achieves results. And the way to do it is through the analysis of these purchases. If we look on our customer cards linked to sales that have been made to it, we can note that our customers do not buy many products of primary necessity such as: shampoo, bath gel, toothpaste, toothbrush, body Moisturiser, etc this is probably due to that we carry out a cross-selling when the customer asks us to the main product. Optimize the purchases at the pharmacy for 100% of sales 20% are by cross-selling (cross selling), the question is how many up selling occur?.

Work Clothing

The habit does not make the monk probably this phrase you’ve heard it up to fatigue. The truth is, however, that in matters relating to how to go dress to work its meaning has no validity, because in the Office, the habit Yes makes the monk! Everything in life has its place and proper time; and if matters of attire appropriate to go to work is concerned, must be taken into account that our workplace is not precisely a catwalk. So it always must dress conservatively, and make our clothing as part of our personality and position at work. Many companies have established dress codes to avoid allegations of discrimination and rejection, just because I seen a little provocative. But is that actually, if we have a job in an Office, such as lawyers or a government agency, it is not appropriate wear necklines or miniskirts, so have sculptural bodies.It is important to bear in mind that us was not hired to look us, but for perform a task in a professional and efficient manner. It is very likely that you’re not perhaps agree, but it is not a simple opinion but the result of my experience working with the public. I can assure that a manner of dress provocative, as well as being unprofessional is a green light for some people cross that invisible line of respect.

How would you feel if arriving at a Government Office, you find that everybody goes for the free dress to as it pleases and, as if it were little?in a way where it can be shown the anatomy of the employee or the employee? As a first impression, you would think that it is in the wrong place, since more than look like a serious Office seems that nobody has the slightest idea that it is a Government entity and that, just as there are regulations regarding how to operate also, there should be a regulation on how to dress. The key is to dress according to the age, the time of the year, and no less important, to the type of work we are going to perform!This is why that many companies have removed the famous casual Friday, where the companies allowed a more relaxed dress day Friday as the rest of the week. And it is that some people confused the casual attire with a garment that the employee allowed her to display her charms.At the time of applying for a job and go to a job interview, remember that a second chance there is to make a first good impression. Human beings are thus almost instantly, train us an idea of the person we know depending on how projected his image, which is nothing more than his way of dressing.Dressing professionally is a wise decision, and will also make you feel safe and play you in a relaxed way.