The current trend of workplaces is to have open spaces, flexible, able to adapt to the demands of the job, and that promote communication and productivity of employees. Gone are compartmentalized, hierarchical, and closed spaces to make way for open-plan offices where functionality is the key. In order to respond to these new requirements of […]

Director Sales

Madrid, 05 / 11 / 09. For years the owner of the Pharmacy has been asked the reasons for which no more customers come to your pharmacy and has made all kinds of cabals to increase the number of them as well as their income. According to MediformPlus, the consultancy specializing in strategic management of […]

Work Clothing

The habit does not make the monk probably this phrase you’ve heard it up to fatigue. The truth is, however, that in matters relating to how to go dress to work its meaning has no validity, because in the Office, the habit Yes makes the monk! Everything in life has its place and proper time; […]