The Balearics have decided to externalizar the management of their ports. The reason is economic, which means level that it is wanted to collect more than is collected. Then, in Ciutadella they have had an idea that can be interesting and one of the few tables of salvation to which it is possible to be […]

Warehouse Ponce Towers

The family Ponce can show with pride not only one releases tradition of outstanding generations in the national grape and wine growing, but even an important protagonism, from the province of Mendoza, in the same consolidation of Argentina. Thus already in 1845, Jose Ponce, military man and Argentine journalist, – soon of to have fought […]

National Consell

The force of Catalonia in Madrid CiU will center its campaign in the equidistance between PP and PSOE and having used another one of its arguments appellants: that it is the unique party that has sufficient force to dnder the interests of Catalonia in Madrid: " The popular ones want to present/display to CiU like […]

Civil Guard

Possibly, and on the eve of the next electoral campaigns for the policemen and the autonomic ones of Sunday 22 of May of the present year, the politicians of turn-Government and Opposition, will begin to say to pious lies and truths by halves, that will not be believed nor they themselves to them and, which […]

Organic Law Assistance

It consists in this law, in its article 88, that the City councils will consist of one of the deliberative instances and controllers of the actions directed the politics of attendance of the child and the adolescent. This new order contrasts with a past not very distant, in which, the politics of social assistance, during […]