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Zeno And Enzo

Port of Mileto, Greece, century III B.C. Seated in a next wall to the port, Enzo observed the sea and the wharf. To the side of it, absorbed, Zeno looked the city. In the wharf they were two ships. The boats with two rows of we remos and a candle, that was only used with favorable wind, covered up to one hundred kilometers per day.

The trips were made bordering the coast, or following the route of the stars. Of one of the boats the sailors disembarked fabric packs of hemp, wool and products of ceramics. Of the other, wood, ivory, penalty of ostrich and hemp coils. In front of the port it was the square of the market with its store, tents of I deal and a profusion of outsiders come of all the parts, joining it sheep, goats and horses, while the traders offered its merchandises. Enzo touched the brother with the elbow. – It looks at, is arriving another ship! The boat remos collected them and was come close to the wharf. – We go. Zeno said and the two brothers had gone down for the staircase for the square.

To prevent the multitude, they had skirted the temple and they had gone down another one launches of stairs for the port. Wharves had been close to the entrance it, waiting the ship to lean it the pier. When the boat was moored and the extended plate, some men had gone down. Zeno called the foreman the port. – Vocs again! Exclamou the man. – Sir, helps us. We want to come back toward house! Zeno said, with a sad expression. – And what vocs they want that I make, after all? – That ship goes for the Crsica? Enzo asked. – Not yet I know. But, vocs has money to pay the ticket? If it does not have, will not be able to embark.


THOUGHT OF the DAY OF the POET (09/11/2010) Ol, prezados friends, has all an excellent tuesday, repleta of victories. The reflection of this day is gorgeous and speaks on WORK. With vocs certainty they will like and absorb its content. The FORMIGUINHA AND the BUZZER Age a time, one formiguinha and a buzzer many friends. During all the autumn, formiguinha worked without stopping, storing food for the period of winter. It did not use to advantage nothing of the sun, the soft breeze of the end of the afternoon and nor the chat with the friends to the end of the work taking a cooling one frozen or similar thing. Its name was ' ' Trabalho' ' , and its last name was ' ' Sempre' '.

Meanwhile, the buzzer alone wanted to know to sing in the wheels of friends and the bars of the city; it did not waste nor one minute if it wants. It sang all during the autumn, it danced, it used to advantage the sun, it tanned pra to be valid without if worrying about the winter that was for coming. Then, passed some days, it started to cool. It was the winter that was starting. Formiguinha, exausta of in such a way working, entered for its singela and aconchegante touch, repleta of food.

But somebody called for its name, of the side of is of the burrow. When it opened the door to see who age, was surprise with what it saw. Its friend buzzer was inside of a yellow Ferrari with aconchegante vison coat. the buzzer said for formiguinha: – Ol, friend, I go to pass the winter in Paris. – It will be that you could take care of of my burrow? – And formiguinha answered: – Clearly, without problems! – But what it happened to it? – How you obtained money to go to Paris and to buy this Ferrari? the buzzer answered: You imagine who I was singing in a bar last week and a producer liked my voice.

Peter Borges

Bizerril that little collaborated for the progress of the state, and that instead of making assistencialistas workmanships for the people, it preferred to keep the money for the accumulation in the public coffers. Really Acioly ' ' the good was not arrested materiais' ' , he is as much that it all finished with imprest fund been it in proper benefit. To illustrate well this balbrdia of Acioli governor, we will cite a small stretch of the book: The purchase of materiaes for bridges, made in the foreigner was an embezzlement. The press if wide occupou of this scandal, being proven for certificates of the Customs and Secretariat of the Farm, published for the Colonel Agapito Jorge Dos Santos, whom materiaes for six bridges ninety stories of kings had cost little more than and of the public coffers they sahiram for the payment of these about eight hundred stories of kings. ly known. The balance left in the safes for Mr. Bizerril had to disappear, in workmanships of servitude does not publish, but in esbanjamentos. (TEFILO, Rodolfo, 1914, P. 7).

After that we have the administration of Peter Borges, who if almost came across with the box without money some. According to Mr. Acioli, would have left a balance of more than a thousand stories of kings, being that the available amount was well inferior to the cited value. Peter Borges had that to manage with the government in pssimas conditions, therefore the money that had badly gave to pay the hanging accounts. Peter Borges in ownership of the documents that proved the dishonesty of Acioli Walnut, respective the purchase of superinvoiced materials that they would be expenses to make bridges, almost broke up itself of the party of Acioli. In virtue of one he talks between the two, Peter Borges longing for future favors does not breach with Acioli and delivers cited documents to it.

Satire Problems

PROBLEMS IN HOUSE I am with problems in the house where I coexist the 15 years, modernity affected the mind of ‘ ‘ chefes’ ‘. Old the norms of the house were dealt with respect and in the scratch, a floor is and the consequences were in agreement as it conducts the statute. Certain made an inhabitant of this house he infringed the norms, the heads as it was tradition he applied the Law, he was divulged to all the inhabitants the occurrence in the minimum details, this inhabitant was months without exerting its benefits and obligations in the house. This is one of the examples of what in the house it happened if made something, for each executed act the responsible one had that to ahead give to accounts of all the inhabitants of the house. Today it is different, the world changed the rules had changed the necessity of inhabitants who had social statuses to give more ‘ ‘ moral’ ‘ for house it is greater that the rules that one day were useful for that home. Today it has a demand of inhabitants who have money so that if he keeps the house in foot.

Some of the house had inside perceived that the heads are not following the norms in the house, the problem were not they to have open eyes, the problem is that the heads had perceived this attitude. When the heads perceive that some inhabitants are not in accordance with its vision start a rejection process until the inhabitant if removes and looks another house to live. Generally the heads are strong, them make of the mentally ill inhabitants, its truths are irreversible. The statute of the house that already exists the two a thousand years more than does not have as much power. We are regredindo, the necessary house of reform ‘ ‘ moral’ ‘ the heads are being wild, the interest for the social status exceed the norms of the statute.

In the house he is functioning of the following form: if you have money, then she will sleep in the rooms located in as to walk with air-conditional and TV the handle, in case that I oppose, if you are only one humble inhabitant without financial conditions, its place you are labor detail or laundry, you does not have right to one aconchego and yes to work for that it has fame, its opinion not valley, you does not have right to say nothing and when it speaks he is sultry for the heads. They had corrupted my house, which will be the future of my house. In micha house said justice, honesty and fraternity. Today it has lies, interests and corruption. God!