Zeno And Enzo

Port of Mileto, Greece, century III B.C. Seated in a next wall to the port, Enzo observed the sea and the wharf. To the side of it, absorbed, Zeno looked the city. In the wharf they were two ships. The boats with two rows of we remos and a candle, that was only used with favorable wind, covered up to one hundred kilometers per day.

The trips were made bordering the coast, or following the route of the stars. Of one of the boats the sailors disembarked fabric packs of hemp, wool and products of ceramics. Of the other, wood, ivory, penalty of ostrich and hemp coils. In front of the port it was the square of the market with its store, tents of I deal and a profusion of outsiders come of all the parts, joining it sheep, goats and horses, while the traders offered its merchandises. Enzo touched the brother with the elbow. – It looks at, is arriving another ship! The boat remos collected them and was come close to the wharf. – We go. Zeno said and the two brothers had gone down for the staircase for the square.

To prevent the multitude, they had skirted the temple and they had gone down another one launches of stairs for the port. Wharves had been close to the entrance it, waiting the ship to lean it the pier. When the boat was moored and the extended plate, some men had gone down. Zeno called the foreman the port. – Vocs again! Exclamou the man. – Sir, helps us. We want to come back toward house! Zeno said, with a sad expression. – And what vocs they want that I make, after all? – That ship goes for the Crsica? Enzo asked. – Not yet I know. But, vocs has money to pay the ticket? If it does not have, will not be able to embark.