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Mika Hidaka

And not even show the place. “No problem” I said, the only thing that I liked than did not teach me anything the place is that when I went to visit you, you told me to leave. I regret to say this, but tomorrow will try to speak with the principal to change my room. And excuse if this sounds harsh, but that’s the truth. “I hate to give that impression. “Do not worry.

Hidaka Mika taught me of the place in your absence. – Who?! She! I can not be! He exclaimed really do not know anything from anybody. Sorry, I should tell you ahead of time. “Well, I’m not surprised because she did not say anything to us Yaboshi and me. – It’s true! Yaboshi-san was with you! Wow! – What is bothering you so much? You gave him the keys and made a sign.

Do not you remember? -No. Is that someone hit me and so I head to the infirmary where he was Mika Hidaka-san, who then left and returned in half or an hour. Then came you, now I remember, and you Yaboshi-san, Akio-san. “I guess it was. But no matter, tomorrow I will talk with the director. “Please, Akio-san, do not understand what is happening. I’ll explain, you see. Give me a single day on Monday and see. But then I also talk to the director. Just do me this favor. “Okay, I think waiting is nothing wrong. I think so. Do not worry. But you can tell what happened. “He walked through the halls, but someone hit me in the head. And when I got to see was in the nursing room. “But you know who? “I know, but I really do not want to blame. “Then you know and do not want to blame. That’s not very wise. You should talk to the director. Then talk about that. Now I just take a shower. I ate at the same nursing. But Do you eat? “Yes, I gave two Yaboshi Biscuits. They are pretty good. I was full. So do not worry about anything. And aside in the refrigerator there soda and water. I have no hunger. “Thank goodness. Tomorrow I’ll teach you what’s for dinner. And our Sushi restaurants. – Sushi? But I hate sushi. – What?! That’s impossible. You’ll see how you like it. “I’m going to take a shower. “Good evening. I’m going to rest. I lay in bed, so sweet and comforting. Expected to speak by phone with my parents. But they could not, really do not know. Sure call me tomorrow. I hope so. I miss them a lot. Also my house. And I can not believe what I say: “I miss my sister too.” It was a day very busy, I do not know if tomorrow will be just as intense as this one today. That’s what I hope not. And I was thinking how mysterious are the people of the Japanese race, although they are kind, strange and hateful, they have something I’ve never seen in others. _____________________________________________________________________ IN THE NEXT CHAPTER OF UNITED Nihongo …. Akio finally realizes who is Mika-san .

Youth Generation

Such events, in special way, much if they relate with the way to live and to think of the youth of our days. I being a young of 21 years, that acts in youthful groups since the 10 years of age, have in part, certain knowledge regarding this generation. This convivncia allowed a more easy access me to this area of study, that sociological says respect to the sociology of youth. Being also in period of training in the schools, I had greater access to these young, thus being able, to live deeply more than close its realities. Considering such reality, the present research searched to deepen the subject of Generation Z, as well as what it involves its culture, its relation with the technology and its importance in the current society.

Our work is about a research and will be structuralized in three parts. In part I I intend to explain in a way sucinta concepts: what it is Generation, what is Youth and what is Generation Z. In part II has for objective to comment a little on what they are the tribes, and to relate them with music and the technology. in part III, to explain a little on globalization the media and the consumption, in what this influences in the current young and what this also influences in the religion. Thus, we will demonstrate the relevancy of the study of the subject of Generation Z for the sociological reflection, in way that we will search to undertake an effort in the direction of one better understanding of youth contemporary. The 1 INFLUENCE OF the NEW TECHNOLOGIES ON the BEHAVIOR OF CURRENT YOUTH Soon Information on Generation Z the call Generation Z (Z of Zapping) is a new generation, having appeared later to Generation Y. It is characterized by people who had been born from middle of the decade of 1990.

Youth Adolescent

The program also has for objective assists it the family in the search of adequate services that can supply its necessities and of the adolescent; the attainment of a psicossocial diagnosis of the family, in the direction to facilitate the understanding of the adolescent in attendance; to propitiate to responsible a consequence on the particular and singular questions. The half-freedom is the fifth measure foreseen in article 120 of the ECA, is about a coercitive measure, therefore it moves away the adolescent from the familiar and communitarian conviviality, however, without restringiz it total of its right to go and to come. In the definition of Liberati, apud Oliveira (2003) defines that: … for semifreedom, as regimen and politics of attendance, understands that measure partner-educative destines it adolescent infractors that work and study during the day and the night a specialized entity is collected it. The internment elencada in article 121 of the Statute of the Child and the Adolescent is had finishes it of the partner-educative measures, ' ' it constitutes privative measure of freedom, it subjects to the principles of brevity, excepcionalidade and respect the peculiar condition of people in desenvolvimento' '. Tavares (1999) presents that: She is most severe of the established partner-educative measures in the Statute.

It deprives the adolescent of its physical freedom? right to go and to come? the will … the adolescent will be able to work and to study outside of the establishment where it is collected, if not to offer to danger the public security or its proper incolumidade, as multicriteria evaluation of the team interprofissional that assessor the Justice of Infancy and Youth. On the basis of this context, when the subject is the ressocializao of the adolescent in conflict with the law, Barroso Son (2001) guides that he is ' ' important that let us have conscience of that, to treat and to recoup the adolescent infractor it implies, necessarily, in treating and recouping the family of this young, so that let us can rescue it as useful element sociedade' '.

Rehabilitation Youth Centre RSCU

Not far from Moscow is paradise, famous for environmental cleanliness, scenic beauty, pristine lakes and mineral springs. This Ruza district, where the Education and Rehabilitation Youth Centre RSCU "Almaz". In summer there are practices of our students, counselors work, conducting classes in various circles, and organize cultural events. Employees of our editorial staff visited the camp on the eve of completion the last change. To live with an open mind this summer, "Almaz" received nearly 1,000 children aged 7 to 15 years. Most of the guys – from large and poor families. For the rest of all the conditions. Pupils living in the comfortable two-storey buildings, eat in the spacious dining room, play sports on a specially equipped areas.

In addition, participating in cultural events that take place in well-equipped auditorium. – I really like to be a pioneer leader, decided to stay until the end of August – said Catherine Chugunova, 4th year student of social work faculty, teaching and Juvenology, the future social educator. – I love children, I can with them get along, but had no idea that this work could be so interesting. To achieve good results, you need to go to the children with an open heart, to give them love, dream holiday. – It's great that this year we came in "Almaz". Worked with children, put into practice knowledge in social pedagogy, psychology and other disciplines – has joined our conversation 3 rd year student majoring "Social Pedagogy" Constantine Podenok. – Leader must be a responsible person, it is important to be able to gain respect for the guys. Work in a children's camp can not be called simple, but it brings a great moral satisfaction. Catherine Chugunova, Constantine and Podenok Gennady Kozlov, who defected to the 3 year degree, "Social pedagogy" were marked by the leadership of the camp as the best counselors.

Speculation On Falling Prices: A La Baisse

Trading on the stock exchange investors basically two different trading strategies on the stock exchange take: the a la bear market and a bull of la market. The Exchange Portal informs the strategy dedicated to the falling prices. Who speculated on the stock market on falling prices that followed the a la bear market strategy. Markets, with over a long period of falling prices are in the industry as bear markets to german: bear markets referred to. The a la bear market strategy offers investors different ways, to become active in the falling market. So, the short sale can be made in addition to the purchase of a put option and the sale of a call option. Here, goods, currencies or other securities are sold, which the seller at the time of the sale, if necessary, does not have. “” Blankoverkauf “or short sale” are other terms for this procedure.

This type of sale is possible as both spot and futures. According to the economic lexicon by the seller delivers when the Cash transaction within the normal market period of two to three working days the requested value. This is possible, for example through a securities lending or a repurchase securities. Also the short seller must buy later back the selling value. In the derivatives business, however, must value the traded later at a fixed time, delivered. The seller is located in a short position, where he can choose whether he buys the traded value and finally returns to the buyer at the specified time, or whether he smooth this period before is the short sale. More information: ../a-la-baisse/5 Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

Cash Flow

Our subjective values worlds are responsible! The balance sheet is a statement of origin and of the capital of an economic subject mostly below explains how to use based on a company. The balance sheet is a concise comparison of assets (assets) and liabilities (liabilities) in accounts are affected by. The terms assets (assets side, assets) and liabilities (liabilities, liabilities) are widely accepted. Their definition and approach will vary depending on the country, industry and purpose: can the balance sheet pages at a static commercial or rewrite the tax accounts with balances and debt. The terms of use of the funds (investing) or sources of funds (financing) are typical terms for describing the dynamic cash flows for movement balances in the cash flow statement. The cash flow (Cash Flow) takes place between the various active and passive accounts.

Source:, extract example: bees. About 180 different substances contained in honey. The chemical industry (Santos?) is now genetically modified plant seeds. In the in direct wide bee-related diseases the entire peoples of the bees off (200 in the EK = 1 people) kill. A (cybernetic) business replaced, if at all, will know for insurance companies to prevent the this 200 compliant legal twists? in the result we lack not only the honey for our healthy diets, etc. Who will pollinate the blossoms of the fruit trees in the future? And where does our fruit then? Conscience – and unscrupulous global network at profit/non-profit fertilize themselves-oriented politicians, bankers, speculators, lawyers and insurers that just our world currencies and-Wirtschaften the music, already today only with each other? Question: 1 bees people costs 200 at a beekeeper. How much a bees people is the mechanistic cyberneticist need to substitute billion bees machines, as a bee replacement, because it no natural bees (value estimate > getting value) more. And where does the fruit? And how do the flowers? Who dusted it all? A jar of honey costs 2.50 today about. Considerations for natural features (excerpt): the losses through process quality gradations are not accounted for.