Mika Hidaka

And not even show the place. “No problem” I said, the only thing that I liked than did not teach me anything the place is that when I went to visit you, you told me to leave. I regret to say this, but tomorrow will try to speak with the principal to change my room. […]

Youth Generation

Such events, in special way, much if they relate with the way to live and to think of the youth of our days. I being a young of 21 years, that acts in youthful groups since the 10 years of age, have in part, certain knowledge regarding this generation. This convivncia allowed a more easy […]

Youth Adolescent

The program also has for objective assists it the family in the search of adequate services that can supply its necessities and of the adolescent; the attainment of a psicossocial diagnosis of the family, in the direction to facilitate the understanding of the adolescent in attendance; to propitiate to responsible a consequence on the particular […]

Cash Flow

Our subjective values worlds are responsible! The balance sheet is a statement of origin and of the capital of an economic subject mostly below explains how to use based on a company. The balance sheet is a concise comparison of assets (assets) and liabilities (liabilities) in accounts are affected by. The terms assets (assets side, […]