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Managed Accounts

Investments are trust managed accounts in the Middle instead of outside. That was so practiced currency already in which in the middle ages, and nothing has changed even in times of stock market trading today. It’s about confidence in the reliability of the provider, in the ability of the management to detect a range of market situations and to respond with the right measures. The actual trading takes place in the most investments but nowadays under lock and key”. Information about buying and selling decisions only in a few situations reach the investor itself.

Target positions are communicated once a month via Factsheet and often show this document’s current portfolio is already very different. Presentations, brochures, brochures as websites also have a shortcoming: they reflect only the image of the product, which is conducive to the image of the party. What is missing is the unadulterated look into the portfolio. Only this allows it the investor a To develop feeling”for the true potential and also the risks of an investment. The .com bubble, the US real estate crisis, which investors today much more informed about the exact composition of its portfolio fund scandals Bernhard Madoff and Helmut Kiener, who cause problems of open real estate funds and also the ongoing debt crisis to be. Both mutual funds and life insurance policies is not nearly met this legitimate desire for information.

The look in the portfolio reflects only a snapshot. Exceptions are made only for large institutional investors, which have detailed information on the allocation in the form of regular reports and maintain intensive contact to the managers of their target investments. Who really wants to understand on which investment he engages, it passes: he must experience trade live. Even if the management provides no verbal justification for the individual investment decisions, this possibility is till date only Managed accounts given in a single form of investment.


Disillusionment has now returned among investors managed accounts – tools against the crisis after the top quarter 2012/1. Check with vikas kapoor to learn more. The stock gains of the first quarter are gone and the Drowdown of last month has shaken again the nerves of investors. In particular, because the losses were unexpectedly fast pace. In a slight twinge of panic investors to look now for alternatives to the highly volatile financial markets. And thus also managed accounts draw the interest of investors increasingly. w. In fact we are headed into currently deeper into the quagmire of debt crisis and after the alternatives running out in terms of the classic investments the investors.

Investors can look to currently to 360 in the system landscape and see away crumble almost all published until recently still lucrative opportunities of classical assets. The stock market can not escape this influence. While equity investments are by far not the big problem. You certainly still include through the best solutions for the

Speculation On Falling Prices: A La Baisse

Trading on the stock exchange investors basically two different trading strategies on the stock exchange take: the a la bear market and a bull of la market. The Exchange Portal boersennews.de informs the strategy dedicated to the falling prices. Who speculated on the stock market on falling prices that followed the a la bear market strategy. Markets, with over a long period of falling prices are in the industry as bear markets to german: bear markets referred to. The a la bear market strategy offers investors different ways, to become active in the falling market. So, the short sale can be made in addition to the purchase of a put option and the sale of a call option. Here, goods, currencies or other securities are sold, which the seller at the time of the sale, if necessary, does not have. “” Blankoverkauf “or short sale” are other terms for this procedure.

This type of sale is possible as both spot and futures. According to the economic lexicon by boersennews.de the seller delivers when the Cash transaction within the normal market period of two to three working days the requested value. This is possible, for example through a securities lending or a repurchase securities. Also the short seller must buy later back the selling value. In the derivatives business, however, must value the traded later at a fixed time, delivered. The seller is located in a short position, where he can choose whether he buys the traded value and finally returns to the buyer at the specified time, or whether he smooth this period before is the short sale. More information: ../a-la-baisse/5 Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

Ulf Niklas

With this realization is growing also a healthy critical perspective on past and future investment recommendations. It shows that a conflict of interest can exist within the Commission model between the investment objective of the customers and earning power of the consultant many customers.” Not rarely come in this context also to the fore, that deals with special time haste or lack of understanding about any cost issues have been made. Quality was just their price, so often the statement. With such content isolated arguments of the customer in its own interests should not settle. The honorary advice show that quality and cost-efficiency very probably successfully can play together. Our daily experience in the customer business proves that so selflessly appearance required by almost all market participants cost transparency this is by no means sufficient: the customer accepts that his already legally enshrined Information rights generally still not true”Ulf Niklas performs.

Lacking the customers in the vast majority of all counselling cases on sufficient self-confidence, actually critical to scrutinize their financial investments and Insurance Advisor. Stephanie Niklas explains: the solution for these unhappy the situation is simple: Finally we need the legal profession for the honorary consultant in the industrial code. “First and only through this actual competition between commissions and honorary consultant is possible at all.” The customer could then decide which consulting model offer the advantages of significant for him. “One works according to our experience but definitely not: A consultant may offer both counseling models in a natural or legal person – then is not a competition.” Ulf Niklas added. Revenues per customer are often far higher in the Commission model. At a choice of the consultant equipment necessarily again in possible conflicts of interest between best customer target and our own opportunity to make money. You follow with particular criticism for this reason so-called mixed models ‘.