Your Car

Sometimes there are situations when money is urgently needed, and soon many of them. You can try to get a bank loan, but the procedure for obtaining a sufficiently complicated, and need a lot of inquiries for large loans. Another option – sell a car. But if you sell the car yourself, it will take […]

Car Auctions In Japan

Most of the cars, machinery and other vehicles in Japan are sold through specialized auto auctions. Auto auctions in Japan guarantee and provide customers with complete and accurate information about technical condition of cars: mileage, damage, etc.. What kind of car you buy at auction?: – Not stolen – guaranteed not broken – do not […]


8. Depending on the nature swing. If the forklift manufactures korotkoplechevuyu transport long goods (boards, logs, rails, etc.) and on the route of obstacles, allowed the rise of cargo to the desired height and short-term movement of the forklift with a raised load at low speed with a fully tilted back frame truck, after which […]

Nokian Tyres

Must run in at a speed of 60-70 km / h. When driving on studded avtorezine slightly increases fuel consumption and vehicle become noisy. Studded or not in Russia tires also are popular, but due to lack of conditions for their use in their cities are less likely to. But as you know: Major cities […]