PETs Manager

The techniques of collection of data had been comment of the place (infrastructure) and cultural factors of the freqentadores in relation the questions related to the environment the implementation of this project were carried through in diverse stages, which had been carried through gradually, similar of that the objectives were reached in its fullness, this […]


Wanting to get started in the world of internet business, it is imperative that you define to where to start. As well as in traditional businesses, there are no to reinvent the thread black, hence that your choice is which will mark your strategy and on this occasion I show you the route that will […]

Mexico Cityflowers

According to documents, the origin of the cult by the death dates from the Prehispanic era, where different indigenous groups made offerings and worshipped death or to the underworld; with the passing of the years and the blending of cultures, elements of Brazilian and based on Catholic doctrines, were taken to give rise to what […]


Delete subjects which are not adapted to the reality of the present and give way to new knowledge that modern administrative science demands, as well as identify with the demands of the knowledge society; interpret, act according to the new technological innovations, especially considering the scope, implications of new electronics technology, adopt new methods of […]

Office Projects

With the beginning of January, Alvarez Puga y Asociados emerged new projects, new horizons of opportunities, and of course, all framed by the professionalism that characterizes our team. But hey, the intention of this article is to begin to glimpse how has passed this month? So far, we say with pride, we have seen corporate […]