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PETs Manager

The techniques of collection of data had been comment of the place (infrastructure) and cultural factors of the freqentadores in relation the questions related to the environment the implementation of this project were carried through in diverse stages, which had been carried through gradually, similar of that the objectives were reached in its fullness, this gradual process provided to greater easiness of acceptance on the part of all the involved ones, also of those more resistant mannering changes. The number of stages, as well as the sequences of priorities had been established in agreement necessity and interest of the orienting and implementador ambient manager of this project. All the involved ones first had been observed by the ambient manager and those that had together demonstrated practical knowledge and of subjects related to the environment with leader characteristic, had been called to be ' ' supervisores' ' of the project and to help mainly in the motivation of all for the accomplishment of the project and in the collection of the necessary materials for the confection of pufes. All the comment process was carried through of open and without no type of secrecy and opened form for possible suggestions. All the comments and suggestions duly had been analyzed, and in cases of notoriety of its relevance to the objectives of this project they had been used. Some of the stages initially suggested of the project had been: Elaboration of educative material and of the brochures of spreading of the project; Spreading of the date of beginning of the project through brochures to be distributed in the school, of form to attract the biggest number of people; Beginning of the collection of PETs bottles, adhesive ribbons, fabrics, necessary to the confection of pufes, that they had been carried through by the interested parties in also participating of the project and by the ambient manager; Up to 10 days before the beginning project, the necessary material for the elaboration of first pufes was gotten all; In the date of inauguration of the project, the educative material was distributed all; the concepts of &#039 had been explained; ' 4 R? s' ' , emphasizing the benefits to the environment and the health and hygiene human being, and finally it started to also explain the project of elaboration of pufes from the reutilizao of PETs bottles, relating the benefits of the project to the environment and in the generation of income for the school or even though families; One observed the potentials ' ' supervisores' ' that they had assisted the ambient manager in the development of the project and invited to participate them it; finally, after the ending of the implantation of the project, had the accompaniment so that the developed and implanted project, did not paresse in the school.


Wanting to get started in the world of internet business, it is imperative that you define to where to start. As well as in traditional businesses, there are no to reinvent the thread black, hence that your choice is which will mark your strategy and on this occasion I show you the route that will shorten your learning curve to start your business on the internet. First I want to make clear that during your election process you will find very tempting business opportunities where the main promise is that you will earn a lot of money without working, without investing money and in very little time. Just please consider whether this type of promises sound logical. Even though investments on the internet may become even ridiculous in some cases, they are still an investment.

Yet when we will pass looking for one or another opportunity, keep investing time and work. It is a fact, things are not achieved or success without doing anything. The important thing is to design and achieve an appropriate balance between: time + investment + effort to achieve your goals raised and get satisfactory results. By what I reiterate that to start your business you will have to mentalizing you to start the race as a professional Networker and you define: where start? Having said the above, the following 6 points displays you the path that will shorten your learning curve to start your business on the internet: choose if you will begin to promote products as affiliate, venture into marketing networks or create your own product or service performs a careful investigation and that is to your liking ask yourself why you want to doThis helps keep the motivation that is needed to get started in business on the internet. Get trained, this therefore requires investing money to purchase a course related to what you’ve chosen, joining a club, request the services of a couch, and so on to define your strategy and business, with clear objectives and defined time plan.

Mexico Cityflowers

According to documents, the origin of the cult by the death dates from the Prehispanic era, where different indigenous groups made offerings and worshipped death or to the underworld; with the passing of the years and the blending of cultures, elements of Brazilian and based on Catholic doctrines, were taken to give rise to what is now known as church Catholic traditional Mexicana-Estadounidense, explains the same note. In this day of the dead celebration are offered a wide range of products, which should ensure that date and meet the demand, as in the Mexican case, where it is said, hundreds of people with flowers, food, beer, guitars and even accompanied with mariachis come to the various pantheons the sawdust from colors tapestry Mexico Cityflowers of marigolds, seeds painted various shades, music and a very special party looks this first and November two points of us, Bishop Antonio Gonzalez Sanchez, lamented that many traders see Saints and all souls day as a business, i.e., florists and crowns sellers want to raise their sales and sometimes abuse of persons; Ojala that the feast of all souls will not become an economic issue, it is said that florists or those who sell flowers double, triple the price of flowers. And I invited people to not get to consumerism, and to his being that he already left this world, before God it is worth more a prayer that a flower, said. Conclusions ultimately, the Dia de los muertos is tapped by scholars of markets, so it involves, especially everything concerning the behaviour of the consumer, where traders, those who identify with this celebration should know well offer their products, taking into account the cultural roots, tradition. The florist for example, must in advance be prepared regarding flowers, arrangements that will offer, in order to meet the demand for this product and the needs of consumers with flowers than most purchased, for example, roses, lilies, among others. * Notes of marketing, virtual classroom, graduate program, specialty the quality management and productivity, Faces, University of Carabobo..


If it cannot walk in needle heels, it does not buy them. Stroll by the store in several meters of height reason why you know what you can be unemployed to walk pulg. You also do not wish that the too high heels to where you are stopped more stop than before. The purchase of a pair of groups is always due to consider. It is made them feel as if you within a pair of sport slippers were nowadays, reason why has the good comfort with the suitable appearance. But one does not finish buying the groups, that asegrese of are done specifically for type of shoes that wears.

You would like open or closed – toe with his dress, lady? If you do not glide in obtaining a pedicura, or making one you same, shortages do not go with the fingers. But to have the fingers shortages is what you love, the plan of hydration in the manufacture of the feet and the elimination of a cruel ritual, thus beforehand. You do not want to draw attention on his feet if they do not see themselves well. To break those shoes in! He does not hope until the day that he begins to use those shoes. Most of the time in that to take heels would sit down uncomfortable, once tmese the time to the day for the wearing down and plows for the first time of the same, your feet will thank for it. Unfortunately, all they happen looking for the suitable shoes all along to us, and it never uses them during all night, never matters more. It tries to make his purchase is worth the pain, something that is going to take again, because they see well and comfortable, so it will not lose nor a cent. It arrives is what I am going to offer to them. Perhaps you known all this are, I even know more than. It does not matter, you can you follow it or no, everything is the decided thing by you. Desire that will help to you in at night buying its shoes taken with dresses.


Delete subjects which are not adapted to the reality of the present and give way to new knowledge that modern administrative science demands, as well as identify with the demands of the knowledge society; interpret, act according to the new technological innovations, especially considering the scope, implications of new electronics technology, adopt new methods of learning, giving way to new models, properly handle all matters relating to courses, postgraduate courses, teaching online. It is necessary to restructure the time that it takes to train, train graduates in administration, which in our opinion instead of five years can be achieved in four, if we consider the subjects knowledge which are applied according to needs economic, trade of new openings that have generated blocks cheap., all this benefits alPais, sector entrepreneur, University, participants In addition to minimization of costs. It is necessary to define the new profile from the administrator who must be a proactive professional, strategist, creative, innovative, Planner, backed with the knowledge that modern managerial topics require in order to ensure competition, productivity and efficiency at the company where they work. An administrator who is a charismatic, participatory leader, a coaching able to properly manage the resources of the company, from materials, to the human. A leader who knows how to deal with the changes, challenges and generate the actions required to ensure competition, development to the company. Requires school pay more attention to the selection of its teaching staff, select those who are guarantors of transmission of knowledge, especially of motivation in order to give way to new administrative paradigms which favour the country, new knowledge that is geneen of the participants themselves. Need of experienced teachers, updated, researchers, entrepreneurs, proactive, motivating knowledge fully identified with teaching, and above all, able to carry out investigations that invite future graduates to empathize with national and global reality. Teachers, who face the challenges posed by the country, which are able to integrate its students through proposals, modelosque poporcionesn solutions to the different problem faced by the business sector, specifically in SMEs.

Office Projects

With the beginning of January, Alvarez Puga y Asociados emerged new projects, new horizons of opportunities, and of course, all framed by the professionalism that characterizes our team. But hey, the intention of this article is to begin to glimpse how has passed this month? So far, we say with pride, we have seen corporate and squares Alvarez Puga y Asociados, there in new projects not only from the scope of the comprehensive work we carry out since our emergence and strengthening (of the fiscal and legal category) but also projects in the field of corporate social responsibility and also, within this, our Green commitment campaign strategic projects; factors that make us proud, because we realize that began a new year, the 1st. month of this, not only pushed for the work that has characterized us in recent years, but also in tasks that we focus more on our society, forging activities Pro benefits social, focused on values, ethics and caring environment. We know that January still has a few days ahead, but before this, we are fully satisfied with what has begun to take shape. Knowing in advance that these projects, own of the firm, the attraction of new clients, as well as the social and environmental, labor will be widely strengthened at the end of this month. So it is not expected, that in this space, as well as in our social and other networks, demos to know each one of our readers, supporters and friends new activities and work that exalt our Corporate Social responsibility and why not, that lead us to explore other fields of action in which show is the commitment that is being promoted in the Office every day and that is both the team Alvarez Puga bearing fruits, as now noted, in the course of the month. In the same way, both in our social networks as web pages, we have requested our readers and all those who interact with us, giving us suggestions, tips in relation not only to our content on these web sites, but also in relation to new fields of action that we could take, always towards the society and our country, we are widely committed with the development that this should boost.