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Is Your Online Business Customer-Friendly General ?

Customer service is increasingly seen as one of the most valuable uses for a commercial Web site World Wide Web. His Web site is available within 24 hours, seven days a week. So well worth exploring the ways that customers can virtually “serve themselves” without the need for overtime staff, or voice mail procedures long. James Feldman is President of JFA, Inc., an online business offering high quality and unique gift items, including automatic watch winders, Grundig shortwave radios, and nitroglycerin pill fobs. ACF’s website has been online since 1997 and has doubled its revenue every year – is now a multimillion-dollar e-commerce company. Jim, who is also a professional speaker and expert on customer service, highlighted for me how the online buying experience differs from the model of bricks and mortar. Buying online eliminates the physical presence and personality of the seller in the process. This makes the Web site copy critical in creating a one-on-one relationship with the client or potential client. That echoes one of my favorite mantras: Each page of your site must be written from the point of view of the visitor, not yours. A visitor must be able to look at their offers, and immediately respond to the questions: “Why me?” – I mean, is your website the place for me? “Why me?” – Does this copy convince me that you can meet my needs? It is much easier and immediate to jump from one site to the Web site to move between real-world stores.

Spanish Association

You know, I do not pretend to give lessons on management and leadership on organizational performance optimization on internal communication, etc. My intention in writing it, and others, is to make you think on certain issues, concepts, circumstances and experiences, the daily labor, business and professional that can help improve their approaches and organizational approaches, business, and labor. Do not believe, that when I speak of strategy I refer to the concept that in recent years have used, self-centered, too many practitioners of management and business management.

Not to worry if you finish reading the text is aware that he has acted as one of them. The important thing is to re-organize as soon as possible, as they say “better late than never”, but in these times, very difficult time and it is difficult to find. Do you consider yourself a “mimetic”? I wrote some text on this group of strategists room, whose sole purpose is the benefit of yourself or any of its sympathetic helpers, and external collaborators, who spun the yarn together corporate makeup, so sad and unfortunately, have given the companies who run in a weak position corporate technical bankruptcy.

A strategist in the field of business organizations, working for the community of that organization, under the parameters of professional ethics to ensure the profit in the income statement. Mr. Ramon Adell (President of the Spanish Association of Directors) declared in a medium of communication: the need for greater training in ethics and values.

Building Business And Finding Meaning

What is the concept of your company? a How can you work? a Are you going to sell ideas or time? a cause I try to define your business model. a In the background are three types of business: 1. Companies selling tangible things. 2. Companies selling time. 3. Companies selling intangibles.

Certainly many companies successfully combine all three models. In the first group, we found the traditional business of life. to shops, factories, restaurants and farms are dedicated to selling physical products to their customers. a It is the business model easier to understand. a For these businesses, the prevailing law of supply and demand.

a That is, the more scarce and more product demand rises more valuable. The second type of company sells the most precious resource of all: time. Here a professionals. Lawyers, doctors, transport and hotels all sell the use of your time. a Depending on the application may require a price high or less, but are always limited to business hours of the day. The third type of business, sell intangible products. its products are songs, reports, information or other types of content. a This group includes the media, artists and software vendors. a The great advantage that they can sell the same work repeatedly. Yet are required to compete in highly competitive market. But it is not mandatory that your company fits into one of these three models. a If we mix elements of the three models, we can incorporate into our approach alternative revenue streams. a This will ensure a more stable and predictable income. a For example, a company dedicated to the purchase, sale and storage of tangible products, you can sell consulting services on distribution processes to other companies not competitors. also could develop a management software specifically designed to facilitate the integration of new customers in their logistic processes.

Starting An Internet Business

When you create a Web page is the beginning but you appear in search engines is going to take some time so you’ll have your website but no visitors and if you want to sell if you do not have no business visitors and you will not to have sales and that is why I recommend allocate a budget to the advertising that deep is your advertising campaign to reach the public to which you directed and sell your product. This is the true way of doing business online, there is no other, there are experts and gurus in many places such as Carlos Gallego I consider an expert on the issue of how to make good advertising campaigns using Google Adwords or Mr. a Alvaro Mendoza expert in Internet marketing, these two people are experts on many issues on the Internet and have years of experience and help many people like me achieve their goals and objectives. How will I repeat the only way there is through hard work and perseverance, good business over the Internet do not come from one day to another takes a little time, hard work and a little money. This article is for really you aware of what you do to earn money using the Internet, but you have to follow some guidelines that you can not skip so you can be successful if you expect to make money in 3 weeks 1 months better not do anything, you have to give it some time and invest a bit in advertising, this is a business that does not require much investment but still need to put some money either to your website, advertising and domain.