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Surprise A Special Person

The tip is to send in times that are not so popular. It is true that this holiday season – Christmas and New Year – we are all using them. And it is okay because they are dates “icons” that entrepreneurs should take to say “I am present,” “I remember you and now I’m not selling” 😉 But if you really want to surprise our customers must make a mile : send a postcard to the day he surrenders tribute to the profession of his client: Medical day, day of the journalist, etc. But go a mile. There are certain professions or trades that do not have one day set up.

Investigate and be creative! For example, I am a graduate in Human Relations and Public, what day surprised me with a postcard? It may also one day be related to your business or product. For example, if your product is the pullover, why not send a postcard on the first day of winter? 2. Thank you notes. Another idea is to surprise special thank you notes. They may also be on paper – the type obituary – or virtual. (Put the Internet to work for you!). The notes are more personal than a postcard. When do we send? Whenever there is good reason to thank: when an article was published in a newsletter, when it has established a first contact with a colleague in a fair, when he received congratulations from a customer for their accomplishment, when he taught a course and would like to thank the participants, etc.


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When, then, the order is received, the requested products are accumulated and carried to the expedition area. The internal transport can be carried through by pilers, pallets, or for other ways tractive mechanics, when it is about bigger unitizadas loads. No longer transport for order separation, the products are transferred to the area of separation or election to the measure that is processed the order. No longer process of separation of the products, is grouped material, parts and products in function of the order of the customers. The separation area, generally, is located in a point of the deposit that minimizes the distances to be covered, and its processes are co-ordinated by informatizados systems of control. The movement of internal transport is the form as the products are stored and distributed in its stockage, obeying a general plan of administration of the flow of materials and products, so that in the end of the investments if it has one all coherent one that it takes care of the necessities of the company well.

The displacement of the products in supply until the shelves of each section is made by specialized employees of the Engecopi company, and where it has the supply of merchandises, these if put into motion inside in its organization of the COMPACT DISC, through manual stands, to fulfill the necessity of volumetric occupation and of the stored item. The equipment that makes the movement of the products obeys an administrative plan of the flow of materials and products. The supply of the analyzed company uses manual equipment, generating the one best one resulted, in case that these equipment were substituted by electric stands, the stored products would bring better resulted for the use of the physical force of employees, not stimulating the motivation of these and adjusting the Engecopi the new technological concepts. The movement of the equipment of the company is made of routine form, the covered distances is short, because of the COMPACT DISC that are well practical in its interconnections of tickets of one for another one.