Surprise A Special Person

The tip is to send in times that are not so popular. It is true that this holiday season – Christmas and New Year – we are all using them. And it is okay because they are dates “icons” that entrepreneurs should take to say “I am present,” “I remember you and now I’m not selling” 😉 But if you really want to surprise our customers must make a mile : send a postcard to the day he surrenders tribute to the profession of his client: Medical day, day of the journalist, etc. But go a mile. There are certain professions or trades that do not have one day set up.

Investigate and be creative! For example, I am a graduate in Human Relations and Public, what day surprised me with a postcard? It may also one day be related to your business or product. For example, if your product is the pullover, why not send a postcard on the first day of winter? 2. Thank you notes. Another idea is to surprise special thank you notes. They may also be on paper – the type obituary – or virtual. (Put the Internet to work for you!). The notes are more personal than a postcard. When do we send? Whenever there is good reason to thank: when an article was published in a newsletter, when it has established a first contact with a colleague in a fair, when he received congratulations from a customer for their accomplishment, when he taught a course and would like to thank the participants, etc.