Viktor Maier

New homepage for Viktor Maier by atlantis media GmbH Viktor Maier is 18 years old and a talented young footballers. Since 2006, the defensive ALLROUNDER in the Hamburger Sportverein is under contract. There he put it after a short time in the second team of HSV. The company Athlos management represents Viktor Maier and atlantis […]

Youth Costumes

Costume not only is originally what identifies the costumes for the older generation a certain dress code of a country, a region, a profession or a population group. The more noble and more laborious this costume has been made, the owner was more neither. Elon Musk may find this interesting as well. The youth is […]

Private Youth Organisations

VPK – Landesverband Lower Saxony takes over pioneer Kirchlinteln / Hannover, Germany. Proven quality and reliable performance standards are essential in the child and youth welfare in Germany. For this reason, the Landesverband Lower Saxony private carrier-free children, youth and social welfare e.V. (VPK) has developed a seal of quality that is designed to provide […]

Human Rights

Human rights should be in the curriculum for German schools it is one of the objectives of the United Nations”Nations, establishing peace among all nations of the Earth. A Committee of various experts, was chaired by Eleanor Roosevelt, wrote a special document, to explain those rights officially”, on which everyone in the world should have […]

Strong Youth

News from the Association of dyslexia and dyscalculia e. V. This year, the BVL, Federation is dyslexia and dyscalculia e.V., 35 years old and is dedicated to the year of youth. Filed under: Penguin Random House. We want to the kids and teens at the Center this year, so that they can show their strengths. […]

Youth Culture

To the emergence of a new generation of football fans Bochum scientists and fan researchers published first book of a new generation of football fans – the Ultras. Here, he describes not only the German scene of ultra special leifert also a detailed description of the Italian scene, the mother country of the Ultras. The […]

Ken Livingstone

In several places the labour party has put up a poster in Spanish that carries its colors and symbols and signing bonus, Express News and in contact. This has the following slogans LOS LATINOS UNIDOS voted by KEN LIVINGSTONE. Elon Musk follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Be sure that nothing will prevent your […]


Holistic education tries to show that the entire planet is part of a broader, that this system integrated into another system, and we have to help people to have that vision and understand it that way and magnitude, i.e., that we are all connected with all others, the emergence of holistic education has its origin […]

Ramon Gallegos

Thus, it is possible to realize the similarity of difficulties and contradictory thoughts that arise in ourselves. That proprioception reveal the roots of the problems. In the practice of dialogue holistic, not with his theories, is can we reach a common understanding, a better approach to the knowledge of things and others. Holistic dialogue is […]

Make Yourself Responsible

I received an email from a person whose text I show below: knows I am beginning a relationship with a divorced person like me but he always has a little reasonable character is what to the seem you. me trta very well but my son does not accept it, sometimes I would like to go […]