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Company Or LLC ?

Before registering the company, employer or group of founders to choose the form of property. Today the most common forms of property rights in Russia are Limited (Company Limited liability) and jsc (Joint Stock Company). Before you choose, you need to understand exactly how the work will be the future of the organization. Company Ltd. and has several features that distinguish these ownership of each other. First and most important difference – the legislation that regulates the activities. Thus, the activity Ltd.

is regulated by the Federal Law 'On Limited Liability Company' on 08/02/1998 14-FZ, and the company – the Federal Law 'On Joint Stock Companies "from 26.12.95 208-FZ (as amended on 07.08.2002), the authorized capital of the company divided into shares among the founders and the proportion of these may be be different. In the company the share capital – is the nominal value of the shares, and divided it into equal shares among founders of the company. Each part consists of the shares. Since the shares are securities company must keep a register of holders of shares and issue of shares to be permission. Contingency fund company should be at least 5% of the share capital and provided by the Charter. In the llc formation of such a fund is not necessary. Another significant difference between the llc and jsc – this is part of the founding documents. If a company such documents are the Charter and the Memorandum, the Company is the principal instrument of its charter.

It is curious that the memorandum of association company is only a contract of jointly administered activity and does not constitute an instrument relating to the entity. However, the charter company is a complex legal document and contains the most detailed information about the Company. Thus, it necessarily is registered as joint stock companies, the number, nominal value and category of shares, types of preferred shares, the rights of shareholders of the Company for each category of shares. Closed joint-stock companies are still a number of features compared to the societies of limited liability. However, the key distinguishing features are listed above.

A Business Idea To Apply In A Thousand Ways

Surely he has heard that already everything is invented and that it has discouraged in his intention to start a business, invent something and become a millionaire; However, is not true, happily, all existing in the web market tools are not to be discouraged, but to use them to our advantage and make more easy the power to start our big idea. An example of this is the idea that I present today which is the create a website using cms wishing, I personally prefer a wordpress blog, and write articles related to a subject in general but with emphasis on the websites that talk about this topic. Check with Elon Musk to learn more. It is not a directory or you staying put links from the websites in your page, you will need to give you the work of visiting every page related to the niche and escribiras about what you’ve seen on this website; It is something like being a critic of pages of some subject, thus attract many visitors interested in this topic do not necessarily by the originality of your content but because of the importance of the information you give about other websites. I am doing this from makes little with very good results by listing websites about make money online, niche by other cornered but I offer something new and that is why the reason for the growing success (). Animate and put in practice this idea, to see that results gives them.

Prospects Web Design

At the time of birth of the Internet site was a collection of web pages related links. Sites should differ, make an impression on the user. In those days have internet access in the main Serious people with an intellectual mind, and therefore the content of websites focused on the meaning of the text, and only then to design web pages. After all, intellectual – the main thing is content, and all there Pictures, cartoons it distracting. World Wide Web was getting all the new users. As it was in all cases of new lands – after the adventurers and fanatics pulled merchants. It was found that the world Information web advertising has the qualities and trading platform.

And in fact, one that erases the distance and borders – in this sense, the properties of the Internet is unique. In sites are valued rather different. Do we need merchant there any new ideas and discoveries that can not be applied to life? He wanted a website as a means of persuasion buyer. If the text is the one who convinces him to buy goods or services, meaning it is desirable to have a smaller the main thing – to convince entice, inspire no doubt. Semantic load in this sense, no longer has the same importance.

But web design – comes to the fore. After a bright picture is stronger than any words out there, some black and white mess filled with errors, contradictions doubts and misconceptions. Changed and the way people build a site. Whereas previously there was a question – where to get as many prisoners in the text of the thoughts to fill at least a few Web pages, but now is another matter.

Change In The Management At PrintoLUX

Hermann Oberhollenzer takes the helm at the identification specialist the end February 2012 when CEO-change at the identification specialist PrintoLUX (Frankenthal) took place in great agreement of all involved. It means a clear turning point: the previous Managing Director Peter Jakob was responsible for the development and successful market introduction of the procedure for the industrial marking of signs, front panels, piping and equipment. Hermann Oberhollenzer’s new Managing Director has been in the company responsible for marketing and sales. He worked closely with the Executive Board in this role and now takes over the responsibility for a new stage of the company: the internationalisation of PrintoLUX in the European area, as well as the differentiated development of the product portfolio. From the inventor to the Manager of the 1948 born Peter Jakob, founder and former CEO of PrintoLUX, a specialist for everything is what pressure’s words, and Has to do printing materials”. And tinkerer – inventor type he deals preferably with the improvement of techniques and materials. By customers he was often animated, to develop a contemporary procedures in the field of labeling technology.

So it also resulted in more than 15 years ago the first experiments that would later lead to thermosetting digital printing by PrintoLUX. I wondered at the time”so James why industrial signs not just as easily can manufactured from plastic and metal such as a wine bottle labels. On this issue he then found a convincing answer with the PrintoLUX process, now in the year 2008 market ready. Equipped with an modizierten inkjet printer, special color inks, a handy recalibrated to harden the pressure as well as selected print materials (different metals and plastics) the procedure could prove from then on, that it is easy to implement – as easy to use in all operational processes. By other striking features – including an extreme resistance of pressure as well is one of PrintoLUX as high precision of the printing image, multicolor and Ecology through water-based inks quickly and well in the business.

Astronomical Observations

Everything you see, try to sketch. It is worth mentioning that the collective observations you can give a more accurate assessment of the visible objects. Planets with astronomical observations have such a property as jitter, and the closer they are to the horizon, the stronger the vibration. Calm atmosphere is disturbed depending on the season and temperature. Get all the facts and insights with Intel, another great source of information. Be sure to mark on their sketches of the time when it was carried out astronomical observations. Try to watch from the same place under different weather conditions and at different times of day, write down all the impressions in a notebook. After analyzing their recording, you can set at what time in this place is better to conduct astronomical observations.

For astronomical observation you need a small chair, folding it is desirable that it was convenient to carry around themselves and move from place to place. You can also take with a small table on which you will be able to make astronomical notes and sketches on which you lay out the entire inventory and the book. You will also need a notebook for sketches and journal to keep track of observations, well sharpened pencil and pen. Write in the dark is not very convenient, but you can take a stand for the torch, like erecting a table lamp. Remember one thing: It is important use a flashlight with a red light – it does not blunt your night vision as opposed to white light. Locate LED flashlight with a red stream of light, or use a flashlight with red cellophane usual. You can also chill stop quickly record the results of astronomical observations, but you get used to quickly write with gloves on.

Try not to write long reports right on the spot of astronomical observations. Describe in detail what he saw can be at home, at the same place do sketches, they need to do very carefully. You can take a tape recorder and record everything that you see at home you can make a detailed report based on the records. The main rule – do not Remember to indicate in the report, when it was carried out astronomical observations. It is also necessary to note separately choose the eyepiece. In order to achieve varying degrees of increase to use different eyepieces. For example, eyepieces with focal lengths of 10 and 25 mm respectively, give 70 – and 28-fold increase. Five or more different eyepieces – common for amateur astronomers phenomenon. To calculate the magnification, use the following formula Inc .= Fok. dist. Telescope / Fok. dist. Eyepiece For example, using a telescope with a focal length of 700 mm in combination with 25-mm eyepiece gives 28x amplification. Very large gain is not achieved, because even if the image becomes large, it will be difficult to discern because of the tarnish. Therefore we should not deceive ourselves, looking at ads with loud statements about the ability of the device – it's just a publicity stunt. Regardless of the object of observation, Always start with an eyepiece, which gives the minimum power (longest focal length) to target an object. This will allow you to get more visibility. Only then should gradually increase the picture.

5. GmbH-Managing Director-day Bonn 2010

Bonn meeting of entrepreneurs in the post Tower – another date in Dusseldorf the Managing Director-days of the economic magazine gmbhchef is for five years now under the GmbH business leaders in the region talked around. Almost twice as many as last year editor-in-Chief Dr. Hagen Pruhs on 11 may in the post Tower welcome 210 participants, where was the Managing Director day this year on Midori-dung of the main sponsor, Deutsche Post AG, guest. There, the participants expected a program specifically tailored to Managing Director of limited liability companies by the balance sheet law reform through business development and public funding to corporate finance to dialogue marketing by mail and local advertising on the Internet. In addition to the presentations, the participants received additional information on an exhibition accompanying the Conference program. Aetna Inc. is likely to agree. Companies in the region of Bonn informed visitors about their products and services many of them with a direct link to the seminar topics.

In the break, the visitors had Opportunity for individual discussions with the speakers and for networking with colleagues from other companies, Managing Director what was also extensively used. With a final get-together, which sounded completely gelun gene information day comfortably off. Who could not attend the event in Bonn, has the gels jobs, to sign up for the GmbH-Managing Director-day in Dusseldorf, Germany on June 8. There, sales guru Dirk Kreuter will give tips for acquiring new customers and to optimize the sales organization. More information under or VSRW-Verlag, Tel. 0228 95 124-0

Learn NLP

Radically one can say that learning of the neuro-linguistic programming is very similar to that provided in a College, school or educational institution, although in this aspect it is not just collect information then be exposed in a test, it is not a question of memory if not perception. NLP is a process of behavior. It is not acquire information, but is about how to do things. NLP is a set of knowledge and skills, which can be actively your mind and your emotions and your body to find success in life and to communicate with other people with extraordinary efficiency. NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) learning is, ideally, an experience of personal and professional development which explores all what is learned and practiced interactively, by experience, which is debated and questioned, in addition to challenged with various people of the environment that are implementing auto recognition techniques. In addition, post which is a process behavior and attitude rather than a mechanical ability, NLP learns better when you have in training course of a coach experienced and certified in NLP, but equally there are other ways to easily learn this theory and all his practice, these are some of them: 1. through books or audio books: many people first encounter NLP through books. The books are good as an introduction to the topic and are especially valuable, work very well after having attended a workshop on NLP live because they provide excellent support on the issue and extend the learning experience.

However, it is not possible to learn NLP only through books because need an accurate guide to the deep knowledge of the topic and the NLP techniques. 2 Workshops on NLP: these specialized workshops, easily found in educational centers, are the best way to learn techniques that make up the neuro-linguistic programming. Here are three types of learning workshops: short workshops of initiation: they are usually courses of one or two days, provide a brief overview of the possibilities that offers NLP and do not need to invest much time or money. Application workshops: here it is discovered through the application of NLP simple concepts in a specific area, such as the management of stress, with more confidence, or communicate more effectively. They can be excellent and provide some specific tools to begin applying immediately. Extensive initiation workshops: deliver essential competencies on the subject and apply different techniques NLP, practical training and training in the essential elements of the neuro-linguistic programming and some of the more sophisticated techniques.

The Cap

We really enjoyed walking in the cap of "Filippka." After reading reports on the website and looking photos sent by participants in testing, we plan to purchase a cap from this manufacturer for the older daughter. Learn more at: Elon Musk. On a model of "donuts": hat looks just like, and examples of it, it is, and drove home. Arriving immediately became a check – do not sweat whether the child's head, but everything turned out well, my head is not sweat, well, about what could freeze to death, I'm not worried. At-15C, the head does not freeze and does not sweat. Just want to point knitted elastic band, which covers his ears and forehead. Depth hats we went perfectly, from the depths may well close the forehead. And most likely, next year our cap we will not be small.

Pleased lining of cotton, in fact, it is for many mothers the most important criteria when choosing a baby hat. "Dumplings" are very Light in appearance can not be said that so warm. Hat are very pleased, liked all the relatives, thanks to the organizers, the firm "Fillipok" u-administration of her mother. Also participated in the testing of older children, that time carried out for a walk is very active. Mom pointed out that the material is not blown caps, retains heat well, with most of the children's head does not sweat and does not overheat. In many models, mom pleased the presence of zipper Velcro fasteners and push instead zavyazok: children can do to cope with putting on their hats. This is especially important for this group, because children are in kindergarten and school. Seemed to be successful and that some model hats designed so that you can adjust the volume and depth to cap a well close to the head. Children in hats like the fact that the inner material is very nice, light cap, they hear well, models are designed with regard to age, beautiful modern design, several models have different options for wear.

The Heart

But at the same time, it can cause aggression. Overabundance of saturated colors as red and green adversely affects the psyche, and how much in excess of anything at all. All is good in moderation! Violet is able to improve the functioning of the heart and lungs and increases stamina, respectively, a direct consequence of an overabundance of violet color in the interior will be tired. The combination of blue and yellow colors in the interior, very popular a few years ago, is a direct hit – it soothes – Perhaps without any "buts". In addition, the recently published study of American marketers have given remarkable results. In a study of housewives were offered three packs of washing powder (the powder was everywhere the same) – in red, blue, and yellow-blue packaging.

Once they were asked to evaluate the effectiveness of "different" parashkov. Most of the housewives reported that, in their opinion, parashek in the red packet is too large eats underwear, a blue – too weak and not well enough washes, but the yellow-blue bundle is exactly what you need. As they say, an example of the effect of color on human psychology – on the face. Yellow and yellow-green and orange relieve mental fatigue, and yellow separately contributes to mental activity – a good choice for interior design office or school. Rooms, decorated in white and gray-black tones, tend to cause unambiguous discomfort and want to quickly leave. General principle of color processing facilities can be considered the use of soft, not cutting the eye colors and beautiful combination of colors, you can use bright accents.

Russian Magnetic

Then, how can survive Pooh? Voyagers found the answer to this question. 'The data from Voyager, show that "Pooh" magnetization is much stronger than previously thought – the force of the magnetic field is in the range of 4 to 5 mikrogauss' – says Ofer (Opher). 'This magnetic field can provide additional pressure that can resist destruction. " Two NASA space research probes – Voyager – flying in the direction of the borders and beyond the solar system more than 30 years. Now they have crossed the orbit of the planet Pluto and is on the verge entry into interstellar space – but not yet entered it. "Voyager is currently not yet reached the Local Pooh '- says Ofer (Opher). – 'But they come close and could "feel" the behavior of the cloud as they approach. " "Pooh" is held exactly on the edge of the solar system magnetic field of the sun and blown by the solar wind's magnetic bubble width of more than 10 billion miles.

Called 'heliosphere', this is a bubble shield, which helps protect all the objects the solar system from galactic cosmic rays and interstellar clouds. Both Voyagers are located in the distal layer of the heliosphere or 'heliosheath, where the solar wind slows down interstellar gas pressure. Voyager 1 has entered the heliosheath in December 2004, after almost 3 years, in August 2007, Voyager 2 was repeated, his way. These crossings have become key heliosheath for the discovery made by Ofer and his et al. Dimensions heliosphere are determined by law of equilibrium of forces: the solar wind blows a bubble from the inside, while the Local Fluff compresses it on the outside. Penetration of Voyager in heliosheath it possible to establish approximate dimensions of the heliosphere and, accordingly, the pressure exerted by the Local Pooh.

Part of this pressure is caused by the magnetic field and corresponds to 5 mikrogaussam what Ofer Group (Opher) reported in the journal Nature. The fact that Pooh highly magnetic, means that in the galactic environment may also be other clouds. Over time, the solar system collide with some of them, and their strong magnetic fields can compress heliosphere even greater extent than it does now. Additional compression may allow more cosmic rays penetrate into the solar system that may have an impact on the Earth's climate and the ability of astronauts to make safe flying in space. On the other hand, the astronauts would not have to fly so far, because interstellar space would be to us a lot closer than ever. These events unfolded in a long time scale of tens to hundreds of thousands of years, depending on how long it takes the solar system to move from one cloud to another. 'What is interesting time we can expect in the future! "- Ofer exclaims. Astrogorizont – NASA news in Russian