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Foreign Languages

You thought someday, the birthplace of languages? As people began to talk about? And what did that affect? According to a new discovery scientists, all the languages spoken by today's humanity, perhaps, are the "descendants" of one single parent language, which existed in prehistoric Africa. It's the language spoken African tribes from 50 000 to 70 000 years ago. And that he was a catalyst for development and spread of human civilization on around the world. Investigation of Dr. Quentin Atkinson from the University of Auckland in New Zealand based on the study of phonemes – the different sounds of vowels and consonants that make up language. He estimated the number of phonemes in 504 languages of the planet and suggested that the oldest languages should be the largest number. In addition, the farther are dialects of maternal language geographically, the less complex, on the theory of Atkinson, they should be.

Thus, study showed that in some African languages, there are a hundred phonemes, whereas in the languages spoken in the Hawaiian Islands (farthest from Africa), there are only 13. That is, the farther the language "moves away" from native of Africa, the fewer phonemes it remains. Thus, Atkinson suggests, African Sahara region – the cradle of world languages. This is quite the same as the "African" theory of evolution, according to which the human species originally developed and evolved only in Africa and then spread around the globe around 70 000 – 50 000 years ago – just at a time when there was a mother tongue. It was he who, according to scientists, and there was engine human development. Just at this period appears cave paintings, as well as sophisticated weapons from the bones and tools. Experts suggest that this language is defined such development, giving the person an opportunity to think abstract.

As we can see, the language – it's not just a communication tool, but a crucial stage in human evolution, that is what we eventually become what we are today. Think about that next time you take in your hands textbook English. And know that learning a foreign language, you are just like ancient people, making a great leap in development! And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – Do you want to visit the most famous art galleries in the world and admire the masterpieces of painting? Come here! Language Resource – English. Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) 'Universal methods of effective development Foreign Languages! '- Master the language independently and effectively


8. Depending on the nature swing. If the forklift manufactures korotkoplechevuyu transport long goods (boards, logs, rails, etc.) and on the route of obstacles, allowed the rise of cargo to the desired height and short-term movement of the forklift with a raised load at low speed with a fully tilted back frame truck, after which the goods must be omitted in the transport position and keep moving. 9. Acceleration space is needed to produce smoothly, without jerks, at low engine speeds. During the movement of cargo from the sharp deceleration is not allowed.

Job Fork-lift trucks picked up forklift, equipped forklift pickup, can effectively carry out loading and unloading all kinds of general cargo (boxes, barrels, equipment, timber, etc.) in terms of tonnage, does not exceed its capacity. When the complex work trucks and vehicles, as well as work trucks in storage yards and buildings, ports, airfields and railway stations, the best performance can be developed when stacked on pallets or bars, which give free to strike forks under the load. No special pans or bars reduces the performance of the forklift in connection with the need to invest additional time required for preparatory work on creating gaps for the supply of twisted under load. Consumers are advised to have an exchange fund donov. In order to properly take a load on the fork, follow these steps: 1. Establish the best divorce forks. Drive to Georgia from the most convenient for pick-up cargo on a pitchfork, with the calculation of the center of gravity of the load as close as possible to the front wall and forks, and by the middle of the carriage truck. 2.

Slow movement forklift forks bring forward under a weight until it stops him in front of the fork. 3. Slope frames forklift or lift carriage pull cargo from the ground and set in the transport position. When stowage in stacks recommended to stick to the following rules: 1. Pull up to the stack to raise the load to the desired height stacking. 2. Slow movement of the forklift forward to bring Georgia into the stack size and omitted. Note. In those when the cargo is transported without any special pans, while installing it should be beneath him a bar height of 80-100 mm and a length corresponding to the width of the cargo. When removing the cargo from the stacks must do the following: 1. Pull up to the stack and lift forks to the desired height for the pickup of cargo. 2. Slow movement of the forklift forks fail under load so that the burden rested in front of the fork. 3. Tilt the frame with the load to bounce back. 4. Slowly astern departed from stockyard, halt Counterbalance and omit cargo into transport position. Only thereafter produce transportation cargo direction required.


They stimulate tezavratsionny, investment and speculative demand for the yellow metal, he creates a special and rapidly growing field of application. There is no reason to believe that the value and strength These factors will weaken. Gold's role in the global monetary system can be a topic for discussion between the leading countries in the near future. It would be too naive to think that gold "will replace all that is in the area of payment and cash equivalents. The world is already different, not what was under the gold standard, but most of gold's role may well become a topic for discussion in the coming months and years to come. There is enough is a common misconception that inflation dollar and the euro is very low, which is supported by publications that in the euro area, say, next year inflation will amount to EUR 4% per year.

While the inflation forecast hryvnia in Ukraine corresponds to more than 20%. Note that currently the interest rates of bank deposits constitute about 19% for the hryvnia and 11% for the euro. Thus, it would seem that inflation-adjusted earnings on the deposit in euros is 11 – 4 = + 7%, and UAH 19 – 20 = – 1%, ie, bank deposits in euro represented a much more profitable. However, let's see what the results are obtained by calculating the inflation rate in relation to gold. Average annual inflation period / euro currency dollar hryvnia November 1999 – November 2002 3.8% 2.7% 7.6% November 2002 – November 2005 8.1% 14% 12% November 2005 – November 2008 12% 15% 21% The calculations used the average of three years to smooth out the irregular fluctuations and identify the overall trend.

Nokian Tyres

Must run in at a speed of 60-70 km / h. When driving on studded avtorezine slightly increases fuel consumption and vehicle become noisy. Studded or not in Russia tires also are popular, but due to lack of conditions for their use in their cities are less likely to. But as you know: Major cities are not the whole of Russia. According to the investigations 'Bridgestone / Bridgestone' winter about 30% of Russians use the bus without spines, 70% still prefer shipovanuyu rubber. In Moscow, the example, regular, albeit not always successfully cleaned the snow from the highway studless tires are no less popular. Of course, some motorists think for weeks, deciding for ourselves what all the tires and – with thorns, or thornless need for them. The unequivocal answer is, of course not.

Specialists have a similar opinion on the fact that spikes certainly needed on icy and snowy roads, country roads, rural areas. Specialists recommend studded Nokian Tyres avtorezina for most regions of Russia. And if the driver's own safety and the passengers is a priority, then there is no doubt that studded tires – a unique solution. We must note that this is the opinion of experts of the country where travel exclusively on the "thorns". However, under the condition that road service is regularly cleaned and snow obrabatyvyut roadbed reagents between experts are of the opinion that there is no reason to use studded tires. These tires are quickly killed by asphalt and spikes destroy themselves roadbed. European Statistics on studded tire wear increases roads by 5-8 times, knocked carcinogenic crumb of asphalt to deteriorate with the environment of the city. Mattie Morris of Nokian Tyres said on the contrary, in central Russia spikes are required.

Because when temperature drops often frazil is formed and it studless tires can not handle. He believes non-studded tires are a good solution, where the temperature is stable minus 15-20 degrees, rough ice, as well where there is no snow rolled. Drivers prefer aggressive driving style of the "spiked" it is better not to think they can just leave the road, and later rubber itself. Already that year, the authorities want to ban the use of capital studded avtoreziny in Moscow or impose a tax on drivers who like "spikes", because it destroys the pavement. But a bill to toughen responsibility for the use of such avtoreziny not yet been approved, so the subject can not yet worry. Studded tire market leaders are brands of Bridgestone, Continental, Nokian, etc.