Tube Technical Analysis Inside

Technical analysis of the force remains IBEX 35, the trend remains clearly on the rise. If you look at the weekly chart we see several references that indicate that, for now, price increases may continue. At 13 600 points we have drawn a triple bottom, the previous peaks at 15 550 points are being overcome, […]

Agricultural Enterprise

In recent years it has spread throughout the country, the systematic use of Leucaena leucocephala banks in so-called protein, where the animals graze directly. Likewise, the Forest Research Institute (IIF), a pilot scale, we used the leaves of some forest species such as Pinus caribaea Lysiloma latisiliqua and in the preparation of meals that have […]

Socialist Party

With the intention of making crystal lines are understandable, but in no way aspires to be fully shared my ideas at the outset I must confess neoliberal think the approach that should benefit the economy. Once more, with the crisis at hand, has shown the absolute inability of the powers that be to correct a […]

American Kennel Club

Choosing the right pet for you and your family is an important decision. in the training of dogs. There are several hundred breeds of dogs around the world so that your options are virtually limitless. The American Kennel Club classifies the different races into groups and each group has distinctive characteristics that are shared by […]