Socialist Party

With the intention of making crystal lines are understandable, but in no way aspires to be fully shared my ideas at the outset I must confess neoliberal think the approach that should benefit the economy. Once more, with the crisis at hand, has shown the absolute inability of the powers that be to correct a […]

IASB Norms

The uprisings of the CPC will serve of subsidies for the establishment of norms on the part of the regulating agencies. A study carried through for the CFC, in partnership with the Ibracon, it listed the main differences between practical the countable main domestic and the practical ones in the exterior. The differences include forms […]


INTRODUOO study of the corporative governana deals with the set of instruments of public and private nature, that include laws, normative forwarded by regulating agencies, internal regulations of the company and commercial usage, that they organize and they command the relation, in a market economy, between the controllers and administrators of a company, of a […]

Professional Management

Family Office or family wealth management symbolizes a stand-alone chapter in its own right between uppercase fortunes management models. The great fortunes of hereditary or family nature require one wide range of solutions both in the strict financial circle and investment, as in the tax or in the follow-up to the demands of liquidity of […]

Binding Abridgement

How much to this topic, thus she teaches to the Institute of Financial Educations, in verbis: ' ' The dominant methodology of formation of prices consists of the application of a percentage (markup) on the cost of the product or service. The percentage of ' markup' generally it is applied without a deeper basement. It […]

SRP Performance

For this, the objects will have to be, at least, of equal quality or performance to the ones of the winner. If these objects will be of quality or superior performance to the ones of the winner, the Administration will have to justify and to prove its offered advantages and prices they will have to […]