SRP Performance

For this, the objects will have to be, at least, of equal quality or performance to the ones of the winner. If these objects will be of quality or superior performance to the ones of the winner, the Administration will have to justify and to prove its offered advantages and prices they will have to be inferior to the maximum admitido4. In what it weighs this possibility, ‘ ‘ decree 3,931/01 preferred to define, as rule, new, diverse idea of the SRP’ ‘. In accordance with art. 6, ‘ ‘ at the cost of the first one placed they could be registered as many how many necessary suppliers so that, in function of the presented proposals, either reached the total amount esteem for item or lote’ ‘ , thus, the Administration will be always buying for the lesser price, subjecting the interested parties to the proposal most advantageous.

The register of the prices is admitted until the amount waited for the Administrao7. The organizacional planning is basic for the good functioning of the SRP in the institutions and its implantation must be of knowledge of all the involved sectors in the act of contract process. This envolvement in the search of the quality is that it will go to guarantee the success of empreendimento9. The SRP, to the operacionalizado being, implies the alteration of routines? good chance for reduction of the bureaucratization of organizacionais procedures? attempting against, however, for the search of the maintenance of the control, remembering always the purpose of the institution and its performance in the attendance of the goals of the organization and its commitment with tica8. The planning activity, necessary to the continuity of the SRP, will be perfected with the information of the participant agencies, using agencies and of the storage agencies.