Junior Fashion

Kenzo – this is phenomenal phenomenon of the fashion world, the most brilliant designer east, harmonically embodied in their models oriental motifs and European traditions. Kenzo's Toccata was born in 1939 in Japan, and his whole life dreaming to design fashionable clothes. He graduated from the school of fashion in Tokyo Bunka Gakuen, where he was the only male student. And in 1965, Kenzo lucky – he went to Paris, but there's no one waiting for … After the creative search and throwing Kenzo has decided to bet on the youth fashion. And it is youth fashion brought great success. In 1970, Kenzo Takata, along with his classmate Atsuko Kondo, opened the first boutique in Paris' Jungle Dzhep.

"In the same year hosted the first show of Kenzo. But the really popular Kenzo was only in 1976, after registering its own trademark and creating a new fashion direction, so-called "destructive fashion." In 1983, Kenzo created its first men's clothing line, launched a line Kenzo – City, Bebe, Enfant, Jeans, Junior, Bed Linen. The first perfumes Kenzo created in 1987, they were called Kenzo de Kenzo – a feminine floral fragrance based on the principle ekibany. This perfume Kenzo women had just a runaway success and marked the beginning of the new fragrance masterpieces: kenzo perfume pour Homme (1991), Kenzo Parfum D'Ete (1992), L'eau par Kenzo, Kenzo Junjle Tiger (1998), Kenzo Le Monde est beau, Kenzo Jungle Elefant ( 1996), Kenzo Jungle pour Homme (1998), L'eau par Kenzo pour Homme (1999), Kenzo Time for Peace (1999).