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In one of the moments of greatest tension, an actor who acted as a wolf, was leaning against a tree pondering how to fool Red Riding Hood and her grandmother. It's the best image I have of Satan. Always plotting how to lead us to fall into sin. Nehemiah's enemies tried to frame him, and were persistent, as our spiritual adversary. Shrewd and persevering, two features that also identify Satan. The hero Israeli reports that: "Four times they sent me this message, and many others told them the same." (Nehemiah 6:4.

New International Version) If our spiritual enemy is persistent to lead us to sin, we must be more persistent you and me in prayer. Dependence the Lord Jesus Christ is our guarantee of victory. 4 .- Do not worry about what people will say Alba Ruby did not return to the church. The reason? Not stand criticism from neighbors on Friday and Sunday, when at the end of worship, Bible in hand back. They laughed under his breath and made her feel bad. Finally was carried away by circumstances and not brought more.

Here is one of the biggest problems of Christians today: the fear of what people think. Satan takes advantage of this to set traps. The same thing happened with Nehemiah. The difference is that he cared little what they thought the enemy and moved on. The Scriptural passage states that "The fifth time Sanballat sent me by one of his servants, the same message in an open letter that the letter said:" There is a rumor among people, and Geshe-assures that You and the Jews are building the wall because they have plans to rebel.