Green Economy

The humanity is witnessing the dramatical effect of the destruction of the nature, of the ecosystem, in all its extension. They are by means of the islands of heat in the urban centers that cause discomfort, storms and until deaths for dehydration; either the effect greenhouse that comes if aggravating since the first industrial revolution […]

PETs Manager

The techniques of collection of data had been comment of the place (infrastructure) and cultural factors of the freqentadores in relation the questions related to the environment the implementation of this project were carried through in diverse stages, which had been carried through gradually, similar of that the objectives were reached in its fullness, this […]

English Companies

One remembers that its enterprise has a local impact, and that it must be sustainable in its environment. Of one it forms simpler and generic, support means ' ' not to degrade the environment and to keep it ace generations futuras' '. But to transpose these ideas for the concrete reality of the companies is […]

United Nations Framework Climate Change Convention

All the participants if would compromise more effectively in mitigating the emergent climatic problems, having as more concrete consequence the emission of a document on the Convention Picture on Changes of the Climate (in English, United Nations Framework Climate Change Convention, UNFCCC). Through this document, the 190 signatory countries would recognize that the climatic changes […]

Evaluation CAP

The objective of this work was to supply the requirements of item III and IV of the Geoambiental Finding elaborated for 27 Lots B and 27 C of the Soil Maring Patrimony. Of this form, florstico and faunstico survey represents an important tool to evaluate the existing arbreos fragmentos, as well as the local fauna, […]

Sustainable Society

To construct the sustainable society, one becomes necessary to define common intentions, on which the rules of the certain direction of individual or collective actions, of any level, are based on the ethics, justice and the equity. Who constructs this society is small actions of each citizen, reflected in popular movements, lead for visionary leaders. […]