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Sustainable Development

This article considers to reflect and to describe the concepts of sustainable development (DS) to the necessary redefinition of the relations society human being? nature. The model of sustainable development as transformation process and the estimated ones of the ecodesenvolvimento, objective to configure the scene and to approach the necessity accomplishes of participation of the society in the quarrel for a stabilization of the levels of consumption and mobilization for a conscientious consumption in accordance with the load capacity of the planet and the relation of impact that these produce in the cities. To search ways in the solution of the great challenges of the support in the centers metropolitans and to point the disequilibria in the quality of life of the population and excite the urgent necessity of debate, to assure the preservation of natural resources of the future generations, urge a change of perception and thought, as well as the implementation of politics of energy conservation and of natural resources, not-you renewed to substitute them for you renewed, to maximize the efficiency of the used resources and to construct healthful cities. Intel insists that this is the case. Word-key: sustainable development, environment, conscientious consumption, ecodesenvolvimento, management metropolitan, to reduce, to reuse, to recycle, to rethink, to refuse, construction of healthful cities. Introduction From the end of years 60 had appeared ideas of Ambient Economy for influence of pollution, crisis of the oil and population growth. This conscience that the planet is one and only finite one was despertando in the man the necessity to improve its relation with the environment and that throughout its evolution in the land, the man nothing only produces it removes of the environment the necessary resources for its survival..

PETs Manager

The techniques of collection of data had been comment of the place (infrastructure) and cultural factors of the freqentadores in relation the questions related to the environment the implementation of this project were carried through in diverse stages, which had been carried through gradually, similar of that the objectives were reached in its fullness, this gradual process provided to greater easiness of acceptance on the part of all the involved ones, also of those more resistant mannering changes. The number of stages, as well as the sequences of priorities had been established in agreement necessity and interest of the orienting and implementador ambient manager of this project. All the involved ones first had been observed by the ambient manager and those that had together demonstrated practical knowledge and of subjects related to the environment with leader characteristic, had been called to be ' ' supervisores' ' of the project and to help mainly in the motivation of all for the accomplishment of the project and in the collection of the necessary materials for the confection of pufes. All the comment process was carried through of open and without no type of secrecy and opened form for possible suggestions. All the comments and suggestions duly had been analyzed, and in cases of notoriety of its relevance to the objectives of this project they had been used. Some of the stages initially suggested of the project had been: Elaboration of educative material and of the brochures of spreading of the project; Spreading of the date of beginning of the project through brochures to be distributed in the school, of form to attract the biggest number of people; Beginning of the collection of PETs bottles, adhesive ribbons, fabrics, necessary to the confection of pufes, that they had been carried through by the interested parties in also participating of the project and by the ambient manager; Up to 10 days before the beginning project, the necessary material for the elaboration of first pufes was gotten all; In the date of inauguration of the project, the educative material was distributed all; the concepts of &#039 had been explained; ' 4 R? s' ' , emphasizing the benefits to the environment and the health and hygiene human being, and finally it started to also explain the project of elaboration of pufes from the reutilizao of PETs bottles, relating the benefits of the project to the environment and in the generation of income for the school or even though families; One observed the potentials ' ' supervisores' ' that they had assisted the ambient manager in the development of the project and invited to participate them it; finally, after the ending of the implantation of the project, had the accompaniment so that the developed and implanted project, did not paresse in the school.

English Companies

One remembers that its enterprise has a local impact, and that it must be sustainable in its environment. Of one it forms simpler and generic, support means ' ' not to degrade the environment and to keep it ace generations futuras' '. But to transpose these ideas for the concrete reality of the companies is not easy, because they are not even part of Core business of the companies. One is about a culture change, change in the enterprise politics, implantation of new concepts, which demand time, patience, innovation and the work integrated with the interested people. To the few, the corporations are rethink its values, codes of ethics and behavior, models of production and management. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IS a REALITY the companies had passed to be evaluated by the consumers for its performance in the society, that is, is necessary to demonstrate to which its paper in the construction of a more humanitarian society, thus appearing, the concept of social responsibility. The companies need to understand that social responsibility is a reality and that on it also it will depend to guarantee its sustainable development. In recent research it was evidenced that the consumer is influenced in the choice of the products of companies who search the preservation of the environment, that they are not become involved in corrupes and that they contribute for the improvement of the conditions of life of the community.

Its employees, who are its main competitive value, also motivate themselves when working in companies who possess management with social responsibility. Social responsibility is not simply fazerdoao of money or corporeal properties in favor of people or institutions that work with social causes. It is not to give lesson of English for inhabitants of slum quarters alone because you have a chain of English schools; it is not to make campaigns to collect not perishable clothes or foods and to deliver them to ace institutions the ace devoid people.

United Nations Framework Climate Change Convention

All the participants if would compromise more effectively in mitigating the emergent climatic problems, having as more concrete consequence the emission of a document on the Convention Picture on Changes of the Climate (in English, United Nations Framework Climate Change Convention, UNFCCC). Through this document, the 190 signatory countries would recognize that the climatic changes and the effect greenhouse were the phenomena that would more seriously compromise the future of the planet. Of this form, the new politics of preservation would start to be a common responsibility to all. The signatories would have as main objective to stabilize the concentration of the generating gases of the effect greenhouse in the atmosphere, of form that these did not generate more risks for the planetary ecosystem. Argued and approved during the Conference of s and too much institutions of the civil society and for the too much multilateral institutions of promotion to the partner-economic development. Agenda 21′ ‘ to change the paradigms of the governmental politics, that would have to pass to a planning of long stated period from the recognition of that the natural resources are not infinite. He was in reason of these new conceptual conceptions that had appeared the new modalities of economic development, which would start to take in account the environment.

Also the deep changes in the objectives of the society are distinguished human being in terms of social behavior. It was deeply important, the perception of the humanity, of whom proper it could not survive will have the total exhaustion of the natural resources of the planet. E, in result of the commitments assumed during River 92, the Brazilian government developed, through the Ministries of the Planning and Budget, Environment, Science and Technology and Industry and of the Commerce, studies to incorporate the principles of the sustainable development, as considered in ' ' Agenda 21' '.

Evaluation CAP

The objective of this work was to supply the requirements of item III and IV of the Geoambiental Finding elaborated for 27 Lots B and 27 C of the Soil Maring Patrimony. Of this form, florstico and faunstico survey represents an important tool to evaluate the existing arbreos fragmentos, as well as the local fauna, and thus, to supply to subsidies decision taking how much the eventual paisagsticas modifications for implantation of one determined enterprise. 2 METHODOLOGY the survey of the referring data to the biological way enclosed the total area of 27 lots B and 27 C of the Soil Maring Patrimony, in the city of Maring, state of the Paran. The collection of the information referring to this project was carried through in the month of October of 2008 and searched to identify to the species gifts for the florstica evaluation and faunstica place. The procedures adopted for the identification of joined specimens had been: Evaluation of the available morphologic characteristics in the vegetal samples, during the walked one in the land, for visual interpretation; For the study of species of the ciliar bush, parcels distributed randomly in the areas had been delimited of evaluated forest fragmentos; The data of the individuals that had presented equal or superior CAP (circumference in the height of the chest) the 15 centimeters had been mensurados and registered in field fiches. The height of the individuals was written down, using a podo of 9 meters as it scales. Some species with inferior CAP the 15 centimeter, as fuchsiaefolia Peschiera, dracunculifolia Baccharis and Solanum verbascifolium in the same way had been elencadas, due to predominance in the evaluated area; Leves, flowers and fruits had been collected, for comparison with specialized bibliography and attainment of the scientific name of the species. With regard to the local fauna, the estimate of the wealth and diversity of species if gave by rough estimate for naked visualization, during walked permanence and in the place of study, and comparison of the respective morphologic characteristics with bibliography specialized for attainment of the scientific name of the showed individuals.

Sustainable Society

To construct the sustainable society, one becomes necessary to define common intentions, on which the rules of the certain direction of individual or collective actions, of any level, are based on the ethics, justice and the equity. Who constructs this society is small actions of each citizen, reflected in popular movements, lead for visionary leaders. Durant portraies which perfectly is the small actions that construct a civilization: The civilization is a river with edges. To the times the river is full of blood that comes of the people who are if killing, stealing, crying out and making things that the historians costumam to register. Meanwhile, in the edges, without being noticed, people construct houses, make love, create children, sing songs, write poetries and until they sculpture statues. The history of the civilization is history of what it happened in the edges of the rivers.

To the measure that a society if establishes on the social, economic equality and politics and on resources you renewed and you recycle, more support produces. In certain measure, it can until using sources you did not renew, but, if making, that it is in rational way without harming the future generations. Of this form, to be sustainable, any enterprise human being must be ecologically correct, viable, economically socially just and culturally accepted. An example clearly of sustainable society is the style of aboriginal life, that if bases solely on sources renewed of energy, basically the photosyntheses. These communities do not use fsseis fuels, and the firewood is used in sustainable way. Visible destruction of the environment does not occur, therefore it adaptam. Group lives in idyllic way for the sustenance it, highly structuralized by means of the abundance of fruits, hunts and fishes. Straw habitations of and wood live in coarse that are displayed to the time. They do not have idea of property nor social desires of distinctions and vanities.