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Romantic Society

Analyzing cited apersonagem, it is intended to establish a standard of the behavior femininona workmanship, showing the consequences of the Victorian society in the literriafeminina production, as well as establishing the bases for a comparative analysis between estae other personages of the same workmanship. The study he is being carried through to break daleitura and analysis of theoretical texts on feminism and literature, behavior and society in century XIX (was Victorian) and theory of literature (mainly Antonio Cndido and Alfredo Bosi) in general. Nelly Dean is the voice of the people in Wuthering Heights. Of it emanatoda the force, the wisdom and the advice who the layer simplest dapopulao, doubtlessly, knows. It is the council member, the scholar, acompanheira, that one that everything it makes to keep the order of the things. With a weighed visolgica and, tempered for touchs, however subtle, however inflamed, of paixoe belief, it leads the reader for the real and magical world of a love that atravessaas rays of the reason and finishes for becoming an obsession and a desire incontrolvelde revenge. Since the beginning of the narrative, it is presented under aura of realism (even so the text is Romantic).

Its function is to send to the other personages auma physical reality, pautada in the belief in the spiritual, showing ocomportamento of the society of century XIX. As one of the narrators of history (dividing this postocom Lockwood), Nelly tells the life: of Catherine, of Heathcliff and same itself. Eager and the conflicts of the diverse layers of the society, with its superstitions, doubts and certezas.


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Elucidation Block

It is important to indicate as it were pronounced, that it enters the results of this summit emphasized the creation of a Bottom of Guarantees for the Micro ones, Small and Medians Companies of the Mercosur, the company/signature in an agreement of preferences commercial with the countries of the south of Africa and the extension in the commercial agreement with Chile to include the sector services. Significant it was also the decision of the Mercosur and Venezuela, in total process of adhesion to the block, to absorb the exports that Bolivia will stop sending towards the USA before the decision of Washington to suspend the preferences that granted to the Andean country by their efforts in the fight against the drug trafficking. The support to the president of Bolivia is emphasized once again, Evo Morales, who was one of the few points of consensus between the agent chief executives in the summit of the Unasur that immediately took place after the one of the Mercosur in Coast do Saupe. The final declaration of the appointment of Unasur expresses " his reconocimiento" to the report of the Commission of Elucidation of the slaughter happened in the Bulging region Bolivian of the past September, in that 20 farmers died, in its majority following of the Government of Morals. The call Commission of the Truth, coordinated by Argentine jurist Rodolfo Mattarollo, established responsibility of the authorities of Bulging in which it describes like " a crime of lesa humanidad".

Nevertheless, it was not arrived at a consensus to loosen the designation of the Secretary General of the block, integrated by Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guayana, Paraguay, Peru, Surinam, Uruguay and Venezuela. " It was not spoken of any name for the General&quot Secretariat; of the Unasur, it was limited to comment in Brazilian chancellor, Celso Amorim. The problem is born from I veto from Uruguay to the candidacy of ex- Argentine president Nstor Kirchner (2003-2007) to lead the South-American block.

Sciences Mathematics

Pythagoras was a man great, since being an eminent mathematician does not waive to the analysis of the political thing. Some philosophers ignored this kind of materials, which demonstrates that they are indifferent, do because that can give them another name?, since if the philosopher want to investigate this class objects can do, thanks to the powerful qualities that are obtained with the study of philosophy, which allow you to come to the knowledge of the causes and by them is that he knows that fashion works the entire system. Every philosopher must pass judgment on this matter. As philosophers do not know that there is the political thing, they know the because. That is the big difference, we all know that some things exist because we see them or live in them, but very few know the because there are such things as they originate and how they work.

Pythagoreans believed that his doctrine was not accessible rather than the aristocracy, and that should help it dominate the mass of the people. By that thought this?, do perhaps by his knowledge mathematician associated with mysticism? Young, one of the most great thinkers who have walked the face of the Earth issued a completely different trial. Jose Celestino Mutis said: most men have believed that mathematics is a study to that very few should be allocated them. The source of this error has been born of the utility that those they imagine or weighted difficulty of this science; But if they came to know the need for mathematics, the ease with which are acquired and its close bond with other arts and Sciences, they would agree that everyone should apprehend them I have here misleading thoughts by the Pythagorean aristocracy. Which were envanecidos by his mathematical knowledge, without taking into account that the mathematics was born as a response to the need which passed through the villages.

Spanish Car Market

A couple of days ago we met in Spain car market statistics for the first half of the year 2011, and unfortunately they show a remarkable 38% fall in sales of vehicles respect same dates last season. To this must be added the fact that visits to dealers have also declined dramatically, and today, only receive on average a visitor a day. Leaving the current context of crisis of side, the main reason for this large decline in purchases of new cars is the abolition of the Plan E, whereby purchases of new cars were receiving aid from the Government. Knowing of the Elimination of these, there were many users who took the opportunity to buy your new car at the end of 2010, which is affecting the data in these first few weeks of 2011. Seeing this situation, SEAT, leader of sales in the previous year, has believed that a good solution may be to boost the purchase of second-hand cars to compensate for the lack of new car sales. At the moment they are giving new impetus to its platform to sell second-hand cars, and try this way improve the bad new car sales data. It will take a few months to see if the strategy is good, but a priori it seems not a bad resource to continue to sell cars while the country remains submerged in the current crisis. Original author and source of the article

United States

The governor emits headings equivalents to the limit of the capacity of pollution of a certain area. The companies who poluem have that to buy these headings, in stock market, for one definitive amount polurem. If to improve the process and to reduce the pollution will be able to vender in stock market headings equivalents to the reduction of obtained pollution. The growth of the population is if making each time more quickly, with the increase of the natality and life expectancy. The increasing appropriation of the natural resources you did not renew, the environment is impactando strong and the humanity is losing the battle to substitute these resources for others renewed and to fight the pollutions that grow. The situation of course tends to get worse because the population of the land, leaving of 2 billion, took 30 years to reach 3 billion, 15 years for 4 billion, 11 years for 5 billion and 9 years for 6 billion, in year 2000. In 2040 the land will have 9 billion inhabitants.

If the behavior of the man in relation to the environment will not be modified, the natural resources that today they assure cheaper production will be consumed and the pollution will be increased. The investments to grow economically and to produce foods will have of being each time bigger and will take the world to a crisis. One becomes indispensable to become the sustainable development, that is, to guarantee that it takes care of to the necessities human beings in the gift without compromising the capacity of the future generations to take care of its. It has a century that it is said in the economy of well-being that objective the efficient location of resources for a society. As the resources are scarce are necessary to optimize its application so that the rocking is positive, that is that always it has surplus enters the addition of well-being of some people and the reduction of the one of others.