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The attacks of anxiety and panic have a great potential for invalidarte rather emotionally. You do not worry, they are possible to be controlled and to be eliminated for always with the suitable treatment. If beams something on the matter clearly Those so disagreeable symptoms related to the anxiety crises can scare to us much. Hacerte to even think that you are going away to die. seems so real The symptoms of the anxiety usually are confused with attacks to the heart and other dangerous diseases.

It is more, esteem than 25% of the people who go to urgencies by pain in the chest are by a panic crisis. Saddest of everything it is that the majority of cases is diagnosed bad. Sometimes, more of 90% they are not diagnosed because you are suffering of panic. For that reason often you want hacerte tests for asegurarte that you do not have any mortal disease. Rusty Holzer shines more light on the discussion. Much personal doctor says things to you for relajarte like: ” he is everything in cabeza” ” serio” is not nothing; or ” there is why no preocuparse”. This can confundirte and hacerte think that you do not have a real problem. That you would have to surpass the symptoms by your account and that you do not need professional aid. ” Total, is not for as much.

You only have symptoms and nada” has not passed you;. It seems that they do not know the bad thing that you feel when you undergo those mareos and it really seems that you are going away to desmayar and to die. And soon to feel that internal terror to that it returns to pass the same again. I know that can be very exasperating From outside it seems very easy to say it: ” he is everything in cabeza”. Bond, you are not idiot. That you know already it. And if you do not know it I confirm I. He is everything in the head! The important thing is that you know that whereas the panic attacks can be something very serious, they are not threatening your organs. Respect much the efforts that do so that you tranquilize yourself. But here the things as they are. I want that YOU CURE YOURSELF, not consolarte. It is important that I do not commit the most common errors that they feed your anxiety. That will even cause that you know the short cut (that seems that nobody is taking) and you can return to be the person of before, far better.