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Daimler Benz Believes

According to Daimler-Benz: at our company, not a day to put the euro at work we waste. On 1 January 1999 the new currency day our company is changed completely to the euro as the internal and external unit of account. We hope to be one of the first German companies perhaps the first to make the full change. We will also encourage our suppliers in Europe to send us from the very beginning the invoice in euros. Our European customers will of course, have the option of paying in euros or national currency until 2001.

Almost all large European companies are in favor of the single currency. Intel is often mentioned in discussions such as these. But it was recently agreed a historic and transatlantic merger with Chrysler Corp. the United States, we are very consistent with the forces of global competition that make the euro is so essential. For our new company, DaimlerChrysler AG, and Germany and Europe as a whole, economic and monetary union will bring about significant and lasting benefits while we take our place in the interdependent world of the 21st century. These benefits take form in fact, already are taking place in several areas at the same time. First and most fundamental is the policy.

The single currency will boost the countries of Europe to cooperate more and more in the search for common solutions to economic problems. While they do, they will be increasingly intertwined politically. At the same time, the euro will unleash powerful market forces to transform the way in which Europeans live and work. The coming years will bring greater efficiency, greater productivity, higher quality of life overall and the decline in unemployment. For companies, a common currency will reduce transaction costs the Elimination of, among other things, the unnecessary waste of resources dealing with several European currencies. At present, doing business across borders means having to buy and sell foreign currency and take the risk that sudden changes in their relative values they could stop a known business strategy.

The Above

The disease usually presents a high fever, along with other symptoms such as severe redness in the eyes. The condition is usually treated in a hospital. Causes of eyes reddened in the elderly as we get more old, the normal function of the tissues of the eye decreases and age-related eye problems are more common. Common conditions among the elderly are presbyopia, cataracts, degeneration macular, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and corneal scratches. Red eyes can be the result of the above conditions or blepharitis, conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers, allergies, strangers in the eye, corneal scratches objects or even medications, such as excessive use of drugs in reducing blood clots. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Mark Bertolini on most websites.

Many older people are high users of prescription medications, and many of these have side effects. Help for eyes reddened in case that eyestrain will causes it reddened eyes, no treatment is required generally. More serious conditions from reddened eyes not clarified soon may require that you consult with an ophthalmologist. Eye drops are usually prescribed to provide relief to reddened eyes, and the eyes may need irrigation with saline solution to remove foreign bodies. If the diagnosis of conjunctivitis, avoid touching the infected area and rub the other eye because this is a very contagious condition. Natural treatments for eyes reddened holistic and natural treatments can also provide a great relief to reddened eyes. Herbal and homeopathic remedies are gentle, and can be of great advantage to promote healthy vision. Conventional treatment includes often harsh eye drops It can cause a dependency on medication as well as side effects.

This is not the case with herbal remedies. Herbs such as Vaccinium myrtillus (bilberry) help to facilitate the delivery of oxygen and essential to eye food. This herb has been the subject of numerous research studies related to eye health. Aspalathus linearis (Rooibos) is a wonderful tonic for the immune system and the Sutherlandia frutescens has antioxidant effects and features adaptogenic, thereby promoting the health of the eye. Remember to always make sure that your natural remedies are sourced from reputable companies for maximum safety, therapeutic dosage and effectiveness. Original author and source of the article.

Participation Of Venezuela Into The Mercosur

PARTICIPATION of VENEZUELA into the MERCOSUR Carlos Mora Vanegas in this writing we analyze what it means for Venezuela venture, belong to the Mercosur. BASIC considerations, scopes to analyze the topic, it is necessary to delve into the basic objectives of the Mercosur, in this regard through seminars, workshops on this topic conducted by the graduate program in the specialisation of markets at the University of Carabobo, has pointed out, that the basic objective of the common market is the increase the degree of efficiency and competitiveness of the economies involved expanding the current dimensions of your markets and accelerating its economic development through the effective use of available resources. The preservation of the environment, the improvement of communication, the coordination of macroeconomic policies and the complementation of the different sectors of their economies. On the other hand, the formation of a common market is an appropriate response to the consolidation of large economic spaces in the world and the need to achieve a suitable international insertion. Advantages the Elimination of tariff barriers within a common market implies that some goods and services (which initially members produced or imported from third countries) are now supplied by a partner country, although this is less efficient as a producer than the rest of the world. This occurs because the exporting country enjoys a protection on the market of the importing country because of the common external tariff.

For some goods, the offer of a partner country can replace imports from the rest of the world and additionally replaced totally or partially inefficient domestic production. If a partner is lower than the world price most common tariff unit costs, their exports become replaced imports from the rest of the world and the union pushes down the prices in the local market. Simultaneously, the producers of the partner country replaces the rest of the world, producing more efficiently, as suppliers of the national market.


Life is a gift, and offers us the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to return him something to be each day better. Anthony Robbins what is life? For many, life is something that we inevitably have to move, without having control over her, like ships adrift. They say that the destination is already marked and therefore no matter what you do have to meet this target. But maybe it is so, life is a simple bad play in which only we are puppets of the same? No my friends, life is something that we have chosen consciously, it is a wonderful opportunity to experience ourselves in our maximum expression. It is the great decision which we have taken to leave a mark on this world! From the beginning, from the first breath we have already started to interact with the rest of the universe and we are changing every moment. At the time of birth have accepted responsibility experience everything what is part of us and express us as beings grandiose and full of love and wisdom that we are. To achieve this will surely experience sadness, pain, anger but only as a means to appreciate even more happiness, patience, love. Each trip or bad moment is an opportunity to get the best out of us same and give it to others and to us our best attributes.

Experience what we can and our strengths. We must not fear failure or adverse situations. The real defeat is in let us overcome by fear and flee from him, because then we will have delivered our ability to grow. We take in our hands this magnificent gift that is life is a valuable gem that we must take care and polishing every day for to continue shining and exposing its beauty to the world. What does having a jewel hidden in view of everyone, if anyone can enjoy its beauty? That’s life, so is your life show it live it, enjoy it and each day gives thanks for every experience, for the opportunity to have one more day to transcend and be better. Keep the eyes and the ears open to what the universe offers you, receives every minute with a smile and get the firm intention of giving those who surround you the best of you, that is your responsibility, that is your true destination. Be someone big, full of love, happiness and wisdom to share with all the beings that surround you. That is what your spirit more longs and so when comes the end of this wonderful experience you can close the book with a big smile on the lips and feeling throughout your being the joy of having this incredible experience called life. Original author and source of the article.

University Management

Therefore. you always have to be attentive to give way to plan of improvements which ensure effectiveness of universities the fundamental tool for the identification, assessment and monitoring of the significant experience at the institutional level, it is the improvement Plan. Improvement plan reminds us, colombiaaprende.edu.co is a management tool with which it is possible to orient the direction of the establishment education, from your self-assessment purposes and results previously agreed, and led by the institutional management team. The school management in the institutional field consists of four areas of management: Area of policy management, pedagogical and academic management area, area of community management and administrative and financial management. The University authorities responsible for the management of the current universities public, in this particular case, that most know, as it is that of the Universidad de Carabobo, Valencia, is forced to restructure its administrative structure, review their administrative systems, resources in all its aspects, its operation, curricula, profiles of professionals who trains, programming systems of University Management, especially with regard to the definition of count once and for all and adapted to the present aspects such as: University governance systems efficient, capable of facing the challenges and give way to the transformations that are required today to deal with the threats and opportunities presented more efficient information systems, taking into account the advance modern technologies of communication, internet define the scope, relevance, impact that bequeathed know manage areas of teaching, research or extension., look very neglected manage adequately the management of physical and financial resources of the University, aspect that has left much to say. Guarantee the achievement of academic excellence, redefining their policies, rules, regulations concerning new policies of higher education, and especially University that the country requires designing new structures academic requirements of the scenarios of the present and their redefine and update necesidades new in management of human resources, both of its administrative staff, operators, teachers redefine and give step to the establishment of process management that ensures efficacy, good controls on management and institutional evaluation. Develop research aimed at improving the knowledge of organizational problems of the University and to develop better tools for its management. Redefinition of functions to play both in administrative positions, teachers, covering academic and administrative excellence. Keep updated their curricula of studies according to the requirements of the scenarios in the present. Definitely, is of Agreement, that educational management must ensure the quality of the education service to improve the interrelationship between the pedagogical, administrative functions and extension to the community between managers, teachers and students across the various organizations organization and any educational entity have a duty to promote a management attitude that will ensure the permanent development of people and the labor communitieswith initiative, creativity and transcendence.

Opening Accounting

ACCOUNTING opening 2008 since some days ago, already have PGC.SMB 2008, which replaces the previous PGC.90, as regards our SMEs (approved also the normal PGC.2008 that advantage if no regulations in the CMP.SME 2008) the objective was to adapt ourselves to the IAS and IFRS new CMP structure.SMB 2008, is as follows: 1. Marco conceptual a. definitions, principles, assessment criteria, etc 2. Registration and valuation standards to. Here’s broken down 3 different standards. Accounts annual a. ECB, PYG, ECPN, MEM, EFE 4. Chart of accounts a.

codification of all accounts grouped together in the same 7 groups than the previous PGC.90. (Groups 8 and 9 additional are to them normal and not for CMP CMP.)SMEs) b. Its use, in contrast to the first 3 preceding paragraphs are mandatory 5 is optional. Definitions and relations accounting technical definition of charges and fertilizers in the b accounts. Its use, as opposed to first 3 paragraphs that are required with the new CMP is optional.PYMEs.2008 approved, becomes necessary, a rigorous analysis of the different sections of our accounting, and once provided its impact, establishing the necessary measures…

For whom is obligatory?. For all the companies, without prejudice to those that can implement the CMP.SME is an optional Plan accounts, although personally your total application understands it very recommendable. For the 2008 who can present in abbreviated structure? 2008 = When submit 2 followed by exercises, 2 circumstances described at the date of closing. For the ECB ECPN MEM? Active? Sales? Template? For the PYG? Active? Sales? Template? For EFE and IGE? No need to present it in abbreviated structure how will we do to close 2007 and open 2008?. CLOSING 2007? Close the 2007 with the PGC.90? OPENING 2007? If:? SMEs.-before open 2008, make opening balance sheet recognition of new assets and liabilities, and elimination of the unrecognized? For the aforementioned recognition, we must establish account of voluntary reserves (adjustments for changes in value?) 1131-voluntary reserves by adjustments in value changes.

TVs Plasma Lcd

They are the first things to consider before buying a screen: the energy they spend (in the long term this is an important aspect that really on your receipt of light), the speed of image processing, image quality, resolution and the hours of life from one screen. Plasma: These TVs are better image processing speed, some up to 600 Hz, speed of processing perhaps you do not notice it but if (60 hz) is very low can damage your eyesight, or be uncomfortable for your eyes. The newspapers mentioned Intel not as a source, but as a related topic. Plasma screens light spending is high, also have few hours of life, especially if you use them day, though image quality is the best, also looks good no matter the angle you see, unlike the LCD. LCD: These screens spend much less energy than the Plasma and have more hours of life, but if not visible from the front, the brightness and colour are different, also the LCD cheaper have a processing speed very low 60 Hz, although there are already 120 Hz, but a very low as the 60 is harmful to the view. Brian Krzanich takes a slightly different approach. LED: Screens are fashionable lately, are almost equal to the LCD, but they have some differences, they are more thin and with a better design, also save more power than the LCD, and coloured more pure and intense than the LCD and Plasma, but neither have much processing speed and are more expensive than the LCD. Conclusion: Looking for a TV that is in FULL-HD resolution (1080p) not HD (720 p) so you don’t have to change it later, one that save energy, having good processing speed, which have minimum 2 inputs HDMI, good image quality and good intensity and purity of colors. Energy-saving: LED image quality and processing speed: PLASMA slim design: LED intensity of colors: LED price (the more economic): LCD looks good from any angle: PLASMA well you have the last word in deciding TV buy hope information learn to decide. For more information visit: original author and source of the article.

Ryanair Requires

Facua accuses the airline of illegally leaving them ashore if they do not wear. Remember those affected to be entitled to financial compensation more payment of the new ticket and additional costs. FACU-consumers in action has warned Friday that Ryanair is leaving illegally on land pregnant passengers who do not submit a letter in English from your obstetrician is declared that pregnancy has no complications and confirm the probable date of birth. FACUA will denounce the airline in the coming days the competent authorities consider that this practice is an abusive clause, to demand that the document be submitted in an official language of the State, forcing users to pay an additional cost for the translation into English of the report of the obstetrician. field. Specifically, the company collects on their terms as for uncomplicated single pregnancies, Ryanair restricts travel more beyond 36 weeks, and for the pregnancies of twins, trilizos, etc., beyond the week 32. Once your pregnancy has entered the 28th week, we ask to bring a report (in English) from your doctor or midwife by confirming that her pregnancy had no complications, the probable date of birth and that is in good condition and in good condition to fly.

FACUA warns the passengers affected by these practices that are entitled to claim the same financial compensation from Ryanair which sets EU legislation for cancellations or major delays. To them they should add the additional costs that will cause them the company by not allowing them to fly, such as food or accommodation in hotels during the wait until a next flight, as well as the amount of the new notes that would have to buy another company to reach its destination. Passengers without DNI last July, FACUA warned that Ryanair is committing another illegal practice not to allow fly passengers without DNI or passport even if they have other valid documentation for domestic flights, violating thereby the national aviation security Plan. FACUA collects claims from passengers affected by these irregularities, such as families with children which Ryanair not allowed to fly despite the fact that Spanish legislation establishes that Spanish passengers under the age of 14, on domestic flights, are exempt from carrying documentation, being the person that makes the trip in any case responsible for them. However, the Irish company refuses to recognize Spanish legislation arguing that it is governed by its internal conditions. Thus, Ryanair points out that it does not accept as valid documents driving licences, residence cards or family books. Source of the news: Ryanair requires a report of her obstetrician in English to more than 28 weeks pregnant

Spanish Government

I believe that there is an indigenous capacity, in present or put obvious disadvantages to the Spanish authorities, and another that seeks to solve returning to their lands, rather than anything take advantage of the weaknesses of the reductions, their sacrifices, their disadvantages, to find, it is best that they maintain existing, undoubtedly the indigenous andamarcas not only stays in the conception of dominatedThey also try to challenge since his expired status, seeking alternatives to their fruitful development onwards. ORDERS and negotiations indigenous although that is considered the definitive consolidation of the administrative structure designed by Toledo, during the Government of the viceroys Fernando Torres and Garcia Hurtado de Mendoza, reduced Lucanas-Andamarcas in Guamanquiquia, to publicizing their disadvantages and difficulties they faced finding themselves reduced in Huamanquiquia, in the visit of the corregidor Andrade Cantos he asked and begged was served by His Highness, be fervido give license, send that Indians will pass, climb and replanted the seat of Carapa (Qarapaq) (17), that they were the lower areas of Kano and Willkarama where they wanted to populate, but when they ask for upload or replenish their ancient lands, refer not to the citadels that were at the Summit of Kano and wiilkarama, rather than settle in the right wing of the Qellomayu River, possibly called pampa Qarapaq, which were fertile lands that had been exploiting since pre-Hispanic times and in _ (16) File COFOPRI. Carapa title: land dispute between communities. 1587 Fol. 3. (17) Ibid: 3. the early colony, when they were reduced in the village of Huamanquiquia. In order to be considered to return dwell in their land that were exploiting, were more than a simple order, the greatest challenge of the Lucana-andamarcas that they had to assume overcoming all the difficulties that the Spanish Government considered, that return was, establish new authorities who take charge of the control of this town, giving priority to evangelization, control of labour and the implementation of a way of life for most Western-stylefor Spaniards were their greatest needs which prioritize it.

Museum Of The Blood Murcia

The oldest celebration of Murcia is the Holy week. During the celebration, declared a Fiesta of national tourist interest, numerous visitors from all corners of Spain flock to see its famous processions. Town shudders Recalling the days of the passion of Christ and the Murcia Hotels tend to fill completely. The evening of Holy Wednesday is one of the most eagerly awaited moments, when does season of penance the Real, very illustrious, Venerable and ancient Archconfraternity of the most precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, popularly known as the coloraos. This brotherhood is the oldest in the region. Its origins date from 1411, when founded in the Church of Santa Eulalia on the occasion of the visit of San Vicente Ferrer to the city.

Of this parish, the brotherhood became the convent of the Trinitarians in the mid-sixteenth century, reaching the Carmelite convent where continues to have its canonical venue in 1589. You can see the processional steps during the rest of the year at the Museum of the Blood, founded in 1994 in the Church of Carmen. The main works of imagery are the Conversion of the Samaritan woman, one of the carvings more achieved by Roque Lopez (1799), the beloved disciple of the great baroque sculptor Francisco Salzillo. The denial of Saint Peter a Christ exhibits work of Gregorio Molera (1947). The image of San Pedro comes from the original step created by the French sculptor Nicolas de Bussy in 1689. This sculptural group was traditionally known as El Paso del Gallo.

The Praetorian is an Ecce Homo also work of Nicolas de Bussy (1699). Step includes carvings of Pilate and El Berrugo, Jose Sanchez Lozano (1945), happens to be one of the most beloved symbols of the procession of the colora I. The owner of the Archconfraternity of the aforementioned French sculptor (1693), is the Holy Christ of the blood. This allegorical image is not that of a crucified to use, but a symbolic image that relates to wine and the blood of Christ, representing Jesus in the mystical winepress stepping on the grape, while an Angel picks up a chalice the blood that flows from the wound in the side. He is the work Summit of Bussy, saved from the destruction of the civil war, thanks to the restoration carried out by the sculptors Sanchez Lozano and Gonzalez Moreno. At the end of the 18th century is the Blessed Virgin painful of Roque Lopez, which celebrates station’s penance on one of the most ancient Thrones of the murcian Easter, dating from 1892. The sample of the Museum complete it a series of steps carved in the last century: Jesus in house of Lazarus, of Jose Hernandez Navarro; The lavatory, of Juan Gonzalez Moreno; The daughters of Jerusalem, by the same author and that it replaces an eponymous step disappeared in the Civil war and created by Santiago Baglietto in the mid-nineteenth century; the Santisimo Cristo de las Penas, of Jose Hernandez Navarro; a San Juan Evangelista, Juan Dorado breeze; Our father Jesus de la Humillacion, anonymous 17TH century carving; and the Santisima Virgen de la Soledad, the work of Antonio Campillo.